Bush Bush

              New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush stands on the sidelines against the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship Game7 at Soldier Field in Chicago. The Bears won the game 39-14.                Photo:Nick Laham/AFP


Okay, the dance was corny (and extremely long!) but that I can take. (Though I thought it was a bit early in the game to be doing the River Dance). I didn’t even mind the half-gainer into the end zone. After a spectacular 88-yard run that brought America’s Team to within 16-14 of the home-field Bears, a bit of celebrating was merited.

But Reggie Bush went too far in turning around and taunting the Bears chasing him as he neared the enz zone. That you do not do. Not in a playoff game. Not on the road. Not in the third quarter. and especially not against Brian Urlacher. The Saints were pretty much squashed after that petulent move.

To his credit, Bush later said he apologized to his coach and teammates for acting like a knucklehead. He’s going to be a great player. And great players (see Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, et al) don’t do that.


12 thoughts on “Bush Bush

  1. Juan says:


    You said it all.
    That was highly idiotic. Not sure why he did it.
    Don’t know if it got the Bears fired up or not. Can’t say one way or the other, but it was too early to start acting like you were ahead.

    I expected a little more from Bush there. He just made a huge play that got his team to within one score of them, and he pulls that garbage on the road.

    Speaking of Walter Payton, recall that he did not score a Super Bowl TD. Ditka gave the ball at the goalline to the Fridge.

  2. WB says:

    Bush was in the wrong for turning around and pointing at Urlacher. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that it will not be the last time that happens in his career. Even with that flaw, I think he is still the most exciting player in the NFL as he was in college at SC. Reggie Bush is like instant insecurity for the defensive backs that he approaches. The Chicago safety is probably doubtful with an ankle injury after getting shook so bad. Wonderful play, tremendously exciting player, but poor sportsmanship. Hope he works on improving in the sportsmanship arena.

  3. Mark says:

    Reggie Should have acted like he’d been there before. There was too much game left to play for the taunt. On another note Brian Urlacher has some jets, dude was out running the rest of the Bears DB’s to catch Bush I love that hustle!

  4. arleen says:

    i personally think reggie bush will be more electrifying than lt. notice how much game time he got in the second half – trying to get him the ball on every play almost. and youre right – no pun intended but the pointing and the dance were bush league. we need more guys like barry sanders…pretend like youve scored before.

  5. Juan says:

    I never saw Barry Sanders break away from people like that though. You can’t tell me he did, because he never had those jets that Bush has.

    And let’s see if Bush ever retires right as the year is about to start, kind of leaving his team in limbo because of a fallout with Boss Ross.

    I was always more of a Marcus Allen guy. Man, he did it all. Great hands, outrageous blocker, nose for endzone.

    Great player though. My buddy played on that WYO team that faced OSU in HOliday Bowl. Sanders was unbelievable that game.

    Urlacher’s hustle was good to see.

  6. arleen says:

    marcus allen – come on. not even a top 10 back of all time. couldnt hold the cleats of sanders or payton.

  7. Juan says:

    I’m talking about Marcus LeMarr Allen from San Diego, CA. you must be confusing yourself with another Marcus? Marcus from Boomerang? (MAH-CUS MAH-CUS)

    Maybe, Marcus DuPree?

    This is the Marcus Allen I’m talking about.

    Among the league’s all-time top 50
    Rushes: #6
    Rushing yards: #10
    Rushing TDs: #2
    Yards from scrimmage: #6
    Rush/Receive TDs: #3

    Just imagine what his career would have been like if Al Davis did not have it out for him whatever odd reason.

    Little known fact: his brother Damon, QB in Canada for the longest.

    Not saying he was better than Walter or Barry, just saying that Marcus is more my kind of back.

    Kind of similar to Walter in lots of ways. Payton ran with more power, however.

    How about a young Eric Dickerson? Ooooo, he was BAD.

