T.O. to Kim Etheredge: You’re Fired!

Reports are surfacing that Terrell Owens has canned “25-million-reasons” publicist Kim Etheredge. Ms. E, you might recall, was with Owens during his non-suicide attempt and orchestrated one of the worst press conferences this side of T.O.’s “No Comment” charade led by agent Drew Rosenhaus. She concluded the circus by announcing that her client has “25 million reasons to be alive,”citing Owens’ $25 million contract with the Cowboys as the primary reason he would not try to kill himself, as if rich folks don’t do such things. Nice job, Ms. E.

Perhaps now she can concentrate on her line of hair-care products for bi-racial women. The line is called Mixed Chicks (http://mixedchicks.net/; uh, does she use the stuff?), and Ms. E is CEO of the company that produces it. Wonder if her partners will now start referring to her as Nixed Chick.

Scoundrel: Ms. E.


13 thoughts on “T.O. to Kim Etheredge: You’re Fired!

  1. Juan says:

    This confirms what I know about publicists. I had the misfortune of talking to one at a photo shoot.

    Her statement , “25 million reasons” was one of the most stupid things I’v ever heard.

    I bet you she is single. And I bet she wonder why.

  2. TigerMom says:

    This relationship has been a train wreck in the making for a long time. There are enough good publicists and media trainers out there (many of whom are journalists) to help T.O. “find himself.”

  3. Jake said says:

    From agent to publicist, TO is surrounded by people who help bolster his irritating image.

  4. It would have been much better for Ms. E if she’d simply stated one thing when asked about T.O’s “hospitalization”: “Both teams played hard, my man.”

  5. Carl Prather says:

    It really galls me when gheto athletics like T.O. and the rest of his ignorant bunch continually stay in the headlines because of ignorance and stupity. They have not learned to stay away from the lime light because or their ignorant deeds. Espcially when it come to going out to night clubs where trouble is waiting on them. When will these big kids learn? Especially when they are Black. They throw away money on the most child-like toys instead of investing in well meaning ventures. Oprah has taught them nothing.

  6. Juan Lozano says:

    I just laughed at the last post, in the hopes that he was joking.

    Not because he is funny, but because it sounds like he is lampooning every other “Letter to the Editor” published in SI or any other sports magazine as it does the requisite characteristics, that is of any letter which is published:

    (1) uses ghetto as code for black and then just says “black”
    (2) says how black athletes are stupid
    (3) offers a suggestion about what the black athletes should do , to you know , not be so dumb.
    (4) and how black athletes are not role models
    (5) run-on sentences and incoherent ones as well.

    I think he was trying to be a comedian.

    Sadly, I don’t think he was joking.

    The other letters that SI publishes are : “That athlete is not a hero , my brother is a hero, he fought eight kinds of cancer and fought in Iraq. He’s the real hero, everyone should be like my brother. “

  7. Daryl says:

    I’m results oriented. Therefore, when I consider Mr. Owens great public appeal, Ms. Etheredge should be terminated. Maybe Dr. Phil or Dr. Joyce Brothers might be more suitable for T.O.

  8. When you’re lambasting people for various things, you should make sure that you:

    Spell “ghetto” correctly. You have it spelled “gheto”. I know not what you’re talking about. It’s “athletes” and not “athletics”. Also, and this is an important one, make sure to spell “stupidity” correctly. You’ve come up with the clever, but still incorrect “stupity”. Privately, stupity made me giggle. Also, limelight is one word, not two. And you meant to say “because of” not “because or”… Lastly, in line four, it’s spelled “Especially” and not “Espcially” (but congrats, you got it right in line five!).

    Just a little help to make your rantings a bit more easy on the eyes. See, I just feel that you shouldn’t call people stupid if you can’t spell the word yourself.

  9. HEart says:

    Juan Lozano, and Mr. Ross, well put. I guess ignorance is bliss

  10. Shiela Reynolds says:

    I’ve used the hair product mentioned in the article…MIXED CHICKS (www.mixedchicks.net). The stuff is awsome! So she got that right. When it comes to T.O., getting fired by him, is that a bad thing?

  11. She had $25 million reasons to stay as his publicist.

  12. Nicole L. says:

    Wow…if anyone really new Kim then you would know how amazing she is…I have had the pleasure of working with her in the past and she is not only talented in so many different fields, but a sweet person! Although she can be very demanding, look at who she was working for…I think she handled the situation in September as best as she could under the circumstances given!!!! The PR agent always gets the blame! We must remember, she was dealing with one of the most pain in the ass clients…If anyone came out on top from this current situation it was her!!!!!

    PS. I completely agree with Sheila’s comment and her hair product does wonders…everyone I know got hooked just like I did!!!!! 🙂

  13. WB says:

    If Carl kept the “ghetto”, “black”, and “finances” out of his diatribe, he’d be ok by me. Bottom line is, he hasn’t demonstrated financial ignorance, yet. My beef with T.O. is that he has no business in TEAM sports. If he were a boxer, sprinter, golfer (God pray for the PGA tour), or tennis player, I could stomach him, for a while. But he IS the biggest idiot in the history of team sports, period. And Kim gave one of the most idiotic post-crisis interviews ever, period. They both deserve to be fired! My only hope is that T.O. goes into some kind of post-football venture that doesn’t require he associate with too many people. I can only hope and pray that some media outlet doesn’t hire him as a joke publicity stunt. I’m at wits end with how we stoke the personal ego fires of people like TO and Paris Hilton and make them so much more than they are. When we learn to turn the other cheek and ignore their childish acts and stupidity, we’ll find (just like with our own children) that they may just stop. And hopefully quit!

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