Beyonce: SI’s 2007 Swimsuit Dreamgirl?


Beyonce is one of the surprise features in the 2007 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, which is set to hit the marketplace on February 13. The singer/actress was shot in Florida late last year, according the insiders at the magazine, and the images were good enough (duh) to be included in the issue. The surprise is because she is neither a model, an athlete or a jock’s spouse, typically the only categories of women who’ve been shot for the annual iconic edition.
Is she the cover? If so, Beyonce would be only the second African-American woman to appear on issue’s coveer in the 43 years since it was created, the first in a decade since Tyra Banks donned the second of her back-to-back swimsuit covers in 1997. The 1996 cover was shared with Argentine model Valerie Mazza.


Tyra, 1996 (with Valerie) and 1997

At bit of full disclosure is in order: As many of you know, I was an editor at SI for several years and was variously involved in the swimsuit issue during my last two tenures there. (I was laid off in December, 2005, in the first wave of Time Inc.’s substantial cuts.) The matter of women of color has long been dicey at the magazine. Any discussions about the inclusion of black models always prompted a discomforting tone, and it was often (no surprise) left to me to bring it up. Though not always.

I can’t recall the exact year but I recalled being summoned down to the office of a former managing editor so he could boastfully show me some of the shots of black models that were to appear in the issue. He was so proud of himself! I chuckled all the way back to my office.

I also recall a troubling conversation with another former ME. We were in his office watching the rough cut of the SI Swimsuit Model Show that was to air the following week when Roshumba, who appeared in seveal issues, lamented the dearth of black cover models. The editor said that should be taken out of the show and sniffed that a black model could not be used on the cover. I was stunned (though not really), and asked why. “Just wouldn’t happen,” he said.

And selling is what matters. It’s widely known that the SI Swimsuit issue may be the most profitable single issue of any magazine ever. It generates crazy portion of SI’s annual profits and, thus editors traditionally felt they couldn’t afford to be tinker with what was working. The unstated belief – stupid and unsubstantiated belief, I always felt – was that white men (the preponderance of SI readers and swimsuit issue buyers) would not buy an issue with a black woman on the cover.

Soon after my chat with the former editor, I asked one of the magazine’s publishing executives if he thought putting a black woman on the cover of the swimsuit issue would have an adverse impact on sales. After pondering it for a moment, he asked me: “Does she have t–s? Does she have an a–? If so, it’ll sell.”


Roshumba, 1992

Turns out the publishing exec was right. Several years another ME made the bold move of putting Tyra on the 1996 cover. But make no mistake: The pairing of her with Mazza was a hedge. The issue sold well enough that Tyra graced the cover alone the following year. Again, it flew off newsstands. Still, no non-white (or light-skinned Latina) model has been the SI Swimsuit cover model since.

Black models have appeared in the issue through the years, though never without some hand-wringing and prodding. Among them: runway diva Naomi Campbell. and model turned actress Noemie Lenoir. African-American women have also appeared, of course, in the popular feature, Athletes and their Wives. Many black female athletes have been featured as well, including Serena Williams. (I think either this shot of Serena, the one below, or another image from the shoot, should have graced the 2003 cover. Instead, Petra Nemcova got the coveted spot.)


Serena Williams, 2003

Other non-white models to appear in the SI swimsuit issue: Oluchi Onweagba, Lorraine Pascale (below, bottom), Audrey Quock, Georgiana Robertson, Tamara Spolder, Hina Tama (way back in ’68) and recent sensation (and deserving cover model) Jessica White (below).

J White

Jessica White, 2005

The matter of how many non-white models to include in the issue and whether or not to use use a black model on the cover,in my view, came down to an arcane sense among the magazine’s editors of just what “beauty” and “hot” look like. During the years I was on the “swimsuit team,” formally or informally, I was the only African-American in the room. When all of the decision-makers are of one ilk, well, the issues speak for themselves. Among the 94 models featured on SI’s Ultimate Swimsuit website, just 11 are non-white.

It didn’t help the cause of non-white models that their images did not “test” as highly as those of white models when research on potential covers was conducted. That was never surprising when only one non-white model was among a collection of as many as ten model photos. Against those odds, what’s a girl to do?

The reality is that interest in the issue has waned in recent years. The 40th anniversary issue (2004) sizzled, but subsequent issues have not matched its success. The reasons are many – from the proliferation of sexy-photo-driven young men’s mags out there to the general desensitization to hotness. Images that were risque in my youth are now on billboards in Times Square.

Given the issue’s economic challenges, perhaps SI is willing to think differently. At some point, the managing editor will have to say, “Damn the research,” and recognize that women or color are “hot” enough to be popular every other cultural arena. And hot sells.


Which gets us back to Beyonce. I’m sure there was a discussion among the magazine’s hierarchy regarding women of color who might be popular enough – HOT enough – to transcend race, age and any other demographic you want to throw on the table. (It wouldn’t be the first time.) Beyonce is no-doubt the “it” girl of the moment – even as a crew of younger “it-wannabes” emerge on the music scene, and she is upstaged by Oscar-nominated co-star Jennifer Hudson in the recent hit “Dreamgirls.”

