“Quite Frankly” Canceled – But Stephen A. Is Not Gone


“Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith” has been canceled, ESPN announced late Friday. There will be much bandied about concerning why. Bottom line: The live-audience show was too expensive for the ratings it was getting on ESPN2. “Yes, it’s true, and I support ESPN’s decision,” Smith told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “Doing a brand new show on ESPN2 was a tremendous challenge and I’m proud of what we accomplished. I’ve learned a great deal. I’ve also learned there’s limits to what I can withstand in regards to my schedule. Now I move on to future challenges – while enthusiastically embracing old ones like writing for The Inquirer on a more frequent basis. This is not an end for me. This is just the beginning. I’m just getting started.”

QF was a great platform for a unique point of view in sports media, and his team – his very diverse team – was among the best in sports television. Give Stephen A. props for changing the game – in front and behind the camera. The show will be missed. Tonight, he told me simply: “I did the best I could.”

Quite frankly, yes, you did.

Here’s ESPN’s Press Release:

> Date: January 12, 2007 2:11:42 PM EST
> For Immediate Release
> January 12, 2007
> Expanded Appearances on SportsCenter, NBA, ESPNEWS Plus Four Interview Specials; ESPN The Magazine & ESPN.com Opportunities; Last Quite Frankly Show Today
> Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s outspoken and insightful commentator, will expand his presence across numerous ESPN entities as part of a new role, it was announced by Norby Williamson, ESPN Executive Vice President, Remote and Studio Production. Smith will be featured more regularly and extensively on SportsCenter, NBA studio programming and on ESPNEWS, as well as host four TV interview specials surrounding big events. In addition, opportunities for ESPN The Magazine and ESPN.com columns will be explored. In turn, today will be the last episode of Quite Frankly, the weeknight interview program that Smith has hosted since its August 2005 debut.
> “Stephen A. connects with fans because he brings great energy, knowledge and strong opinions,” Williamson said. “While Quite Frankly delivered strong interviews and discussion, this new role will provide a better showcase for Stephen A.’s impactful voice to be heard across numerous forms of ESPN media.”
> In addition to the four interview specials, Smith will appear as a leading NBA voice for news, issues and analysis across all of ESPN’s studio programming, including SportsCenter, NBA studio shows and ESPNEWS.
> Stephen A. Smith joined ESPN in 2003 as studio analyst on NBA Shootaround and NBA Fastbreak and as a reporter for other studio programming. Quite Frankly debuted in August 2005 as a 6:30 p.m. ET weeknight series, and was moved to the late-night time period (11 p.m. or following live events) in January 2006. Smith has been a sports writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer since 1994.
> Prior to ESPN, he covered news and sports at the New York Daily News (1993-94) and worked at the Greensboro News and Record (1992-93) and the Winston-Salem Journal (1991-92). Since 1999, he has also been active in television and radio, primarily in Philadelphia, but also on Fox Sports Net, Fox News Channel, Fox Sports Radio and CNN/SI, in addition to appearances on ESPN Radio.


56 thoughts on ““Quite Frankly” Canceled – But Stephen A. Is Not Gone

  1. That’s pretty messed up. Too often the black commentators on ESPN, like Stephen and Stuart, get flack from folks who don’t like their style, but I always felt that they represented me, the African American sports fan. They talked like I talk. And in a genre overresented by vanilla white commentators, and journalists, they’re perspectives helped humanize a lot of black athletes so often looked upon as stereotypes and caricatures. Stephan A. will be a success. There’s too much of a need for his voice.

  2. Eddie says:

    I cannot understand why ESPN cancelled Stephan’s show. There are numerous shows on ESPN that should of been cancelled way before this one. (Like Stump the Shwab) This show was much more interesting and addressed issues that may have ruffled a few feathers. All I can say is that Mr. Smith is very talented, well spoken and has a presence. ESPN would be foolish to not use his tremendous talents in something other than a commentator in NBA shootaround.

    I wish you the best Stephen A. Smith. You are an asset mankind.

