NFL Playoff Weekend 2.1: Predictions


Okay, not a good weekend so far. Ohfer-deux on Saturday. Sunday is my day:

Seahawks @ Bears, 1p: The Seahawks have not looked impressive at all this season, except with maybe Matt Hasselbeck was hurt and Wallace Seneca filled in. I simply cannot believe that will change in Chicago, even with Rex Grossman and QB, even with Lovie Smith absurdly being sullied by the fire-the-coach plague that has overwhelmed American sports culture. Da Bears will be fine. Chicago 23, Seattle, 17

New England @ San Diego, 4p: The Patriots are vampires, especially in the playoffs. Until someone drives a stake into their hearts… This game will not come down to LaDainian Tomlinson, the NFL’s best player this season. No, this will come down to Tom Brady v. Philip Rivers. Get where I’m going? San Diego will score often but not enough. New England will grind and groan and stay in the game until Rivers is in a position with the weight on his shoulders. He will wilt while Brady delivers. Patroits, 28, Chargers, 24


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