Faith: Peyton Manning


The announcers said he couldn’t watch. But I had a feeling there was much more to what I was seeing on the television screen as Tom Brady, the best quarterback of this generation, took the field in Indianapolis with a single minute remaining, and his Patriots trailing Indianapolis by four points. On the screen, Colts QB Peyton Manning, who’d just driven his team down the field for its first lead of the game in a comeback for the football ages, sat on the bench staring towards the ground. “He can’t watch,” an announcer said. To heck with that, I thought to myself, He’s praying.

I was right. After Colts corner Marlin Jackson plucked a Brady bullet from the sky and nestled it as he lay prone on the turf, Manning, staring at the scoreboard now, smiled, stood up and, well, knew that his prayer had been answered. Later he admitted as such, “I said a little prayer on that last drive,” he said. “I don’t know if you’re supposed to pray for stuff like that, but I said a little prayer.”

Yeah, God has bigger things to deal with. But, conversely, nothing is too big or small for Him. I am reminded all the time, “Ask not, receive not,” so I see nothing wrong with Manning tweaking God on the shoulder late Sunday evening, His days of rest, and asking for a favor.

Prayer and faith are an integral – and yet largely ignored – part of sports. Players often attend faith services prior to games, many teams employ spiritual advisors, and afterwards, many players often gather at mid-field (or mid-court in basketball) and share a prayer moment. These prayer circles almost always contain players, coaches and staff from both teams. By then the cameras are usually long gone, or off chasing the next interview. Too bad.

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New York Jets QB Chad Pennington and Brady following their AFC playoff game last month.


12 thoughts on “Faith: Peyton Manning

  1. Juan says:

    I pray that I am never a Tenn. student assistant back in the 1990’s, proviidng Manning with care, and then get a faceful of Manning buttocks like he did to a student back in the early 1990’s.

    I pray that kind of stuff never happens to a daughter of mine.

    He should not only pray for strength when at crucial moments in his professional career and when all eyes are on him, but also when no cameras are on him and when someone is vulnerable.

  2. arleen says:

    so god is a colts fan? must be due to dungys diligent prayers.

  3. Juan Garcia Abrego, A Springdale Chicken Farmer says:

    Arleen? God is a Colts and Vols Fan.

  4. God says:

    Dear Friends:

    I am and always will be a Vol


  5. God says:


    You are going to hell for speaking badly of my son.

    The Big Man

  6. Juan says:


    That cracked me up.

    You and I have somethings we need to discuss: (1) the Tigers beating my Padres in ’84, (2) the Irish waitress at my favorite SF pancake house (thought she was going to come into my life,where did she go?), (3) earthquakes (can we stop those already?)

  7. Lil Bammer says:

    Is Bear Bryant with Jesus?

  8. SJH says:

    Juan, easy on the hating. You’re gonna hold it against him forever? I’m sure some of our favorite athletes have done worse and it just hasn’t been made public. Hell, I’m sure a Bengal is getting arrested as we type. Are you an all-San Diego fan? OK, Steve Foley was probably doing something before the cops shot him. Terrence Kiel was hustling codeine cough syrup (the kids call it “Lean”) in Houston.

    And what if the woman embellished her account of what happened? Like when Kobe…

  9. Juan says:

    Embellished her account? Um, the courts settled that awhile ago on Manning. I don’t know why he needed to run her name through the mud, because it cost him coin in a slander suit. He threw salt on someone’s wound. That ain’t cool with me.

    I’m from San Diego. Yup .

    Trust me, I know of all the things people get into. I was a kid during the Chuck Muncie, Miles McPherson, LaMarr Hoyt, Alan Wiggins, Eric Show, Dave Dravecky years. Remember all that clearly. All major isuses. Drugs, John Birch Society/racist issues, etc.

    Dravecky- John Birch Society, but now evangelical Christian. Do I think he has strayed far from his initial racist beliefs? Doubt it.

    Just like I don’t think Baptist Robert Byrd , Rep. from WVA has strayed too far from his KKK beliefs. I’ll always think there is a stain on his character, no matter how much he protests that he has moved on.

    I know this though, Dravecky went 9-8 that year, had a sub 3.00 ERA , and started and closed that year for the Pads. If prayer had anything to do with that playing performance that year as he claims, where was the prayer when he was handing out racist pamphlets for John Birch Society at Del Mar Fair that year?

    Whatever Foley did, did not warrant getting blasted by a rookie cop. Rookie cop just was trigger happy. I’d expect Foley to sue for a bit.

    The Kiel thing was huge in San Diego. Know all about the lean. Let the courts take their course. He’s got a federal case he’s looking at. Sucks to be him. I would not want to federal time. I’d rather be playing safety. However, those are the choices we make and the choices we make are really who we are.

  10. Jesus says:

    Bear is not here

  11. Juan Garcia-Abrego says:


    How many hits did you get off of this post? I linked you out, even though I don’t agree with you all of the time.

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