  8. WB says:

    Agree with Juan on many points. Marcus Allen is one of the most talented backs to play the game.
    Know this for sure though, San Diego Ca has quickly become the tailback capital of the USA; undoubtedly the NCAA tailback capital of the US.
    Allen, Bush, Terrell Davis, R. Salaam, R. Williams (the latter two were mediocre pros, though). Four (sans Davis) were Heisman winners.

  9. SJH says:

    I’m a Generation Xer so my perspective on this probably differs from most of you guys. I don’t have any problem with players celebrating and having fun after big touchdowns. I mean, if you can’t have fun living out your childhood dream (doing what you love and making millions for it) and pulling off a great feat (scoring the touchdown), then besides the birth of your first child, there’s nothing you should ever celebrate. To me, the dances are entertaining. It’s not “their job.” They’re not delivering mail or driving a bus. They’re playing a game, it just happens that they get paid. If a player wants to toss the ball to the ref and jog back to the sidelines, that’s fine. But if he wants to somersault into the end zone and get his swurv on, that’s also fine. I watch sports to be entertained (or stressed), and touchdown + dance = entertaining. As fans, we invest so much emotionally into the games. They can bring euphoria or anguish (I’m still pissed about plays from 2002). Often, we’re running and juking vicariously. These guys are the ones actually doing it so the emotion must be 10x what we feel. So if I’m going nuts in the living room, I can’t blame a player for wanting to stunt after his touchdown.

    But… I hate the following:

    – When dumbass athletes don’t understand mathematics and celebrate when their team is down by a lot and their touchdown is like a pint of water scooped out of the Atlantic. If your team is down 24 in the 4th quarter w/ 7 minutes left and you celebrate after a score, you deserve to get drop-kicked by a Sasquatch.

    I remember a Giants game in 2003 (the 4-12 season) when they were getting blown out by the Saints. It was the infamous Joe Horn “Cell Phone” game. I thought it was a silly attempt to get attention and top T.O.’s autograph (and Joe Horn did become a popular name after that so – mission accomplished), but I didn’t care much. What upset me more was Frank Walker jumping up and pounding his chest after tackling Deuce McAllister…after an 11-yard run for a first down. The Giants were 4-9 at the time and trailing like 38-7 in the game. But that fool was happy about his worthless tackle.

    – I don’t like taunting. If a player is dancing in the end zone and the player who got burned is more heated about him celebrating than he is about himself giving up the 6 points, he’s got his priorities all wrong. But if the player who scores goes out of his way to mock the opposition, he’s in the wrong. And that’s what I had a problem with Bush doing. The flip and dance were alright, but the pointing was stupid. Especially since Reggie isn’t the most physical back. He knows that if he and Urlacher collided, he’d be on “Jacked Up,” and maybe even on a stretcher in the emergency room.

    To sum it up: Dancing is OK, taunting is classless.

  10. SJH says:

    I didn’t watch Marcus Allen play and I know you’re gonna kill me for this, but looking at his stats, he looks like a compiler to me. Off the head, I think he only had two or three 1,000-yard seasons. He was a good all-around back (versatile and all), but I once averaged out his totals and, if I recall, he averaged less than 800 yards per season. He’s ranked in the top 10 in those categories because he played until he was 36 or 37. Give him credit for longevity, but there are backs who walked away (or limped away) at 30 who, for the time they did it, did it better than him. Also, for a rich man’s 3rd down back, his rush average was pretty low. It was something like 4.0 or 4.1 YPC.

    Based on that, I think I could probably come up with 10 better running backs.

    Now tell me why I’m wrong.

  11. Bad Becks says:

    He’ll be ok. At least he man’ed up and apologized to his team. Unfortunately, his move most certainly gave da’ Bears a hell of an adrenaline shot…

  12. Daryl says:

    Reggie bush display of taunting was nothing more than youthful zeal. As he matures, his on the field professionalism will match his god given talent. (And a talent he is!) The only problem I had with his taunting is that it was far too early to celebrate. This is now a given. Youthful zeal, youthful zeal.

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