NFL Playoffs 3.0: NFL Conference Championship Predictions


Alright, it’s showdown time, arguably the NFL’s best Sunday. Super Bowl or Bust. Win or Go Homies. Let’s get to it:

Saints at Bears, 3 p – America’s team has multifarious weaponry and a nation’s love on its side. The former maters, and he latter can be dangerous. We can’t always get what we want. New Orleans has the better QB, in Drew Brees, a record-setter this season. The Saints also have the most noted one-two running back punch – Deuce McAllister and Reggie (“I Got Jacked”) Bush – still playing. That said, the Bears defense, though it has its flaws, is perhaps the league’s best. Certainly the best among teams still playing. Their own two-headed rushers aren’t so shabby, either. And well, maybe Lovie Smith knows something we don’t and Rex Grossman is better than we all thing. He’s certainly unfazed by the criticism (Note to Eli: Watch this guy!) and has played well enough to not only keep his team in the game, but win. He has to do more than manage this game. He has to make some plays. Grossman did that last week and I’m going with him this week, too. The Saints are no longer in their cozy confines and this is not regular season, Bears fans will not be warm and fuzzy to their visitors. Bears 28, Saints, 24

Patroits at Colts, 8p – I call this The Legacy Game. You couldn’t have scripted game with any more on the line if you were, well, Michael Vick’s water-bottle supplier. Having won three of the last five Super Bowls, the Patriots are without doubt the preeminent Team of Our Age, and Tom Brady is its Montana or Elway. Are they one of the greatest teams of all-time? Does Bill Bellichik, the worst-dressed curmudgeon genius coach ever, deserve to be viewed alongside Vince Lombardi, the only NFL coach ever with a better playoff record?Is Tom Brady one of the best QBs ever? Another Super Bowl triumph just might solidify the Pats’ legacy and that of TB. Tony Dungy and Payton Manning are playing for their own legacies, as well. In fact, Dungy (along with Bears coach Lovie Smith) will share the sidelines Sunday with the hopes of an entire race. As you’ve read and heard many times this week, no African American head coach has ever led his team to a Super Bowl. Moreover, Dungy, a successful coach by any measure, is unfairly under pressure to at least reach the Super Bowl or perhaps lost his job. Manning? His entire legacy is at stake. Right now, he may be considered the most talented QB ever to bark signals in the NFL. But he will never be considered about the very best unless he wins a Super Bowl. (See: Elway) This may well be his best chance to beat his nemesis and exorcise the demons nipping at his own legacy. Between the lines, the Indy defense has risen from the ashes and will be the most formidable Brady has faces in the postseason. And Payton, simply, is due. He has played well enough to win the the playoffs byt on Sunday he will have to outduel Brady. The Colts will have to puit the game away late in the fourth, with enough of a margin to handle what will inevitably be Brady’s final charge. I believe Dunday and Manning are going to the Super Bowl. Indy, 30, N.E. 28


2 thoughts on “NFL Playoffs 3.0: NFL Conference Championship Predictions

  1. Dillon says:

    That is the dumdest thing i have ever read
    N.E. is going to win over Indy
    N.E. 41, Indy, 13.

  2. Dillon says:

    The Saints and Bears aren’t even in the playoffs

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