  3. Daryl says:

    Stephen A. Smith may be energetic and outspoken, but ESPN is his boss. Like many of US, he has no choice in the matter. Stephen’s unique approach to broadcast journalism, will make room for him. I wish him continued success.

  4. Juan says:

    I think the problem is with ESPN is in it’s quest to be all things to all people, it’s really done nothing right. It tries too many things that deviate from it’s core, that is giving sports programming of quality and substance.
    I know that I can only watch the live programming because the rest of the shows are annoying and worthless (except for the pre-game studio shows and Baseball Tonight type shows, and even then I can’t handle Berman)

    Stephen A got that show as a result of his boisterousness about two years ago on the NBA telecast. I guess that “tested” well with ESPN audiences as it was something that we never really heard before.

    However, there are times that the boisterousness just needs to be toned down and ti sounds affected. (There isn’t a reason to TALK LIKE THIS! at ALL TIMES!!!) (It’s like a Gus Johnson telecast.. check him out next time with the overemphasis on the strangest words in the sentence.) And there are times where there is no opinion required on a subject, and there are other times where there are opinions that should be based on a reasonable argument and not tired cliches.

    For example, Stehen A. spent several days a few months ago making the following argument about the Duke lacrosse thing:

    “In America, you are innocent until proven guilty — so we shall allow the judicial process to play out — but I am telling you, folks, where there is smoke there is fire, and there is a lot of smoke down there.” (I am paraphrasing, but this was the jist of his “argument” on national airwaves.)

    I’m going against the room here, but there is nothing compelling about that. Resorting to tire cliches does not a reasonable argument make.
    And what the hell does any of that mean?

    That is just an example of Stephen A saying a lot and loudly, but not really saying anything at all.

    I think his show had a chance if there was not so much yelling and opining about things that Smith had no competency in discussing on a sports show. (Leave that for Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly and the rest of that blowhard ilk as everyone knows that they are blowhard and their audience is looking for that. The sports fan wants sports. )

    If ESPN had guided provided any guidance on the show, I would think the show had a chance. But I think the crowd tires of the loud, acting indignant, etc. I know I sure did .

    I think the minority figures on ESPN (well they DON’T hire Hispanics, except for Alvaro Martin and Orestes Destrade whom they use sparingly and use Pedro Gomez from Arizona to cover Bonds exclusively and who gives us nothing. Freaking Bonds tested positive last year and Gomez could not give us that info even though Gomez pretty much lives with him? )… Anyways.. the minority figures on ESPN get brought on to be “the Edge” to shows and then they run with it and take it to clownish levels. Stuart Scott, neither fresh, entertaining, when he yuks it up. When serious, man he’s a talent. We discussed Mark Jones earlier on here. Yesterday he referred to someone blocking a shot as *69’ing the shot. Mark tries to be too cool and hip. Its glaring that he’s not.

    Mike Tirico, Joe Morgan, Harold Reynolds (I miss tremendously) and Lem Elmore got pretty far without having to resort to any of the tangential screaming, yelling, and throwing in hip-hop every other sentence. I know white guys thrown in corny ass Seinfeld references, and Van Halen riffs, etc. but white guys across the country can attach themselves to that. Joe Sportsfan in Ohio isn’t going to get the Rick Ross or Lil’ Wayne musical references.

    Not every minority sportscaster should be trying that hard to throw in little pop culture references and slang to let everyone know they’re down. The more that there is a need to do that , I think the more we are going to see the Stepehen A’s of the world, who have something to contribute on a national level come in hard and fast and leave with a whimper.

  5. Rush Propst says:

    Speechless Roy speechless. I watched him the other night on the Deuce. ESPiN buried him alive.

  6. See Juan, I disagree. I like Gus Johnson. To me, his inflections during a broadcast are no different than Keith Jackson’s “Jacksonisms”. Now we agree that Chris Berman is WAY past his due date. Stephen A. had his faults, but no broadcaster is perfect. But I think he does a great job in bringing the urban viewpoint to sports, which talks to me more than some other broadcasts, with his really good journalism. I think he should do some baseball games, because he energy would definitely spark a sport that is becoming increasingly boring.

