Super Bowl XLI: American History

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Frederick Douglass (Fritz) Pollard


…is smiling once again.

Check out my post on Tony Dungy’s Higher Power

And the one called Super Bowl XLI: “I Have A Dream”

Historic Gamers: Tony Dungy, Lovie Smith


20 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLI: American History

  1. SJH says:

    Word up.

    And I’m smiling, too, because I’m a Patriots hater.

  2. Fritz Pollard, a Brother of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.! I did a dance in his honor tonight…

    Lawrence (from LAX on my way to speak at Morehouse)

  3. D Wright says:

    This was a long time coming.
    All we need now is some black ownership in pro sports.

  4. Cleopatra said, says:

    I have a comment about your the “Brest” thing. You are showing your level of intelegence now! If you have nothing else to write about, find another proffession… this is getting a lil redundant!!!

  5. Cleopatra said, says:

    I have amment about your “Brest” thing. You are showing your level of intelelgence, now! If you have nothing else to write about find another profession… this brest thing is getting a lil redundan!!!

  6. arleen says:

    while clearly a historic moment for black coaches, not sure why it is getting immediate headlines. ill continue to monitor this blog for reasons. my thoughts are similar regarding black ownership. compare this to the idea of demanding more white half backs.

  7. Juan says:

    Being monitored? Who speaks like that.

    Both teams that I wanted to win, well they lost. Oh well. Life goes on.

    Props to Lovie and Tony. I’m rooting hard for Lovie. Major accomplishment to get to the Super Bowl.

  8. arleen says:

    juan – is that a comment directed to me? if so, what i meant was that ill continue to watch this blog. its got good topics and thoughtful posts.

  9. Juan says:

    Yeah sorry. Thought you were part of the “why discuss race? ” group that manages to rear their head here ever so often.

    Why does it get immediate headlines? Because as you said yourself, it’s historic.

    Ignoring it is like when you go to a party and it’s a room full of white guys and one black guy. Someone wants to say something about the black guy, like he told a funny or good story, but said person refers to him by what he is wearing or his height or something…

    1:”James told a funny story”
    2:”who’s James? ”
    1:”The guy with the purple shirt.”
    1: “the tall guy”
    2:”Lots of tall guys”
    1: “The Tall guy with purple shirt on!”
    2: “Oh you mean the black guy!”

    How can you not notice Lovie and Tony being different than any other coach that ever coached in Super Bowl?

    Analogy to white halfbacks… I don’t get it.
    Hiring is done for arbitrary reasons, hiring done with ambiguous matrix and thought process.

    Evaluating players, some of that but a lot less so.

    Lots of black assistant coaches to choose from, not a lot of white halfbacks to choose from in drafts and such.

  10. SJH says:

    Juan, nice analogy on the “The tall guy in the purple shirt.”

    Re: white running backs. That’s something I’ve also thought about. We’ve seen the Loch Ness monster more times than we’ve seen white corner and half backs. Coming out, I thought Luke Staley might’ve been something. He might still be on the Lions practice squad, but I don’t think he’s touched a ball in 4 seasons. And are there any white corners (not safeties) in the league?

  11. Juan says:

    Lochness… nice.

    White corner… wow. Can’t think of one. Obviously there was Sehorn awhile back. Can’t recall anyone else of recent vintage.

    Staley had injury problems. Never played one down in NFL. Late pick by Millen. Staley could ball a bit, but his body was not meant for football.

    Other white tailbacks in the league right now….hmmmm… Heath Evans gets some carries , but more a fullback for Pats.

    Nick Goings-I think he’s mixed race. Not sure though. Kind of like Grady Sizemore of Indians… could not tell. If I was a betting man, I would say “yes”.

    Think Noah Herron of Packers is mixed.

    Both Goings and Herron have no shakes, so that’s part of the reason I’m thinking they’re mixed.

    I think Obafemi Ayanbadejo of Cards is mixed. His bro plays for Bears BTW.

    Aaron Stecker of the Saints is from Green Bay, WI. Does that count? (HAHA).

