Is Jerry Jones Complying with Rooney Rule?


Jerry Jones is wasting no time replacing Bill Parcells. No surprise. ESPN’s Chris Mortsensen is reporting that Jones has hired former Miami QB coach (and former Cowboy backup QB Jason Garrett as offensive coordinator. But get this, the report says JG also remains in the running for head coach.


Conspiracy theorists out there will speculate that Jones has already made up his mind that JG’s his Man, but is simply giving himself time to comply the Rooney Rule requiring owners to interview at least one non-white candidate for all head coaching vacancies. Hmm.

In fact he may have already done so. Though not widely reported, Jones interviewed Cowboy secondary coach Todd Bowles on Monday, according to a Dallas source. Bowles joined the team in 2005 after 13 seasons as a player or coach. He may be in line to become the Cowboys defensive coordinator, filling the vacancy created by the departure of Mike Zimmer for Atlanta. Bowles played eight seasons, mostly for the Washington ‘Skins.

I’ve been told Jones plans on interviewing Bowles again, and assured that another non-white candidate will get a face-to-face with the owner soon for the top job. We’ll see.


10 thoughts on “Is Jerry Jones Complying with Rooney Rule?

  1. Juan says:

    Garrett’s got that Ivy League pedigree. There is an assumption of competency in all walks of life when you got that. Not saying it’s either deserved or undeserved…just is. (Obviously the President shatters the notion quite well)

    I think Jason played QB for the San Antonion WLAF team. Remember that WLAF? I was so excited when that came out…. football in the spring? Get out of here. Loved it.

    Also, recall when CFL tried to expand to US and had franchises in Sacramento and Baltimore? But they could not call them the Colts , but had some horse mascot?

    Ah… minor league football…

    That looks like an old photo of Jones. He still has wrinkles there. Remember when he got them all ironed out of his face?

  2. juan garcia-abrego says:

    I felt sure that Nick Saban would be the guy

  3. arleen says:

    jones will hire whomever he things will take him to a super bowl – white, black, yellow, or purple. come on roy – not every issue is a racial issue.

  4. Juan says:

    I don’t think Roy opined who Jones would hire. Just giving us some details on the Cowboys job search.

  5. Hey man,

    Not really liking the dark background. Makes it difficult to read.

  6. mylosh says:


    does interviewing norm chow count against the rooney rule?

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