  7. Juan says:

    I see your point Lawrence.

    definitley think there is a need for the “urban voice” in sport. Do I need it? Not really, but there are those that do, and I get that.

    I think the need for it is only in so much that there are too many guys like Merill Hoge and similar guys who say every white guy is a blue collar guy, and every black guy is a phenom, a freak, etc.

    Who is going to bring it? I don’t know if Stephen A is that guy. I think he’s too caught up in being the “quite frankly” guy and having visceral reactions to everything.
    That is not a good sub for good analysis.

    I just want good analysis, and I hardly see any of it. Not expecting perfection, just want some good analysis as well as down and distance, etc.

    Guys that bring the urban voice- Joe Morgan (always sticking up for baseball players of color and talking about the Negro leagues), Sean Elliott (does a heckuva job on Spurs telecasts) and there are a few others.

    I like Gus too. I’m just poking fun at why he chooses to inject life to certain words. And Gus does not yell. I think Gus would do a good baseball.

    I’m going to say no to Stephen A in baseball. Baseball might be boring to some, but it’s drawing at the gate. Baseball announcers. .. Charlie Steiner does a good job here in LA and Dan Shulman and Dave Campbell on radio for World Series were great. (I had to mute McCarver –for real).

    Jacksonisms weren’t that fresh either. Never really liked those, but the one thing I did like about Jackson was when discussing the setting of places. You know, “Welcome to the Rose Bowl in the Arroyo Seco in the foothill of the San Gabriel Mountains.” Kinda dug that.

  8. Wyndell says:

    As I said Friday, I was disappointed that the show was cancelled. Here in Hawaii, it aired every weekday at 6PM. I rushed home to see it. And, was always disappointed when I missed it.
    I heard about the cancellation almost instantly because I work at US Pacific Command and because of defense reasons,we monitor all UPI and AP reports constantly. Yes, Stephen A was a topic of discussion among war planners in the Joint Operations Center (smile). On occassion, you are too, my friend! Contrary to popular belief, defense planners do alot more than just wrestle with complex defense strategies. We have a life, too! (smile),
    Stephen A. did more than just bring a fresh style and face to all of sports broadcasting and journalism. He introduced alot of sports personalities, including you, to sports fans that we wouldn’t have otherwise known! This is proof that there is a gap of awareness of and by athletes, blacks in particular, that go untapped.
    Stephen A. exposed a different point of view, one not often view or scrutinized in the over-satuated sports media world.
    Stephen A. is an extremely talented and intelligent gentleman. No doubt, if supported, this will only be his first national platform. I am anxious to see his talents exploited in other national and international venues and not just in sports but all journalistic genre.

  9. Wyndell says:

    MLK Day

    Today, 15 January, we will commemorate the birthday of another great American. It is important for Americans to understand why our government establishments will be closed and holiday routine observed.

    Often, we forget that Memorial Day is for remembrance of our war dead/Veteran’s Day is the commemoration of the end of hostilities in 1918 and 1945. These holidays were established to recognize past human triumphs and to remember tragedies that should never be relived. They are not times merely for relaxation, special sports events or opportunities to catch up on things we’ve always wanted to do.

    And why should we honor this American? Because this American displayed a courage of conviction that warrants national observance. It is due to his unbridled vision of the promise found within all of us and his willingness to dedicate his life to challenging the narrow mindedness of past generations that we are better human beings. The observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday is not a “black holiday”. It is a recognition of the strength of the human spirit to overcome ignorance. For this observance to be tagged as anything less would be a sure sign that the human condition is indeed terminal and the freedoms that we now enjoy will be short lived.

  10. wallace g. james says:

    I am very disappointed over the cancellation of the show, “Quite Frankly with Steven A. Smith”. I thought the show offered a unique and refreshing approach toward sports entertainment. I am not buying at all, the reasons for cancellation of the show. ESPN has too many advertising revenue streams not to support this show. I not buying the “Live Audience” reason, cost factor. Perhaps the reasons were racially motivated, like most programming decisions in Corporate America. ESPN executives need to be a shame of themselves to offer up this lame excuse to cancel this program. May be the true reason is Steven A. Smith was giving “props” and exposure to too many African-American sports writers and journalist in America, puting a face to this treasured and talented group on a national level.

