Rangers Sign Sosa; McGwire Prepares HOF Speech


Am I the only one who’s shocked at the national yawn in response to the news that the Texas Rangers are about to sign Sammy Sosa? Aren’t fans outraged that a team would sign yet another player tainted by ‘roids at a time when baseball itself is racked with shame of the matter? I mean for the love of Babe(!) where’s the outrage?

Oh, my bad. I guess fans really don’t care. Sosa was one of baseball’s beloved figures, with his first-inning sprints towards outfield and his convoluted spiritual ritual that accompanied each home run. He was Senor Ying to Marky Mac’s Yang during the Season that Saved Baseball.

But like his compadre, his non-testimony before congress changed all that. Suddenly Sosa, McGwire, Rafael Palmiero and everyone who was there that day – including the fawning congressfolk – left under a cloud we thought would never go away. Emphasis on thought.

Sosa hasn’t played since that pitiable 2005 season in Baltimore. But apparently the Rangers believe he still has some stick left. Some uncorked sitck.

And maybe you don’t care as much as we think. Or maybe you’re saving it for Barry B.



2 thoughts on “Rangers Sign Sosa; McGwire Prepares HOF Speech

  1. SJH says:

    It’s flown so far under the radar that I didn’t even know they were going to sign him. I’d heard back in August that Sosa was telling the Dominican media that he was hoping to make a comeback in 2007. I laughed it off and thought, “Them ‘yes’ men down in D.R. must really be spit-shining his ass and he’s believing it. It’ll be cold water in the face when no team shows interest.” I underestimated the stupidity of Tom Hicks.

    Sosa hit like .220 with 14 or 15 homeruns that last year with the Orioles. He was always a high-strikeout-low-contact hitter (hit .300+ a couple times in his prime, but he was always top 5 in strikeouts) and now he’s lost bat speed. That low average is indicative of his inability to catch up to the fastball consistently. And there wasn’t even a Dave Kingman-like trade-off with him where he’d hit .220 but crank out 30-35 homeruns. In 2005, the bat speed and the power was gone. Which is funny, because he did look a lot thinner to me in his last couple seasons. And he sucked in Camden Yards, which is like Colorado for righties. Which right-handed slugger can’t knock out more than 15 homeruns in that park?

    Also, Sammy was never a good defensive player. He’s gotta be pushing 40 by now. I can’t imagine his range would’ve improved with age and a year spent doing nothing. So you’re pretty much signing a 40-year-old designated hitter who will give you .220 with 15 homeruns (if he isn’t more washed up now than he was 2 years ago) and a whole lotta controversy. That’s aside from the fact that Sosa’s got a huge ego, still thinks he’s a star, and went sour in that Cubs locker room the last few seasons.

    All that leads to this: Why? Why the hell would the Rangers sign him? Especially since they’re not a team in desperate need of offense. But since they’re on it, they might as well go the whole way and bring back Juan Gonzalez, Raffy Palmeiro and Jose Canseco, too. All the ex-Rangers power hitter who were suspected (confirmed) steroid-users. Have them bat in succession and call it “Miscreants’ Row.”

    btw – I think Sammy never drew the ire of the fans as much because: (1) he doesn’t hold any records (2) he built up a lot of equity in the late 90s with his charimsa and happy-go-lucky demeanor (3) he never failed a steroid test or got linked to anything – everyone suspected it, but never got any real dirt on him (4) yeah, people are saving it for Bonds. They can’t ration out some hate for Sosa, that just reduces the concentration of the Bonds hatred. After they’re done with Barry, if there’s any Haterade left, then they’ll use it on Sammy.

  2. Jay Wilson says:

    You gotta love that baseball card.

    I still have stacks of Topps, Fleer, and Donruss cards from my Junior High years and I have to say, that mid-late 80s time frame was a great period to nab the rookie cards of the All-Steroid Team.

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