Yao Ming + Nia Long? Yao Says No


Yao Ming may be nursing a leg injury but he’s kicking and screaming over this one. The Rockets star center vehemently denied an Internet rumor that he’s dating Nia Long. His reasoning? “She’s only 1.57m. [5-foot-2-inches], I’m 2.26m [7-foot-6-inches].,” he told the Chinese Titan newspaper. “Does it sound reasonable”

Uh, sure.

Ming actually has a line-in girlfriend, Chinese basketball player Ye Li, who’s 1.9m, or 6-foot-2.

Yao’s spokesperson, Zhang Mingki, said: “Ye Li is now living with him. Anybody who has common sense will not believe such a rumour.”

Well, hey, the rest of us can at least visualize.



31 thoughts on “Yao Ming + Nia Long? Yao Says No

  1. Wyndell says:

    Thanks for the Nia Long picture. Hey, what’s up with cancelling Quite Frankly? I’m more than disappointed.

  2. Derek Wrigjt says:

    Thank God it’s a rumor. Nia is probably one of the classiest sistahs out there. It would be a shame if she gave that beautiful body to anyone other than a brother.
    (And if she’s listening…I”M AVAILABLE :))

  3. Daryl says:

    I thought I was dreaming and having a nightmare when I read about Nia Long dating Yao Ming. I am very much relieved now. Mr. Johnson, don’t play us like that…Smile

  4. Juan says:

    “It would be a shame if she gave that to anyone other than a brother.”

    Am I in a time machine? Did this blog exist in the 1950’s? I had no idea that there was internet in the 1950’s as that is when the sentiment behind the comment above was last prominent.

    I hope it’s true and she gives birth to Yao’s kid. Just to spite y’all. Then the child will go on to win lots of golf tournaments, and all of a sudden, he’s black. Everyone will say they loved him all along. And everyone will say he’s reppin’ black folks on the course. Mark my words. Wen Jiabao Long-Yao will go on to win the 2035 Master’s. And black folks will say “that’s my guy all along.”

  5. Nia Long is fine. Ye Li is not fine (at least in my Western eyes. She might be the Nia Long of China for all I know). Long live Nia Long.

  6. Mark says:

    As long as she’s not dating K-Fed and potentially having a greezy ute, good. If she wants to make a super basketball baby with Yao…why not.


  7. Stephen says:

    Hahaaaaaaa. I agree with Jaun 100%.

    But hey, in the words of Stephen A. Smith: “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” You know these ball players get around.

    There would be some advantages to a 7’6″ man having a 5’2″ girlfriend. But this is a family blog and it’s a Sunday.

  8. Juan says:

    A family blog- right. HAHAHA.

    I know a lot of familes that have photos of Serena up in their house. (Actually I might… Do you think the girlfriend will get mad?)

    Acutally glad it is not as it allows for a good discourse on here as everyone seems to be well-behaved without having to resort to idiocy that is common with people hiding behind their computer.

    Derek—–I think Nia Long is fine-am I allowed to think she’s fine? Just wondering….

  9. Jake says:

    OK Roy here is the new rumor….Nia Long is secretly living with me…feel free to spread that around like butter on a hot griddle. Enquirer, People, call me for details.

  10. Maxdick says:

    Doesn’t Nia live in Cali? Yao in Houston with his gf.

    Therefore, fat chance.

    Now, can you imagine Yao’s kids with Ye-Li?

    He is 7’6″.
    She is 6’2″.

    Are we talking an 8′ center in 2030?

  11. peter says:

    Nia Long is BEAUTIFUL, just imagine the two together………they can make a millions on that DVD alone………

  12. peter says:

    Nia Long is BEAUTIFUL, just imagine the two together………they can make millions on that DVD alone………

  13. peter says:

    Nia Long is BEAUTIFUL, just imagine the two together………they can make millions on that DVD alone………

  14. John says:

    Derek Wrigjt, you’re an ignorant fool…I just happen to be half White and half Asian and my wife of 6 yrs is black…why don’t you grow up and get out of the segregation days pot-ner.

  15. KEANA says:


  16. keana says:


  17. S says:

    It SHOULD not matter what height someone is if you love them! As for them being different races… who cares? I certaintly don’t. AS for what Juan said… what an idiot! Racist people can be different races you know? I, being black have encountered many racist black people: It’s disgusting keep it to yourself! A race is not all we are, it’s only what’s outside, don’t pretend that it’s more than appearance.

  18. A says:

    this is just funny

  19. Fabrizio says:

    Some of the brothers are scared they’ll loose a fine woman like Nia. Grow up please, this is te 21st century and she can date whoever she wants. There is no shame on dating outside your race, just like brothers dating white women for the most part. How about that eh? I think a lot that’s right I said a lot of brothers think all women should be for them, what an arrogant group of people eh? I’m speaking based on my life experience here so don’t get mad at me. I grew up in Oakland and I’ve been around the world and everywhere or anywhere I go I have had seen a lot of brothers act like an idiot and thinking they can have all the women. I feel sorry for some of you brothers if you think that way. It’s so funny how some of these brothers react to rumors like these, you should never complain about that because you guys are doing the same thing to your women and a lot of you guys cheat on your women anyways, so why complain about it eh? I agree with Juan to some degree because some black people do that, and he is speaking the truth here S.

  20. Derek W is a dumbass says:

    thank god it’s a rumor? that’s funny as hell… Question for you- do you live in America? “brothas” are way down there in terms of social standing and Asians are way up here. Nia would be doing her present family, future family, and people a favor by procreating with Yao- jigga please

  21. J-ReAmS says:

    Shut up yah all… its only a humor…
    In fact Yao Ming is already married now with Ye Li…

  22. J-ReAmS says:

    Besides I DONT even know who is Nia Long…
    WHO is she anyway???

  23. cw says:

    i hereby relegate this entire post to the hellish depths of wackness. May it never see the light of relevance – EVER.

  24. Keyanna says:

    Who cares.

  25. Mikie says:

    You guys are all idiots! Yao Ming is happily married and if he isnt going out with Nia Long, WHO CARES! Now you boys have one more “hot” girl to go out with!

  26. Keyanna says:

    this article is such a lie

  27. Mikie says:

    uh hi

  28. Roy says:

    Uh, Mickie:

    What’s up with the name-calling? Just look at the date this article was written: January 13, 2007. That’s LONG before he was married. Calm down, my friend…You too, Keyanna! Roy

  29. Roy says:


    What’s up with the name calling? Just check the date this article was written – Janaury 13, 2007. That’s LONG before he was married. Calm down, friend. You too, Keyanna! 🙂 Roy

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