    A True Fan,

    Wallace G. James

  11. Bonnie A Foust says:

    Thank God he’s gone!! The guy was the biggest blowhard on television, offered nothing of substance to the public sports debate and just generally annoyed the hell out of me.

  12. crystal says:

    I hate to see Steven leave. I truly enjoyed his show. I learned more about sports (which has helped my marriage :)) than you can beleive.

    Steven will truly be missed!!!!!!!

  13. Holmesy says:

    Stephen A. is a class act and it is a shame that his show was cancelled. His vibrant personality brought a NEW APPROACH to the scene. And he dressed well too! He represented the pop-culture viewpoint very well. I’m not gonna play the “race card” and say they cancelled him because he is black, however it does make me question WHY IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH JIM ROME IS STILL HOSTING HIS STUPID SHOW. That should be cancelled yesterday. Stephen A. Talks energetic and Vibrant, and he’s being too loud and obnoxious- Rome does it, and he’s WONNNDERFUL.
    -White guy.

  14. Jay Wilson says:

    Funny, I’ve met Stephen A. on a few occasions, and I have to say, I found him far more engaging when off camera, then when on. On camera, he annoyed the hell out of me whenever he’d tried to overtalk someone during a debate, but in person he was much, much more level headed.

    Not that this matters to me, though. I gave up cable almost a year ago.

  15. Vaughn Michelle James says:

    What a huge disappointment! While I did not always agree with some of the things Stephen A. said (at least 90% of it), I am extremely proud of his accomplishments. I am especially proud that on a regular basis, he sought to discuss sports from a different perspective. How many African-American writers, reporters, former players,etc. did he have on and give exposure to that ESPN, FOX, NBC, ABC, HBO, etc. would not give one tenth of the camera time to. It is especially upsetting that ESPN did not even give him a proper exit and I had to found out about the cancelllation throught this site.

    Keep doing your thing Stephen A.! !

  16. korede says:

    wow, i can’t beleive it is over. quite frankly was the only show that i really could not wait to watch when i come home from work and now it is cancelled.it is very sad to see something like this happen. in my opinion, that show was the best show that ever came on espn2

  17. TMUNE says:

    QF was a different kind of show. Far too many times, do we get to hear and see the point of views of old white guys. I’m sick of hearing from the so called “purists”. I feel that Stephen A. was pushing the envelope because he felt that was his niche. If he toned it down, the show would have been gone sooner. I will say that the audience was not a good idea. Sometimes the show went Arscenio Hall on me…I didn’t like that. Okay with that said, here’s why the show was great. Stephen A. got guys on his show when nobody else could. He had ALL the major players from all sports on the set or via satelite. Stephen A. was our inside man. The players trusted him, we the viewers benefited from it. Next, the forums were tight. He never let his panelist give the corny, typical answers. He pushed them to be honest and give fresh views. If they tried that (Around The Horn crap), he would hammer ’em! See, when I watch the talk shows, I wanna hear guys getting their views out. If it’s the same ol’ stuff about how the players should never be themselves. Or why can’t everybody act like Tiger and Jordan. Or the old stand by, assume he’s guilty, he must have did it, he had to do it, it wouldn’t be on TV if he didn’t do it.(The Vick situation)I’m not interested in that. Lastly, the show gave Black americans an idea of what’s to come. I know this isn’t too popular in Ohio(I’m from Ohio)Black people like sportstalk! We like to talk about sports!Sooner or later Stephen A.,Stuart Scott, Michael Wilbon or Michael Smith will get a show that will not be moved around,shown late at night, or disrespected because it’s host is too street. The day has come to allow our voice to lead the questions. There are about 10 hours of sport talk shows on ESPN networks. Mike and Mike in the morning? Please! I feel this show could have been saved. Oh yeah, just switch Stephen A. for Jim Rome at 4:30EST, and I’m good! Rome good on radio, weak on TV.

  18. celeste says:

    Stephen was great! We need to hear fresh and honest opinions from guys who represent the black players in sports. As one writer commented most sports figures came on his show because they trusted Stephen. Some of the other shows should be cancelled like that Burning in Rome show! I know he will go on to bigger and even better things.

