NFL Playoff Weekend 2.0: Predictions


These are the toughest picks in recent memory (which is about all the memory I have these days). Pick with your head, not your heart, I always say. So here goes for Saturday’s games:

Colts at Ravens, 1p: Tony Dungy needs to win this game to stave off the brewing storm over whether he can lead Indy to the Super Bowl. A combination of bad breaks, bad timing and bad playoff football have prevented Manning & Co. from the ultimate game. It won’t happen this year either. The Ravens were one of the hottest teams in the football in the second half of the season. Their vaunted defense is back and Steve McNair give Baltimore the playoff savvy they’ve lacked. I don’t even need to mention the Colts-coming-back-to-Baltimore factor. Baltimore 28, Indy 21

Phily @ N.O., 8p – The study in contrasts that is New Orleans is almost too much to digest, The Saints have been America’s team, symbolic of the attempted revival of a city ravaged by Katrina and George Bush. And yet outside the Superdome, shame, poverty and lack of hope still reign. Just Thursday protesters marched on City Hall decrying the recent murders that plague the city. Sad. All the emotion of the city’s reality will be unleased inside the ‘Dome Saturday night as the city hosts its first playoff game since 2000. The two teams met during the regular season and were almost mirror images. Drew Brees and Donovan McNabb each threw for two TDs and about 250 yards. McNabb is gone, but Rich Garcia has been steadfast and productive. Sean Peyton will be creative in getting the ball to his playmakers, specifically Reggie Bush. Andy Reid will attac, putting pressure on Brees to either make a play or make a mistake. Alas, the later will tip the scales. Philly 21, N.O. 17


4 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Weekend 2.0: Predictions

  1. This is a game I wish I could attend. I was a Colts fan right up to the point they snuck away in the middle of the dang snowy night.

    I was at the first game of the 1983 season when John Elway made his first start after forcing a trade to Denver. Judging by the amount of beer and other liquids the orange crush jersey clad Denver fans slushed out of then Memorial Stadium in, its suffice to say Baltimore fans are not very forgiving. Don’t expect the Ravens to let up at all on Peyton if they get to him early. There won’t be very many Colts fans in the stands either, well not very dry ones that is.

  2. wyclefdoug says:

    I’m a Steelers fan stuck in Baltimore, and Jesus Christ do I want to see their season end. I’m so sick of watching this fair weathered queers marching around in their purple jerseys acting like they’ve always loved their team. The sooner they get bounced, the better.

  3. Harry says:

    on 1/12/07 my prediction for the eagles game is eagles 34 . saints 24

  4. Kim-Marie Brown says:


    Great PRINCE article!!!! I bet y your comments about their conversation have some truth to them….. Great Job. I’ll become 47 on the 24th and I remenber every word to 95% of his songs. LOL. I can not wait to see this halftime show!!! Thanks for the laugh in the early AM hours.

    Kim-Marie Brown

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