But is she SI’s swimsuit “it” girl? We’ll see.


Lorraine Pascale, 1998


132 thoughts on “Beyonce: SI’s 2007 Swimsuit Dreamgirl?

  1. extrapolater says:

    You know, if you had asked me without prepping me first, I would have said that image of Serena had been on a cover before. It’s so iconic, and I’ve seen it so many times, I could have sworn it was a cover shot. Sounds like SI missed the boat a few times.

    I think when you see a younger ME, you’ll see that prejudice melt away (I hope). The generation gap is pretty stunning in the arena of what’s “hot” and what isn’t.

  2. […] points out that a much sexier milestone was achieved in 1996 when Tyra Banks became the first African-American cover model for Sports […]

  3. Juan says:

    I can’t wait… seriously.. can not wait.

    I know plenty of fellas that are going to be picking up the magazine.

    As for that photo of Serena being on the cover, well, I know that the jury is split on how attractive she is. Some dudes love her, others say she looks like Bruce Smith.

    The Petra girl they put on the cover looks like she is about 14. Not hot. Don’t know if that is worthy of an SI Swimsuit cover… but what do I know?

    I think Charles Barkley is going to buy ever magazine with her in it. She sang at halftime of some game, maybe NBA Finals or something and he did not stop talking about her.

  4. triple7 says:

    I think Beyonce will be super hot but if you break the entertainer precedent then I personally would like to see Alicia Keys in that case even though she’s temporarily not “it.” Meanwhile, you forgot about Gail O’Neill, SI ’86 (I think).

  5. SJH says:

    Juan, I think it was the All Star Game a few years ago when she sang the anthem. Not sure which one, but I think it was either Houston (her hometown) or Washington.

    From my end, I don’t know many dudes who think Serena’s beautiful. For me, and the people I know who like her, it’s: decent face and the muscles aren’t enough of a turn-off to outweigh “the goodies.” But on VH1’s “Top 100 Hotties” list in 2005, if I recall, she ranked 47th. So she’s got enough people liking her.

    The lack of black women on the cover, I don’t know if it’s as much a racist thing as it is about sales. The majority of readers/buyers will be white men and I assume the belief is that it’s a safer bet that Joe Caucasian will prefer the white woman. There’s a lot of white guys who like women of color, a bunch who prefer them, (I’ve got some white friends like that), but if you put a sista or a mami on the cover, you risk turning off the white men who don’t dig it. So standard hot white chick on the cover is the easy, risk-free way to appeal to the majority/target demographic. Hell, hot white chicks also appeal to the NBA players. (“G’head, girl. G’head, get down!” – Kanye) And I’d guess that the percentage of black guys who like white women or wouldn’t care that there’s one on the cover is greater than the percentage of white guys who like women of color.

    Triple, I’ve always had a little thing for Alicia Keys. She’s from New York and hit the scene when I was like 15. I don’t go nuts over celebs (frankly, I see hotter women in person and in certain films, so I ain’t trippin’), but Alicia gives off that cool “girlfriend material” vibe. More than Beyoncè, who would rank maybe a full integer higher on the 1-10. She kinda looks like a ’round the way chick but has that aura of elegance. But anyway, I don’t think she’d do a bikini shoot. From what I know, it’s not her flavor. Plus I don’t know if she’s got the body for it. She can’t fill a bathing suit like B or Tyra so she’s probably not what the magazine folks would be looking for. It’s a different kind of appeal she’s got. Admit it, guys, we have categories. The “I’d like to get to know her” types and “Damn! Gimme 5 minutes with that” types. I think most guys who buy the magazine just for the chicks, they’re hoping to see the latter.

  6. Juan says:

    You said it all SJH.

    Alicia Keys… good looking, talented…but I think she’d probably claw her eyes out than grace the pages of SI Swimsuit.

    Mariah Carey did just pose in a bathing suit for Playboy… If you would have asked me after she sang “Vision of Love” whether she would be in Playboy, even in a bathing suit, I would have said “no.” And not really sure if I need to see Mariah in a bathing suit. Maybe if this was 1994 or something…

  7. More Jessica Rabbit…errr White please 🙂

    I do love body paint.

    They need to hire me to do a swimsuit issue. I promise diversity in a big way.

    The irony is most of the photogs I share the sidelines, baselines, and other sports locations with are white 99% of the time. And believe me 99.9% of those shots of Serena’s body parts are from white photogs. So somebody is finding her sexy….other than Roy that is 🙂 🙂

  8. Man, I love this blog.

    I remember how steamed my boys were when Tyra (INGLEWOOD!)had to share the stage with the white girl. It fell right into our general conspiracy theory that when a white athlete won something, they appeared on the Wheaties box, or did the Disney commercial, by themselves. When someone black won, they appeared as part of a group on the Wheaties box or jointly with the Disney thang. But then again, we just might be paranoid. LOL

  9. wyclefdoug says:

    Alicia Keys has chest hair. That wouldn’t look good in swimsuit edition.