  19. celeste says:

    Stephen was great! Why not cancel Burning in Rome! We need more black sports figures who represent the black players. Like another writer commented, they can trust Stephen. I know Stephen will go on to bigger and better things.

  20. Jeff Coffiel says:

    QF was really a good show, plain and simple. I don’t think we should resign ourselves to the fact that it will be off the air. Or, that Stephen A will not come up on some other venue. You can’t keep a good man down, and resoundingly that is the impression that I got from him. He was loud, and opinionated on the show, but a good host. Which is why no guest that I saw ever seemed to mind his domineering questioning style (in my opinion it was more of an eagerness to ask another question). I didn’t even watch ESPN2 at all, except for QF. I wasn’t even really all that much of a sports fan, but I liked seeing the athletes as people, not ridiculously sucessful cattle. And, Stephen A. with QF did that for me. Thanks!!!

  21. Toya says:

    We’ve yet to overcome! I’m quite miffed to learn, on your blog, Mr. Johson, that Stephen A. Smith’s show was cancelled. Since it’s inception, I’ve heard negative rants about him as a person and his show, maybe 90% of the time. It’s foolish to think that he didn’t deserve the platform. Hell, I’ve learned so much more about the sports, beyond what I thought (As a -yes Black-woman I thought I was up there in sports knowledge!). Not just the games, but the industry as a whole. This playing field is still not level-the sports writers/shows are not truly representing the athletes (across the board) who play these games!

    His show, I thought, was a step in the right direction and I commended ESPN for giving him the chance. I could tell Smith also learned from his own show, wanting to get into areas he new little about (i.e. soccer, kickboxing). A Black man gets a show, and lily white “America” can’t stand the yelling. But, we have to continue to recognize that “Rome is (still)Burning.” Hey, even I know that New Yorkers (he’s a native of Hollis, Queens), are boisterous, and yes maybe louder and more aggressive in their expression. I’m from Dallas, Texas, never been too NY, but I realize we’re a culture within one itself. Much of America should start taking a course on cultural sensitivity. Folks on this blog talking about “he scares me.” What is that?! An educated Black man in a suit whose very articulate?!

    God Bless Stephen A. Smith (and enlighten those afraid of him), and may he have continued succes in his future endeavors!

  22. e.b. says:

    “Folks who don’t like their style” -huh? What style? These guy’s aren’t journalists– they’re a joke. Stephen A. was contantly making everything a black & white issue, when it wasn’t. He was contantly putting his foot in that big mouth of his. He wasn’t cut out for a show like this, and the ESPN brass knew it. It’s ashame they didn’t pull the plug quicker. As for Stu Scott, depending on which eye you’re looking at, he’s another bafoon for another day. His act was old 5 years ago.

  23. TMUNE says:

    Unless you live under a rock, in America, the only thing that can not be made a black or white issue is….cancer! Journalists? You wanna talk about jounalists?! Jay Marriotti, Skip Bayless and Woddy Paige are 3 tired, sorry, patheic, out of touch and irriating panelists!They constantly put their feet, nose and ears in their mouths. Marriotti hates everything CHI but writes there.Go figure?! Skip B. is a old bag of wind that has nothing insightful to say…..eva! Oh and please don’t get me started on Woody aka Boo-Boo the Fool! My whole point is these guys are on TV everyday. All unlikable to many but are allowed to continue. I don’t mind anyone not agreeing with my views on QF but I also feel it’s wrong to cancel the show and for ESPN to say it’s too expensive. ESPN and expensive….shurrr! Oh yeah, Breast cancer awareness, priceless! Taking shots at Stu’s eyes? Pointless!

  24. mopey-dopey haze says:

    Yeah, and let me guess….you’re black—right? Stu’s eye is whacked, kinda like your opinions, smiley.

  25. Mario Longoria says:

    The Stephen Smith show was interesting to watch and listen too, but it became lopsided with only one point of view on issues. Often times, the conversations, feedback, opinions, and views were well presented, educational, other times, too opininated and rancourous which could be better served in other forums. After a while, the show was predictable and less diversified on issues. Although, Smith is a talented and capable news professional, the show ran its course and loss its appeal.

