Brothers Makin’ Bank!

captilmg11401262125super_bowl_bears_colts_football_ilmg114.jpg Willie R WilbonAP Photos

January’s not even done yet but already 2007 is shaping up as the year Brothers Get Paid! Sure, black men have been making money in sports for more than a minute. But typically it’s been their their brawn not their brains. Slowly, but most assuredly, that’s changing.

This week, Mets manager Willie Randolph signed a new three year deal that his agent, Ron Shapiro, said will pay his client $1.4 million this year and $1.8 million in 2008. Throw out Joe Torre‘s $5 million check and that’s about mid-range for baseball managers in high-market cities like Boston and Chicago.

Chicago Bears coach Lovie Smith is the lowest-paid coach in the NFL with a salary of $1.35 million. There are assistant coaches who make twice that amount. But Lovie’ll soon get his cheese. He’s going into the third year of his original four-year deal and with rumors (unsubstantiated, the Bears say) swirling that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones might swoop in and try to lure Lovie to D-town, Chicago will probably lock-in Lovie with a long-term before the never-ending Super Bowl telecast goes off the air. Keep this figure in mind: Mike Holmgren, who led Seattle to the Super Bowl last season, makes $8 mil a year. Pay the man.

But this is the one I love: My journalistic colleague Michael Wilbon reported just signed a four-year, $8 million deal with Disney, which owns ABC Sports and ESPN, where Wilbon is becoming a fixture beyond his regular “PTI” gig. The deal is so big he reportedly went to the editors of the Washington Post, where he’s written a column for decades, and offered to resign if they no longer wanted him in the newspaper. They are said to have declined his offer.

None of us went into journalism to get rich. Now, at least a few of us can. Congrats, Mike.


10 thoughts on “Brothers Makin’ Bank!

  1. That’s what I’m talking about! Personally, I always use the Devean George theory. No matter what I do, I deserve to be paid as much as Devean George. I’m glad that Michael is getting paid!

  2. Juan says:

    I don’t have faith that Lovie gets his coin from CHI. The Bears are notoriously cheap at paying talent. The decisions made over there at Halas Hall are not always reasonable.

  3. Bob Tebow says:


    You gotta do something about this layout. It’s hard to read. What was wrong with the other?

    Chris Leak got back to normal yesterday in the Senior Bowl.

  4. Now, this is a much better layout.

  5. wyclefdoug says:

    The fact that assistant coaches make up to twice as much as Lovie Smith is crazy. Every head coach, no matter what their experience is, should have a higher pay then all assistant coaches.

  6. abu ameerah says:

    i wish i was “makin’ bank”!

    i enjoy Wilbon’s commentary…he deserves to get paid.

  7. vkilla says:

    Damn i wish i could write

  8. Wyndell Patterson says:

    I’m in DC for a while. Long way from Honolulu and my beloved apartment. It’s damned cold here, but what warms me up is “brothers getting paid”. Congrads to them all. It goes without saying that it’s long overdue and well deserved. Now, lets pray that those who’ve been blessed realize that their blessing has to be followed up with dedicated, good stewardship; gratefulness to the Lord in words and deed; and inspiration for others to follow.

  9. myglobalhustle says:


  10. dave sundstrom says:

    Geez….here we go again separating blacks from whites. I thought you wanted to be treated fairly, yet everything you write about is ‘black america”. Old stuff, man. Get over it.

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