  10. Juan says:

    The lady on with Tyra is Brazilian, no?
    Whatever she is, she’s definitely 100% Finese (chinese). (to quote Jerome from Martin telling Gina’s friend Pam)

    Alicia Keys has chest hair?
    May or may not be true, but that is funny.. wasn’t expecting to read that.

    Almost as funny as Jimmy Kimmel during Shaq roast saying that he ran into Lisa Leslie at the urinal next to his.

  11. wyclefdoug says:

    I’m not lying. Go to, do a little search for it and you’ll see, it’s gross

  12. Juan says:

    I just saw it. Yeah, that’s too bad.

  13. SJH says:

    Damn. I never thought of her in a sexual way, and I deinitely won’t after that. That was…damn.

    Hey, she is half Italian. Spanish chicks, too. It’s one of them things you’ve gotta watch our for.

    How the hell did she leave her house like that, though? In a dress that was showing off the area. Couldn’t one of her minions pointed it out? Not the the stylist, the makeup people. Not even one of them keep-it-real homeboys could’ve said, “Yo ‘Licia, your [breasts] got some warewolf action going on. For $10, I could hook you up with a Caesar or something. Get you a shake-up on that muh…”?

    I still respect her and everything. And she’s still cute. If she’s wearing a turtleneck sweater, I’d kiss her.

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  16. […] What makes this even more interesting is that Beyoncé is not a model, athlete or athlete’s wife, which are usually the prerequisites for being shot for the issue. It would figure that Beyoncé would break this mold (or, more than likely, Mat ‘n’ Tina). Oh well, I’m not complaining! More at Ballers, Gamers & Scoundrels […]

  17. Beyonce makes me question my sexuality…bitch is beautiful!!!!!!! **muah**

  18. jade says:

    I hope not. The si is for models and athletes and it would not be right to mess with that tradition. Models no longer grace mag covers b/c actress and singers take that position. SI is still the place to go for a model to be a household name. She isnt even right for the magazine, let alone the cover. I hope this is just a silly rumor. Well see

  19. stun1210 says:

    When will they put a dark skin black woman on the cover of SI? Tyra was only on the cover because she is light and has green eyes. Naomi should have had the cover. I feel its the same issue with Beyonce. She’s acceptable for the cover because she is really light and has that long blond weave. I see so many beautiful darksinned black women who never get any play on TV, movies, videos or magazines that look better than Beyonce. I would love to see Kenya Moore on the cover of SI.

  20. jade says:

    she not even in the magazine, silly rumor

  21. sla837 says:

    even though she’s REALLY on the FREAKING cover!

  22. ben says:

    I really can not believe they put her on the cover!! I’ve already sent off my letter of complaint – the first time I’ve felt compelled to write in 25 years of swimsuit issues. Beyonce’s attractive, but the cover of the swimsuit issue belongs to a model. How I would’ve loved a Jessica White cover. Or how about Oluchi – now that would’ve been ground breaking for the issue – a distinctly African model on the cover. Instead we get a photo of the most overexposed celebrity on the planet. Good singer, bad model

  23. ak says:

    if black women “graced” the cover of every s-i swimsuit issue from here to eternity, what would that say? that white men are finally admitting what millions of black women already know: that they’re sexually attracted to us?

  24. does it matter says:

    WHAT A JOKE , I’M WHITE AND I THINK BLACK (SO Called women ) are not attractive.

  25. Chance says:

    Unlike the racist fool that posted before me,
    I find it very unfortunate that minority models
    have a harder time with magazines such as S.I..
    And I think that in todays day and age minority
    models should get more work than they do whether
    they be black, latina, or something else, not to
    put down white models. Personally I find all the
    models beautiful, however I am more partial to
    Latina and Black women.

  26. bobo says:

    don’t you think folks, that this was rather Beyonce’s wish, she might even forced this cover a little bit? she desperately wanted to be in Dreamgirls, thinking that would be her big shot, and it turned out quite bad for her, Jennifer Hudson stole all the light from her. this cover directs the media towards B. again. can the cover of the swimsuit edition be managed somehow?

  27. Mohommed says:


  28. TOMMIE says:

    Mohommed, I agree with you totally, Janet Jackson is so pretty, she looks a hell of alot better than Beyonce and Janet’s body is way, way, way, better to look at. Matthew Knowls is known for dirty little tricks as far as advertising his daughter. I am not going to buy the edition with her on the cover. I think that everyone should write in to sports illustration and complain about this, this is terrible. Beyonce looks like a “GHETTO SLUT””, I hope she buy her self some new weave and wigs!

  29. Darnell says:

    I do not like the fact that they have chosen to put Beyonce on the sports illustrated magazine, There are many other beautiful, african american women who could have been selected as the cover girl. Beyonce is fake, cheap, and money hungry along with her parents, I think that they thought this would take the shine off of Jennifer Hudson because Jennifer Hudson is on the Vogue magazine,and she looks stunning. Peopl in the earlier post says that Janet Jackson should have been put on the cover if they were going to to an artist. Janet Jackson does have the athletic body. I don’t think that Beyonce should be on this cover, and I will be sending a letter of complaint!!!

