Nia II: Yao-Who?!

Thanks to the folks at the blog, “Young Black and Fabulous,” those who fretted over whether Nia Long was going one-on-very-big-one with Houston’s 7-6 center Yao Ming can relax. Right game, wrong Baller. After the Golden Globes earlier this week, she was spotted out at parties with L.A. Clippers guard Cuttino Mobley. I’ll just lay off the band-aid.


7 thoughts on “Nia II: Yao-Who?!

  1. Juan says:

    What are the fellas gonna say about him being with Nia?

    Digital photography and scanners are dangerous.

  2. Aissatou says:

    “he was spotted out…” O.K. for a journalist, or whatever this makes little sense. He who? Is Nia a he? Please double-check your use of the English language. Thanks

  3. Hey, it was a typo – not a dang misuse of the English language! They happen to the best of us. I mean shouldn’t you have capitalized “He…?” 🙂 Thanks for calling it to my attention.

  4. Juan says:

    I come here for sports commentary and I get a journalism lesson.

    Thanks for that Assatou.

    I guess because your name means “one who writes” that means you are the authority.

    I see…..

    Perhaps it is good that you have that name as it would be inappropriate if your name meant “one who reads.”

    Please note that no “he” was ever used, but rather, well see below…

    “she was spotted”

    It’s called context.

    I’m sure all the readers understood besides you.

    These kids are so angry and disrespectful, Roy.

  5. SJH says:

    Juan, remember when Mobley got traded from the Magic and Steve Francis said something like, “Now that he’s gone, I have no reason to get up in the morning”? I also read something about a year ago in which Francis described how close they were. He said they used to go shopping for clothes together and when they’d go out to eat, Cuttino would chase the golddiggers away.

    That sounded pretty gay but I dismissed it and thought Steve just needs to choose his words more carefully. Now I see those pictures. There’s PhotoShop and you can do a lot with technology, but given the other stuff + this, you have to wonder. We never think of athletes being gay (well, except male figure skaters) but homosexuality is fairly prevalent. There’s what, about 400 players in the NBA? Out of that, you’ve gotta think at least 10 of them are gay. None of them will admit it – certainly not while they’re playing – but I’m sure they exist.

    DISCLAIMER: I’m not homophobic and nothing I said in this post can be construed as such. If for whatever reason anyone out there was offended, slap yourself.

  6. Mr Eric Johnson says:

    Mr Johnson,come from a black to another.I would like to share with you a few things.Number is about Jackson…she wasnt the first one to do anything like this ”Cheer”has did it for years.I love all race but how can you just call out only the black people wrongs.Lord look at that trail park trash Brittney Spares and parris hillton.No but ist ok for them to do it cause the are white.I leave you with this Janet Jackson didnt send american to hell.I feel so sorry my black brothers and sisters who dieing in this so call war…because when it all comes down to the are deing for this raceiest country we live in.Stop talkin Bad about ur kind and stand up for them cause in the end the white ill do the same for his race like many of years ago.I love prince every sience i was a little boy.Keep on rocking prince no mater what.Leave Janet Jackson alone

  7. Truth says:

    Cuttino is gay as gay can be. Lip gloss, scarfs, Francis. A tooter to the fullest.

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