Jeter’s Off-Season Move

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One of New York’s esteemed publications reported that Yankee shortstop/icon Derek Jeter and actress Gabrielle Union – who will always have a soft spot with me for being on the cover of my premier issue of Savoy – were “dirty dancing” recently in New York. Union’s rep said the two were friends, but did not “hook up.” I am not mad at the brother. Not at all.


12 thoughts on “Jeter’s Off-Season Move

  1. Juan says:

    She’s gorgeous. No question.

    She’s kind of into jocks. Formerly married to a NFL guy.

    She’s like Toni Braxton of the late 2000’s. (toni’s white one piece thing on “Making me High” video … one of greatest outfits of all time.)

  2. SJH says:

    She does have a thing for athletes. I remember watching Gabby on 106 & Park a couple years ago and she said that she used to date Jason Kidd in high school. But now she hates him because he broke up with her before the prom.

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful. Roy, I need a key to your beautiful women picture vault!

  4. Juan says:

    When you’re the editor of Savoy, you got a vault full of this stuff.. (note to self… in next life, quit law, run magazine)

    Gabrielle Union- joke for me and a buddy.

    We were lifting in a gym in Hollywood above a moviehouse where often films have their premiere night. You can see the red carpet, and people strolling in from 2nd and 3rd floor.

    It was premiere of “Hustle and Flow” in LA.

    She showed up on the red carpet. … people are looking down from window…pointing people out. We’re getting our lift in, and we really don’t care because it’s LA and we see “people” everyday. (I can’t go anywhere in this town without running into some celeb.)

    Lots of celebs at this thing.. but one stood out to one man. Gabrielle Union.

    So one guy near the window, a white gay guy, starts freaking out “Oh my God!!! It’s Gabrielle Union!! It’s Gabrielle Union!! It’s Gabrielle Union!” Over and over again.. everyone near the window kind of stared at the chap and some giggled, because he was rather boisterous about seeing Gabrielle Union.

    You just would never expect a white gay guy to freak out about Gabrielle Union. A straight brotha, yes, because she’s hot.. But this guy, he probably liked her in the Honeymooners or something.

    One of the finer people watching moments of the last 2 years.

  5. You may not be mad at Jeter but I am. What was he doing with my woman 😉

    Gabby -like other stars- is here in Atlanta alot hanging out because unlike other cities there’s no paparrazi hounding them.

  6. Juan says:

    She’s also in Atlanta because:

    1) flights to and from everywhere/major hub
    2) you can buy land CHEAP as opposed to LA or the Bay (where she grew up)
    3) tons of ballers live there in off-season

  7. J says:

    It’s about time Jeter hook up with a sister!!

    However…I do believe that Jeter is on the DL…and I don’t mean the disabled list!!

  8. FL Girl says:

    Well if it is true, woop-dee-do! Jeter is not that impressive to me as far as how he seems to go through women like a person with a cold goes through a box of tissues. At least she is a grown-ass woman and not one of those barely legal chics he usually goes for. I expect it won’t last long because she won’t go for the normal “Jock BS” that most of them put down. I say enjoy the view girl and keep your options open, because you can bet he is.

  9. Brianna says:

    eweweweweweew how can Derek go out with her if im his future husband and if he looks at this hes gonna take note of it!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Brianna says:


  11. Brianna says:

    I love you Derek!!!!!!!!!! i watch all the games!! Go Yankees!!!!!!!!!

  12. demonte' wright says:

    damn u fine. any time u want a man u come to me.a real big fan of urs.

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