  30. Mal says:

    Although tyra and beyonce are the first “black” women to grace the covers of this illustrious magazine, nothing changed as from putting a white model on it. The only reason for putting these girls on the cover is that black people could say “wonderful we can support the magazine now, black people are on it”. But the truth is, Tyra and Beyonce look white or have trimmed away butt and thighs and long blond hair thats not theirs. They both look alike. B is a great performer but she is much to overated at times. So until I see some dark women with their real hair on those covers, beyonce isnt doing nothing for nobody but to serve her own interest. She cant be more famous than she aleady is and this is her highest point so its down hill from here.No matter how much grammy or oscars or tonys she can win she is saturated and over exposed.

  31. Aya says:

    congratulations, beyonce!!! It doesn’t help anyone to be so hateful to a person who is working hard and making the most of her opportunities.

  32. Michelle says:


  33. Scof says:

    best post ever 😉

  34. Vinny says:

    Ya know ..I would think that any person who is SELECTED to be on the cover would find it an honor …and would HOPE that we would be happy for them. I am a Beyonce fan, because from what I have seen and read ( I am from Houston originally so I do KNOW alot of the Knowles backstory), she is a really NICE celebrity. No one gives her props for her charity work; nobody applauds the money she has given inner-city churches …or donations to Aids victims; ASCAP’s first female songwrite of the year, now has 10 Grammy’s to date …and this? “Over-Exposed”? only because the public eats her up!!! Shoot …she had a dream at freakin 12 years old ..and has strived for it. Let the haters do the same thing ..then they can cast aspersions. Until then? This brotha is down with some B …and will buy two issues fo the magazine!!

  35. Vinny says:

    Oh yeah …I forgot …”Fake”? “Cheap”? Money hungry? what ..are we her accountants? her minister? Her wannabe plastic surgeons? C’mon …sounds like haterade to me …and whats this stuff about light-skinned versus dark skinned Afro Americans? I feel like I am watching the movie “Skool Daze” (please rent that movie for reference) Support our people …PEOPLE!!

  36. MIKE says:


  37. TimR says:


  38. Vinny says:

    “I DO KNOW ONE THING ABOUT THEM, THEY ARE TRYING TO TAKE THE FACT THAT JENNIFER HUDSON IS THE BEST SINGER, AND ACTRESS HANDS DOWN AWAY, BUT PEOPLE ARE GEARING UP TO SEE JENNIFER HUDSON AT THE OSCARS, AND WAITING FOR HER TO RELEASE HER ALBUM. BEYONCE NEEDS TO GO HIDE HER SELF!!! …” No, I beg to differ don’t KNOW anything speculate …much like all of us do. I do not take tabloid fodder with a grain of salt ..if that is the authority with which you get your news? So be it ..isn’t it funny that ANGELINA JOLIE gets more exposure than Beyonce ..yet she has the love and support of her “people” such as they are …we have some real self-loathing issues, don’t we? We can’t support and be happy for any person of color that excels in their field ..without that “crab-in-a-barrel” mentality …what a shame. We won’t rise until we learn to be happy for our own ..and you are right …nobody cares what I know about the Knowles …or that you can’t stand beyonce either! The joy of expressing an opinion in this forum …don’t ya love it!!??

  39. Vinny says:

    Oh Yeah ..and TimR …whats wrong with 35, bruh? We baggin on age now? c’mon mannnnn!

    sign me a 40 year “Old G” …who is trying to reach enlightenment LOL

  40. tish says:

    telll it Vinny lol. These haters know nothing and for the person that said J-Hud cover and shoot was beautiful you really are delusional and i like J-Hud but they made her looks horrible eep it all the way real. And yall cant undo what beyonce has done you just cant shes accomplished so damn much in 10 years i mean are you serious? Why hate on her and the only one that thinks shes overexposed are people that stay on the internet and various blogs who use her to get people to come on the site. Yall need to be happy that she keepin r&b music out there and doin different things with her music and makin history being the first entertainer on the cover and the second afican american women. Dont be mad at beyonce because shes a hustler yall kill me sayin shes overexposed and yall want her to go away or biggin up J-Hud and other celebs to discredit her but yall dont go out and buy they records or vote for them. The black community is fickle as hell they love you one minute than say you are overexposed the next but the difference with beyonce compared to Ashanti, Ciara, Janet and all the other competition is that she is international she has fans of all different races so fuck yall she still is goin to be #1 like irreplaceable for the 10th week straight and shes goin to continue to make history if yall tired of her stop lookin at her pics and respondin to articles about her.

  41. Mel says:

    Wow!!! I am so disgusted by all the post on how B is this are B is that, we are all grown, tryin to make that money, name one person who is not out to make more??? This is her job, she is good at or other wise she wouldn’t have made it as far as she has, so Rep on Ms. Beyonce, b/c any Real Man or Woman can understand the struggle and the criticism..


  42. FastMover says:

    Give me a break people! In my opinion Beyonce is one of the most beautiful women on the planet along with many other women of ALL ethnicities.

  43. tish says:

    you tell it Mel and Fastmover she is doin her thang so people need to give this girl her damn props and she isnt photoshopped because there is a video on youtube of the shoot. I wish her much success and every other woman tryin to make it and succeed in life.