  26. micah says:

    Stephen insight, social awareness,and humor was so refreshing.I never missed an episode. ESPN/ABC are a joke. I encourage you all not to support this network.

  27. holmesy says:

    I didn’t mean to start a hate-frenzy over Jim Rome. I think TMUNE is right. Rome is great for Radio, but he looks like a stiff, scared old man on tv. Ending every show with “I’m OUT” or whatever, it’s just old. Stephen A. Smith, should replace at least ONE of the panelists for Around the horn. Preferably WOODY. My opinion is that the “Low ratings” that Stephen A. may have gotten are strictly due to the TIME issue. Put him on prime time- and they’ll be no problem with ratings.

  28. Tenacious says:

    I will miss Quite Frankly with Stephen A. Smith and tried to watch most shows unless they moved
    him to 12, 12:30a.m.(which happened too often) which was bogus and disrespectful, of fans of the show.

    Stephen A.brought a fresh,new perspective to sports across the board that had not been seen in
    sports media.I especially enjoyed the last season when he switched things up a bit with the sports panels and sports columnist on Fridays. The show will be missed but Stephen A. shall rise again!

  29. Valerie says:

    “Quite Frankly”, ESPN stinks and I’m not interested in watching anything on that channel except Stephen A. Smith.

  30. Jeff Boyer says:

    It’s a real shame to take a program like this off the air. He keeps it real in the sports world unlike alot of other commentaters even those on ESPN. I understand the cost of running such a show with maybe not the greatest ratings. But just think if this show was on at a real time like 7 or 8 like it used to be maybe more people would tune in, instead of airing this show when people are either drunk or asleep. Just wanted to throw that out there!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Jeff Boyer says:

    Micah’s Comments on Feb 5th are right on, boycott ESPN/ABC, then lets watch the rating for all ESPN/ABC shows go into the toilet like they did with Quite Frankly

  32. latoria howell says:



  33. Sal Bobadilla says:

    Im glad to hear they got rid of his show. I used to work as a security guard on the show, and he never like my Dominican ass, because his black security guard got fire from the post and replace by a hard working man like me. He never gave me a chance and got his black friend on again. Hes a cockey mother focker with a big head. That was his downfall.

  34. handsumjimi says:

    The real reason they cancelled his show because they didn’t get permission from Sherman Helmsley to use the George Jefferson character

  35. twism says:

    steven was always trying it make it a white/black issue, he just told the truth. how do u make pete rose a black and white issue, or sports betor they did a movie about a white and black issue,please. steven a. is the best, exposed the truth, and ggot aired in the late late. i think he did have 2 may black journalist on his show to survive, a damn shame and it’s 2007, but this is america. but at he same time he invited everybody on his show. i mean pete rose come on you know how many people watch that and they screaming ratings low come on. i heard he had the number one show on espn at one time on espn. steven a. got his feet pulled from under the rug. i seen him on the tv the other day lookin like shit. he always clean, they did’em bad. shame on espn

  36. Sporty says:

    I am totally disappointed with ESPN letting such an informative show go. I understand that every host has their own style and Stephen A. brought his to the table every night. QF allowed for you to a least hear the story and revisit the issues again and regaurdless of the guest and their opinions, you could voice your opinion through email and be heard. There are a lot of issues that the media tip-toed around but you never had to worry where Stephen A. stood on an issue. I’d rather hear the facts and the opinions of the host who is true to his craft than one who tries to keep ratings high and fool us with trifiling jargin.

  37. James says:

    I have been taping all of Stephen show since he came on. I knew when he was showing pass guest he was going of the air. But Stephen if you read this I wish you the best. May God Richly Bless You!!

