The Rivalry: Tiger v, uh, Brandt Snedeker


Saturday update:It’s on. Woods shot a 3-under 69 to pulled within two shots of the leader, who wasn’t BrandtSnedeker alone. The Tennesee Kid, the talk of the tournament,  rejoined the terrestrials, shooting a two-over 72. Not bad, though. He’s still tied for the lead, along with another relative unknown, Andrew Buckle. Both mena are 11-under going into Sunday. Tiger sits at nine-under. CBS is very happy.

Friday update: The Tennesee Kid expanded his lead over Woods, shooting a 2-under 70 to Woods’ even par 70. Woods heads into the weekend seven shots back of the rookie leader. Said Snedeker after waltking off 18: “I thought, ‘This is what it feels like to be Tiger Woods.”




Last season, Tiger Woods won $9,941,563 more than Brent Snedeker. Of course BS was an amateur. He finished 41st at the Masters and decided to keep the change, thank you very much. But the Tennessee Kid didn’t get his Tour car until he finished ninth on the Nationwide Tour.

That said, Tiger was starting at the kid’s backside Thursday during the opening round of the Buick Open, Woods’ first tournament in ’07. Shedeker was a stoopid 9-under after nine holes. Woods saw the red 8 on the scoreboard in San Diego and thought it was a “misprint.”

Snedeker finished 11-under. Woods, who is trying to win his seventh straight PGA Tour event, is five back.


That’s seven more than Snedeker has won – ever.


The Leaderboard


The Tennessee Kid: Snedeker



One thought on “The Rivalry: Tiger v, uh, Brandt Snedeker

  1. Tyler says:

    I think Tiger likes to be in the hunt. He’s great at maintaining a lead, but he seems to do pretty well when he as to play catch up.


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