  44. anon says:

    I wish the young lady would stop hating on Beyonce and other lighter skinned women. People kill me always demeaning each other worrying about appearance and things that we can not change. Why we as a race just can’t except each others differences and learn to embrace our own.

  45. charmaine says:

    enough is enough!!! Is it her light skin and blondish weave that did it? She’s on every f—— magazine, so leave the SI to people who are models or who are in sports or who have spouses who are in sports. You want a black beautiful woman, there are many out there, take a look and leave the same tired faces alone.(Beyonce) What about Kelly Rowland? She’s beautiful and would be refreshing to see her for a change!

  46. Vinny says:

    LOL ..Hey Charmaine …guess what? All of us ain’t “tired” of B …I look at that “tired face” all day long and twice on Sundays!! LOL …Folks tired of looking at her? don’t buy the damn swim suit issue …don’t watch her videos …don’t buy her records …and don’t respond to her blogs …LOL

  47. Kris says:

    Why are people making so much fuss about Beyonce and other Black women wearing weaves? White women, and especially entertainers, having been wearing wigs, weaves, and hairpieces from ancient times! I would venture to say a high percentage of the white entertainers (actors, singers, etc.) wear them and have a wardrobe of them. So why is it that Black women are ridiculed and made the butt of jokes (especially by other Blacks)? They are an easy way of keeping fashionable without destroying your hair. It’s easy upkeep. So while you’re looking at the beautiful white hotties with the long full hair — A goodly number of them didn’t grow it — they bought it. And by the way, Beyonce has a full head of long hair which she adds to to change her look. And Black women dying their hair different colors is not what fuels the billion dollar industry.

  48. JODY says:

    I personally feels like Beyonce should not have been chosen for the sports illustration because i don’t care how beautiful she is, she is not an athlete, nor a model. Is the sports illustration in need to sale really big??? It does seems as though Beyonce is trying way too hard to do things that does not fit her. Take a break Beyonce,a nd stay with the singing!!!

  49. tony says:

    “””And Black women dying their hair different colors is not what fuels the billion dollar industry”””, and black women wearing blonde weave and wigs are????? Beyonce does not have long hair, she was caught at the airport with her natural hair pulled back, and it was to hear ears, as if she had a bob cut,.

  50. Louis says:

    Listen all u low lifes full of hating Beyonce for no reason……. She has worked hard all her life and she good at what she does give her a break Jennifer Hudson is good she has really done well for someone who has never been in a movie or recorded an album but let face it she is not Beyonce……………So stop trying to fuel ridiculous and superfluous fued between these two magnificent girls…… and lastly but not least wasting your energy on hating someone u dont even know and wont even do anything about it rather just make more effort in building your self to accomplish more and be just like them two(Beyonce and Jennifer)

  51. FastMover says:

    As a Latino who loves people of all races I agree with Charmaine…Kelly Rowland IS beautiful AND also very talented. Hell who could resist that gorgeous smile and that lovely voice. For what is worse..I love them BOTH!

  52. FastMover says:

    OOPPS! Sorry for the spelling. I meant..For what is worth. The sentiment remains the same.

  53. Louis says:

    I just really think that this is absolutely ludicrous and bizarre that u guys are hating Beyonce so much…………..She is very lucky, Nobody obliged the magazine to feature her, even if she is gonna be gracing the cover, she is fantastic good for her, its her moment………..Even the Dreamsgirls director knew who to put in front to market their movie…… and she did a great job……..if u dont like her stop sending any messages about her just go away and leave her alone we dont even know who you are….. but we know who she is……….OK

  54. Nice to see Beyonce branching out. Movies, fashion, now SI. What’s next? The Whitehouse?

    -J. Kaiser

  55. Agirl says:

    Beyonce is an athelete- do you think she learns those dance routines on camera or keeps those abs by way of 10mins a day? As a biracial black woman, Beyonce is darker than me anyway so why do we care how dark or light or even if it was a big boned and fit Marilyn Monroe on the cover? You racist Americans!!! (black and white ones, You miss the point!)- I am just so glad to see a woman of color or ANY color who is not rail thin like Tyra and still has the fitness and sex appeal to pose where unfed 2lb supermodels used to leave their deer tracks. Its a shame that I only see fit bodies like mine portrayed in hip hop videos as fodder for street thugs. (That white man who wrote that she looks hoochie is conditioned to associate beauty with thin and shape with hoochie. Little does he probably know that if he went to Sweden, those white women have bodies like shapely black women here!!! and that’s hot! Beyonce made white fit women proud in that photo too!) So who cares if Black women ever cover for playboy? SI Swim Suit issue is about the hot all American girl at the beach. And Beyonce kicked through the door for fit woman with shape, color and represents dance atheletes everywhere. Its so silly Americans are obsessed with color more than any country I’ve been to and this one claims to be the most open minded and accepting of individual freedom and differences. Oh, brother! Give me a European man anyday… unless one of you yanks truly does see beauty as beauty, wink, wink. When I see SI magazine, any sport, I am reminded how extraordinary and fantastic God created men.. oh… every country’s soccer team is my favorite, every football team has heros of every shade and ethnicity. Fit and fine as all get out! Good for Beyonce at SI! She is one of the many beautiful fit people on the cover. By the way, Jennifer Hudson and her are not competing for anything. Please appreciate that each individual was created with their own glory to share. Everyone should try to live up to theirs instead of pitting people against each other or taking them down with criticism when most of these people who criticize are probably not fit, not cultured, and not even trying to do anything with their life but sit around and imagine they are better than someone else. Live up to your glory and let Beyonce, and whoever next you envy, enjoy theirs.