  38. Joe says:

    I am soooo late! I just found out today that the show had been cancelled after hearing Stephen A.’s interview with the 2 Stews today. I just thought they were taking another break.
    I loved Stephen A. because he aired and shed light on a lot of topics that no one else dared to try. ESPN did not do him a favor when they moved his show to the later time slot. It competed for the same 18 – 45 demographic as one of my favorite shows, the Daily Show, which has a very loyal following.
    Not to mention that by 11:00, we have heard enough from blowhards like O’Reilly and Chris Matthews. I do agree that all of the yelling was unnecessary but most of the topics were relevant and interesting. If any of you are really Stephen A. fans you will READ his articles in the Philadelphia Enquirer, via the web, and catch his appearances on ESPN.

  39. janice fields says:

    Why! Dam!Iam going to miss seeing you. Any way Iam a loyal listener and love to hear you put some of the listeners in their freaking place. anyway Stephen keep on keeping on. you are an intelligent and strong brother. Iam one of your ST.Thomas Virgin Island listener via the boogie down Bronx.

  40. michael says:

    I agree they should have cancelled way more shows than quite frankly… BUT its not because he is black. You know, he did cause a lot of stir about race and and race in sports. WAY too much!!!! Maybe espn just got tired of it all the time. I know I did, It was a sports show, talk about sports, not race.

  41. Terry says:

    I think they shouldn’t have cancelled the show, just because I liked it. But it wasn’t because he was black. Espn just didn’t think it was heading in the right direction. Everytime something happens, its not always because someone is black or white. Find something else to complain about, this was not about race!!!

  42. Toni says:

    I liked the show because at least it evoked some kind of emotion. You were either strongly for or against what he said. Most of the commentators are no more than talking dogs and a lot of them never even played a sport!! Woody and Skip? Give me a break!

    I remember when Howard Cosell was on Monday Night Football. I didn’t agree with a lot of the things he said, but at least he had an opinion and wasn’t afraid to say how he felt. I like a commentator who is colorful, I don’t have to agree with him!!

    ESPN is so boring now..After PTI, I change the channel.

    I also liked the interviews. Many of these guys I had only seen play on the basketball court or football field and I got to see a side I would never seen. The interview with Ladanian Tomlinson was great. I have a lot of respect for that young man.

    What do I know. I’m a retired lady with two sons in their mid-twenties, but I like sports and I like good commentary.

  43. john says:

    I don’t understand why ESPN cancelled this show, but still continues to air terrible shows such as PTI, Smith actually is a great insider into the NBA and is very entertaining on the former show quite frankly, very bad move on part of ESPN, I hope Smith gets another chance at this, I really looked forward to his show, it was one of the only good things on TV at that time…….

  44. john says:

    Basically Stephen Smith made people in the upper eschelon of espn nervous because of his unwaivering honesty so they canned his ass.

  45. That’s too bad…I kinda liked Stephen A…I thought he yelled a bit much but hey that’s his “thing”…Dayum, if first and ten and around the horn can stay on air, something’s wrong…I really would love a show with Jason Whitlock, Scoop Jackson and Stephen A…Now that would be a wild-ride of a show

  46. John Johnson says:

    It’s sad because we still have ignorant, ignorant and I repeat ignorant people out there who still can’t acknowledge the racial problems existing in this country. Steven A. was a great show and in the nearby future maybe some of you people will become educated and responsible enough to accept other cultures. In about 50 years America will hav no majority race and then only then can this great nation start moving forward.

  47. pmartiii says:

    stephen a. had a great show and the program was well diversified. too much reverance was paid to blacks in sports, even though he also gave proper attention to whites, which by the way is what all the other espn sports shows do, he gave a black perspective and the power structure at espn had to terminate the show. the positive vs. the negative responses on this blog, is a testimony to the respect for the person and his point of view even if others don’t understand. its just like those who would penalize and individual for a great athletic feat, like breaking 5 tackles to run for a 85yd touchdown and so elated that he shows some expression of joy for this remarkable accomplishment in the end zone, that NOW he’s penalized. how sad that in these major sports the so called minority makes up the large percentage that he has to conform to others the way he should express his joy for his accomplishments. well it seems stephan a. has been penalized for to much joy and celebration for his great accomplishment.