    I know I’m missing someone here.

  12. I find myself rooting for white running backs for some reason. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 70s, and Larry Csonka was one of the first white athletes my friends and I would pretend to be (other than the GOD that is Jerry West.). Plus, you had a lot of cool white running backs like Mark van Eeghan and John Riggins back then. I say, let’s bring back the white running back! (and the tearaway jersey in college football, the craziest thing ever created and allowed since the 3 to make 2 rule in the NBA)

  13. arleen says:

    juan – good comments. i dont know of any white corners in the nfl currently. herron from green bay i think his father iw black and his mother is white which would make him black right? i was discussing that with temple3 (you check his blog ever) and he indicated that a simgle drop of black would make a person black by most definitions. ive always thought herron was a good back too, just playing behind ahman green.

    funny on stecker – good one. i do agree that there are far fewer white halfbacks or DBs to choose from so perhaps the analogy isnt appropriate. but its the same idea right, demanding that a certain race be represented.

  14. Juan says:

    So someone named temple3 had a blog and is brining back the “one drop rule?” That blog sounds like the all-night BS sessions you had at the dorms in college. You know the ones where you would be arguing yourself into circles and practicing your politics, and where someone would always leave in tears because they could not handle adult conversation without being totally offended?

    Stecker- for sure. My girl is from Green Bay, went to high school with Stecker and he was about the only African-American at the school. (There might have been some retired Packers kids though).

    They have to bring in barbers for the brothas on the team. Green Bay- great place to watch a game. Never had a bad time in that town. Got to go there if you are a football fan, folks are super nice.

    We have a game/award called “THAT WHITE BOY IS BAD.” Now not every white guy gets the award it is just for the white guy that you know brothas say about, “Oh that white boy. He’s BAD.” I’m not talking guys like Jon B (that wanna be soul croooner).

    I’m talking BAD.

    For example:

    Pistol Pete-BAD
    Jeremy Wariner- white guy that won 400 Gold in Olympics from Baylor. BAD.
    A young Jason Williams
    Kevin Curtis of the Rams-BAD, because he’s so DANG fast.
    Steve Nash- BAD

    and so on and so forth.

    If you’re white and good, that does not put you on the list. You have to be BAD. Jeremy Shockey, not on the list. Good ball player, but you don’t see anything about him that would make you say, that dude is BAD.

  15. YES, and my newest “that white boy is bad” is Iowa wide receiver Andy Brodell. Just as I dislike the old “black is athletic, white is intelligent” comment from announcers, I also hate the old white “deceptive speed” comment. Brodell was pulling away from fools in the Alamo Bowl and there was nothing deceptive about it. Don’t sleep on Brodell!

  16. Juan says:

    EXACTLY Lawrence!

    It’s deceptive because you took a horrible angle at him and he’s going to beat you bad.

    Heard announers say that deceptive garbage about Kevin Curtis. The dude was the fastest guy at Combine and he’s deceptive?

    Thanks for the Iowa WR addition to the list. Last Big Ten addition to the list was Jim Leonhard formerly of Wisconsin. Little guy, walkon, fast, returned kicks, and saw him dunk a basketball flatfooted. BAD.

  17. Daryl says:

    I’m happy for Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith. Both men are consumate professionals as well as colleagues and friends. I can’t say that they have proved anything that was not already none. African Americans can and do excel when given the right opportunity with good resources, under the right circumstances. This Super Bowl should be dedicated to the African American coaching great, Eddie Robinson. The good book say, “Some plant, some water, but it is God who gives the increase” (paraphrase) let’s not forget the pioneers and trail blazers that planted. Tony and Lovie are the off spring of those who planted.

  18. arleen says:

    juan – temple3 is quite informed…check him out here. and yea – lambeau is something all nfl fans should experience.

  19. […] Earlier Relevant and Poignant Posts: Super Bowl XLI: American History, Super Bowl XLI: “I Have a Dream,” Faith: Peyton Manning, and Tony Dungy’s Higher […]

  20. NATHANS WIFEY says:


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