  56. Gerald says:

    As a an African American Male. Emphasis on Male. I think that Beyonce is hot. She is also intelligent, versatile, and goal oriented. I will buy several issues to make up for the narrow minded individuals, who don appreciate beauty. Check out the Destiny’s Child DVD. Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle are athletes. I hope she put some of her weight back on. I love healthy women.

  57. bobbilee says:

    i do not think that is opprpreat for students eyes.

  58. JoeJoe says:

    I agree with Janet being on the cover. At 40 her body is in much better shape and looks better than many of these women half her age. I also realized that if SI was gonna choose a black woman to be on the cover of course they’d pic a light-skinned black woman who’s closer to what many white guys would like. There are some white guys out there who like CHOCOLATE ok. To the person who said something as silly as Beyonce unlike compared to Ciara and Janet is that she is international and has fans of different races. Uh obviously you don’t know too much about Janet considering she’s already sold 80million albums and sold out tours that has left records. Tell us again that Janet isn’t international and doesn’t have fans of all ages and races.

  59. Agirl says:

    So what who coulda shoulda woulda! Beyonce got the cover, she is fit, fine and as dark or as light as you want- nah, nah, nah! Its her moment in the sun, not yours so deal with it!

  60. juy says:

    I’m so sick of looking at beyonce….Couldn’t they have picked someone else like Ciara or Rhianna….They’re HOT!!!!

  61. Just curious: Why do people leave fake email addresses? I like to offer personal replies – even to people who attack me. But when the email adress is fake …

  62. ndubc says:

    beyonce is played out!!! ok folks…she is pretty but give other black celebrities a chance…I can understand that this issue of Sports illustrated is about music but i heard beyonce’s acting was terrible in Dream girls..(notice how J. hudson got the acadamy award). Why would they use the looser of a music film to promote a magazine? By the way, i will be complaining to Sports Illustrated too. Just because she can wear a bikini and looks good with blond locks doesn’t make her the regard for almost every cover out there. They should’ve chose someone new and fresh. Race is definitely not the issue here…it’s just HER….She’s fake and everyone is sick of it!!!!!!! fake fake fake!!!!!!

  63. JuanaD says:

    I feel some of you on the whole beyonce thing, but my main gripe about it all is that this is a sports magazine. There are too many athletes out there that need real exposure and recognition and this was their magazine to do it. Now it has gon over to who can pay the most for a cover. I just don’t think it was right. I think alot of people who like this magazine find it wrong that a singer is on the cover more than anything, just like alot of people had a problem when anna kornikova was on the cover and yes she plays tennnis but she never one a title and it was belittling to real altheletes for a amatuer in play was being given such exposure. I understand it’s about the looks to hence using models who most of the time use the cover to get bigger jobs and add to their books.

  64. Jazzy says:

    Why is everyone so angry? Beyonce is a beautiful woman! She is a beautiful woman of color who paid her dues and is now famous and wonderfully successful!

    This is what everyone in the entertainment industry work for! She is at the top of her game at this point and is reaping the benefits of her seeds sown!

    Why are you writing SI? You people need to get a life! I don’t mean to be disrespectful to you… but come on!

    Be happy for her and maybe when you achieve some form of success, someone will be happy for you!

    My GOD, I don’t understand what the big deal is!

  65. […] and Scoundrels . A blog about sports and stuff and then came upon this post about the coveted SI swimsuit issue cover and the possibility of Ms. Knowles gracing the cover. We’ll know on Valentine’s Day […]

  66. Mandy Moyer says:

    It is actually a compliment when a Black model is so pretty that haters can only ridicule her hair! After all, a lot of white models wear hair extensions, lip injections and sport cancer tans. Now whose REALLY phony? Unfortunately, most people have been brain-washed enough to forget this little fact!