  48. Ruth says:

    I am a middle age female that enjoy most sports. I can intelligently discuss tennis, football, basketball and golf with the best of them. I also have a great deal of knowledge about present and past players of these sports. I definitely give Stephen a lot of credit for some of the knowledge and interest that I have gained. I was devastated to learn that Stephen A. had been taken off the air because I relied on him to keep me informed on any sports news that I may have missed during the regular evening sports broadcast. Stephen A. is one of the most knowledgeable individuals you will encounter on any sports matter. It is obvious that he does his homework and research in bringing sports stories to his viewers nightly. I’ve watched his commentations on other sports shows as well, and always loved the energy that he brings to the table. Yes, he is opinionated. What’s wrong with that? His opinions are what make him different. I’m very sure that we have not seen the last of Stephen A. I sure hope not.

  49. Carolyn says:

    StevenA………..we miss you

  50. TammyW says:

    I am a female who pretty much never watches espn for any reason, but while surfing one night, I discovered “Quite Frankly” by accident. I was riveted. I had never seen a black man have the freedom to say exactly what was on his mind on television before in my life. I became an immediate fan of the show and of Stephen A. Smith, and had my friends tuning in as well. I don’t buy for one second the explanation that the ratings were too low. It’s more than likely the sponsors of the show recieved so many complaints from disgruntled viewers that they threatened to pull their support. No money, no show. Too bad.The show should have been given a better time slot first of all. More importantly, I’m afraid once again the voice of the “privileged class” (white males) prevails again in this country at the expense of good, long awaited television. Strong, black males have historically been viewed as a threat in this country since slavery. When I went on different websites and read the comments about the demise of this great show, I had to face the sad reality that there has been little change in the racial climate of this nation. Television and the media in general has always been racially biased, slanted in favor of white people, and no one complains about that. But when a black man speaks candidly on televison about racial injustice in sports or any area of life, he is seen as a racist, a threat, and someone who must be silenced. Unfortunately, black people have not over come. Not by a long shot. I hope some braveheart in broadcasting will step up to the plate and bring this show back, and in a more deserving time slot. Maybe TV1 will pick it up. In any case, I will continue to surf right on past ESPN since there is nothing decent on to watch for people who are not part of the “privileged class”.

  51. This was one of the best shows in this error!! I used to rush home, tivo this program. Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Allen I, Magic Johnson, C Barkley, K Johnson, Bobby Knight soo many more great guest. The football panel, nba panel. I’m sure they could have done something to keep that show around, somewhere on there huge network. I hope he comes back with a show like that. Stephen A- please keep it real dont question your integrity.

  52. Marc says:

    This show had a nice run. ESPN is always changing. This show was not about “black man this or black man that”. I was a very insightful show with a nice guest list. I think ESPN needs shows like this. But from their point, it was a business decision

  53. Mike says:

    Steven A. is a great man. He’s very well educated, more funny, & MUCH more articulate than ANY other host or journalist on ESPN today. I hope he rebounds & can get another show because he REALLY needs 1. I can’t understand for the life of me why Skip Baylis (the dumbest analyst I’ve ever seen) of “1st & 10” could keep a show, & Quite Frankly be cancelled. I strongly believe that if Steven A. were white or if America were majority black, he’d be an American sports icon. He’d definitely get much more support! I support Steven A. Smith til the end. Don’t change for anyone buddy. Stay true!

  54. James says:

    I am an extremely avid sports fan and when I discovered “Quite Frankly” it filled a void on sports TV that I strongly believe was missing. Stephen A. Smith was the sports commentator for me. I have read a lot of the critisim on this site and find it unfair and without insight of what the show was truely about. I recorded the show on a nightly bases to not miss an episode. Now I can honestly say I have stopped watching other shows on ESPN except the sports events and news. I have attempted to watch the current shows but they do not connect with me as the Quite Frankly show did. This move has put a bad taste in my mouth for the ESPN network. Sports is not simple and mundane. It is complex and edgy like the show Quite Frankly used to be. Steven A. eight months later you are still truely missed.

  55. Heya i am for the primary time here. I found this board and I in finding It truly useful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to provide one thing back and help others such as you helped me.

  56. Jamaul Johnson says:

    What happened to real sports news? Stephen A. Smith kept it real

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