Federer to Tiger, His BFF: “I Got Mine. Now, Go Get Yours”




AP Photos

After schooling Fernando Gonzalez in straight sets in win the Australian Open in the wee hours Sunday morning, Roger Federer may have text-messaged his new BFF, Tiger Woods, saying: “I got mine. Now, go get yours.” Even if he didn’t, it’s pretty safe to speculate he caught a quick nap then watched Woods doing what Woods does – humble a field to win yet another golf tournament.

In the span of just a few hours, the man who may be the greatest tennis player ever captured his 10th Grand Slam title by winning the Aussie Open without losing a set, and the man who may be the greatest golfer ever won his seventh straight tournament – just four shy of Byron Nelson’s once-seemingly unbreakable record, set in 1945 – by methodically and spectacularly (See: the 276-yard three-wood to set up a 25-foot eagle putt) overcoming a two-shot deficit on the final day of the Buick Open.

We are no doubt witnessing a unique convergence – two athletes showcasing historic greatest at the very same time. Like some global game of H-O-R-S-E. Federer has been No. 1 for 156 straight weeks. And can anyone remember when Woods wasn’t No. 1? Think two Haleys comets. Two St Helens. Two days without a T.O. headline.

Even more intriguing is that they’ve struck a friendship. Woods was sitting in Federer’s box last summer when the Swiss icon won the U.S. Open. Soon, someone will get them to sit down and simply let them talk about how they do what they do. Let’s pray that a camera is nearby.

In the meantime, embrace this display of parallel perfection. It may not come this way again.


4 thoughts on “Federer to Tiger, His BFF: “I Got Mine. Now, Go Get Yours”

  1. Juan says:

    No one has watched men’s tennis in U.S. since Sampras left.. a shame because Federer is dominant.

    I’ve never seen runs like this ever.

    Even if Tiger is down at any point during a tourney, I think, “Tiger has got em right where he wants em.”

    Remember in early 2004… everyone was asking “what is wrong with Tiger?”


  2. SJH says:

    During that 2004-05 swoon, I think he’d been tinkering with his swing and was coming off knee surgery. But he came back big last year and he’s off to a good start in ’07.

    But I have to say that Federer is the most dominant athlete in pro sports (the sports that matter, so I don’t want to hear about some lacrosse superstar). I didn’t watch the match but I saw the highlights, and at times it looked like he was just toying with Gonzalez. He was setting him up so easily, and hit those winners with absolute guile and confidence. I don’t know why dude needs the headband, he doesn’t sweat. I’m not a tennis fan, but the sports world has to give it up for him. Maybe now that Lance Armstrong is retired the ESPY’s finally hop off his [it’s a family blog] and give the Athlete of the Year to someone else. Hell, give Lance an “Effort” award for competiting in the NYC marathon, but the big prize should go to Federer. He’s more dominant at his game than Tiger.

    You know if he was a good-looking American (his skill in Andy Roddick’s shell), the whole country would be “The It.” The one the tennis world (and Nike) would be salivating at the chance to market to kids as “the reason our sport is cool.”

    btw – Roy, this background setting isn’t leaving much room for the pictures. About 3/4 of the Tiger Woods pic is cut. And is that his mother in the low left? She’s got the visor turned to the side like the young’uns. Old girl got flava!

  3. arleen says:

    another amazing performance from tiger! i watched the 276 yard 3-wood while working out yesterday and unfortunately switched machines before the putt. i was wondering if he had made it, but figured he did when i looked back seeing he had a share of the lead. he really is an amazing player! both physically and mentally.

  4. After that match Roddick must be asking himself “What in the hail do I do now?” He thought all the time spent with Jimmy Connors was going to get him over the hump. Federer quickly countered everything Roddick threw at him.

    Gonzalez fared a bit better but Federer was betterer. When an athlete of his caliber is on his game, the only thing you can do is sneak up behind him in the tunnel with a tire iron and…. Oh wait, has that been done before 🙂 :0

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