  67. albiona says:

    hi how are you please replay

  68. macy says:

    beyonce so jealous and ignorant she never keeps it real i hope her albums never sell shes not a role model shes wants all the attention to herself jennifer can sing better than her she proved that beyonce is boring and played the hell out

  69. nickky says:

    beyonce doesnt speak her mind shes not a real sista shes so hollywood and fake her cd sucks and she cant act she needs to hide somewhere i cant wait untill jennifer hud comes out beyonce is old news we seen her body a million times its nothing special about her

  70. jason says:

    beyonce thinks shes the shit i dont like her fake personality shes all dum in her interviews somebody need to check that bitch jay is ugly looking like a camel beyonce is not all that shes not fine like they play it shes all made up i will never buy her music her lyrics are so immature and dum grow up

  71. kara says:

    beyonce is a nasty hoe that needs to disapear

  72. samual says:

    beyonce is not all that theres other singers out there that really sing not sell their ass for record sells

  73. pauline says:

    beyonce sounds like minny mouse shes not sexy shes just beyonce stripper/singer jhudd can sing bee is just a copycat whore beyonce is not fine shes so delusional she really thinks she can act she sucks beyonce aint nothing but a sore losin hoe with big bags under her eyes she will not always be on top she had bad karma this year and its not ova all her fans are teens beyonce os immature as hell with her big ass hair diana ross wannabe

  74. nika says:

    beyonce is a trader thats why she got bad karma sooner or later it will show that beyonce is a ho shes not fine shes just another light skinned hoe with makeup on i think beyonce really is crazy and a skitzo just not confirmed yet

  75. tawana says:

    i agree all she do is skake her ass i wont ever buy a cd again shes not real mary j is real

  76. brandie says:

    beyonce is fake shes not oscar worthy shes a prick fuck beyonce and jay he cant rap his songs sound like beyonces now beyonce is played out to the core she hates whites but they support her how stupid shes a liar she says i make black only music and then she trys to take latino money with irreplacble aint that a bitch fuck her she cant act and she aint beautiful thats bullshit shes skinny and she forgets shes black and other singers stuggle to get signed she only support herself shes not the only singer in the world jennifer hud showed her that shes not the best in a good way

  77. mar says:

    beyonce is not all that why is everybody on her nutts cant they see how fake and hollywood she is fans are blind wake up dum asses this bitch is played out and she does the same shit all the time lauren hill is the best besides whitney beyonce is no real singa shes a fake bitch and thats the truth face it

  78. mary says:

    beyonce seems nice but its all fake

  79. daryl says:

    i agree that bee goes too far for attention shes a fake ass bitch and very immature in her ways she need to wakeup u aint the shit u just another bitch

  80. tre says:

    beyonce cant act or sing

  81. bounc says:

    jay wake up bee is playing u showing her ass to the world tell her to wear some clothes

  82. dar says:

    why do people become haters when they dont like bee shes not the shit i dont have to like her shes a fake

  83. shat says:

    beyonce is messing up the music industy with those dum songs will she ever growup

  84. jessica says:

    beyonce ya luk good i luv u im one of ure biggest fans

  85. Kitten says:

    Beyonce you got them going crazy! You MUST be all that! Keep doing the damn thing!

  86. Zion says:

    I’m not going to even comment on people being Beyonce defenders/haters because both groups are becoming repetitive and ridiculous. I have an issue with the fact that black women have to be branded with an acceptable label by white men in order to be considered sexy. Black women have always been the secret desired sexual object of white men. In my social circle, black women have to be openly acknowledged as a sex symbol in order for white men to feel comfortable expressing their desires openly. I just don’t find any of it a compliment. I’m proud that Beyonce made the SI music issue, but I hope that one day she will send a message that empowers her people, and then she will see who her true fans are.

  87. american princess says:

    Beyonce is corrupted and a lost lost soul. She tries so damn hard to look like me. Blonde weaves and $20,000 wigs. I am waiting for her weight fighting chubby ass to start wearing blue color contact lenses. That demond posessed bitch cannot sing. She sounds like a screaming house wife. Black men with slavery mentality falls for her hypocrite ass. Beyonce is a jelouse demond. Latoya lockett is waaaaay prettier and smart. I hope beyonce learns from jlo…..once you are gone, u r gone 4 ever and you can’t come back like brandy. Too much of anything is bad, so bye bitch, I mean biatchce’ enjoy as much as you can. You won’t las to much longer, trust me. You are a tired Beautiful coppier and liar. Remember your broke days? Go back to your braided blond horse hair braids. At least you did not looked too confused there. Despirate slut. I have had your man quincy and jay is not his real name either. He knows Cherrie. Halla…rhianna is hitting that too. Free from 106 and park had an abortion on his ugly bush looking ass. I can’t wait for you to leave the entertnment scene like jlo. This is your peek copy catting shikirah.jlo,janet. Whitney..diana ross bitch.

  88. american princess says:

    Beyonce is an imposter. She is fooling all of you. Wake up!!!!! Like her song say….her and shikira are beautiful liars. They cannot sing worth a thing. She strips her ver music videos to distracr her bad annoyed voice. She performs like we are in her famiy’s living room wathching her like she was 10 again. You’re bday stood for bad day. Can you go to the Left to the Left and let our eyes and earrs breath? The world knows how you love jigga, like you demostrated on dejavu. Go away. I am begging the lord to put you beyonce knowles away. You are in the scene too damn much.

  89. loon says:

    Beyonce copied jlo, shikira, janet. Diana ross, whitney, madonna and britney spears. She aint original. Reomove the weave, make up, trainers and put her on a 23k a year annual salary, you’d see how she really looks. She is burnt out fo real. She might even be mental. She looks kinda crazy. He eyes look off. Look @ her correctly. You’ll see what I’m talkin bout.

  90. dianne says:

    beyonce doesn’t even look black she looks of some hispanic decent with her fake gold hair-sooo in other words they were going for something other then the black girl look

  91. !beyonce the shit these girls be hatin

  92. nodichotomy says:

    Interesting how most of the people who have negative things to say cannot spell nor apparently possess the ability to put forth a coherent sentence without resorting to epithets.

  93. Daiane says:


  94. Zayla says:

    People, people, people, stop living in total fantasy world o.k.? Regardless of what anyone says, race and skin color still matters – at least within the USA. Beyonce isn’t the one forcing the editors of the magazines to place her on the covers – they want to because they find her look non-threatining. Her looks will not offend white people – they can relate to her more because she is so light skinned and that is just a fact. Yes, Beyonce is talented, but it takes more than just talented to get the mainstream media to notice you. It is a combination of things, with looks being at the top of the list. The stacks are higher for black women because traditional America (and other parts of the world) has not always appreciated the beauty of black women especially if you have a darker complexion. But at the end of the day, whites view Beyonce as being black – they do not hold her to the standards of white women, for white women- in the mainstream media’s opinion, is the best of the best in terms of looks and sexiness. We as people just need to learn ourselves. I know it gets hard, but we have to try very hard not to fall victim to the beauty standards of mainstream America. Furthermore, if you think white people are the only persons who appear to be color struck, think again – black people are just as (if not more) color struck too. You have black men and women, who will not even think about speaking to a person who they deem is too dark. Yes, colorisim does exist within the Black community. Really, there is nothing we (blacks) can do about it until we learn to love ourselves and unite as a people. White people know how divided we are, they know the extent to which many blacks will to just to be accepted, and they use this facts to their advantage. Colorism existed long before mega star Beyonce Knowles was even born. If you look down through the history of blacks in the entertainment industry, many of those who were able to “crossover” to mainstream success, were mainly light skinned (there are exceptions like Bill Cosby and Whoopi Goldberg – oh, and Oprah Winfrey). It is not the black community that chooses it’s stars, it is the white media who does. Think about that.

  95. quanto vcs querem para vcs falarem em portugues para eu entender

  96. shon says:

    There are Mags like EM (Ebony Man) and King (the black version of Maxim). What difference does it make if you get on the cover of this white magazine? Once again whatever is white is what everyone wants to be a part of whether it’s really worth the hype or not. Screw SI and it weeny peeny readers.

  97. Diana says:

    For the young lady who says that Beyonce is trying to look like her, stop fooling yourself. The only thing fake about Beyonce is her hair and you cannot tell me that White girls don’t wear hair weave too. Don’t forget how YOU tan to get Beyonce’s color and mimic her natuarlly pouty lips with all the Loreal products you can get your hands on. You may or may not have breast implants but they are very popular among ass-less breastless women who want so sort of curves, something that come naturally to Beyonce. So stop kidding yourself. In actuality you are stunned that a Black girl has come so close to your shine. Get used to it. The Beyonce type is the new White girl. Better double up YOUR tanning sessions and stuff those lips….don’t forget the silicone ’cause as SI has just showed you—the game is on!!!

  98. Janice says:

    It is amazing to me that when T-BOZ, Keisha Cole, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige or even Eve wear blonde hair no one cares. But when Beyonce wears it, all hell breaks loose! Maybe she looks TOO good in it? Black women can wear blonde hair as long as they look ghetto. If they look better than you THEN it becomes a problem. Check yourself.

  99. Sophia says:

    I agree with Janice Beyonce wears blonde hair so what
    alot of other ppl do it too
    and I’m glad that she’s on the color of sports illustrated.
    Plus to me I think alot of white women dye their hair were extensions have crazy tans that make themm look orange
    lip injections breast implants butt injections and botox
    (becaUSE THEY AGE very quickly
    I’m blessed with natural curves and ageless skin
    and STOP HATIN!

  100. leona says:

    you all better shout up cuz beyonce aint no fake your just jelouse for her looks.EASY.SHE LOOKS LIKE A MODEL SHE IS A MODEL SO WHAT YOU ARE SAYING IS WRONG .TYRA AND BEYONCE ARE AMAZING DEAL WITH IT PEOPLE.

  101. Mike Z says:

    How could you forget Shakira Ledard? I worked with her for years in Chicago and she was even prettier on the inside than the outside. All you had to do was spend 5 minutes with her and there was no black or white. She always carried herself as a lady and drama never seemed to stick on her. I am very happy that she has enjoyed a wonderful career and I do miss her.

  102. vanessa says:

    Beyonce is hot but her style is the same. She hasnt changed or evolved into a more stylist person or even her looks are the same. Eventually the world is gonna get tired of looking at her. The world knows her for her body, singing and her golden hair! She is not known for what SI represents. I think it was unfair for her to be chosen for the SI cover.

  103. Kieron Ngam says:

    V ned rial black wimmin lik Serena Lorriane Oluchi Janet
    not mixed versions vich only remind us of wite wimmin

  104. Will says:

    The ONLY reason Beyonce was on the cover is because she looks white. Same with Tyra Banks, white features with dark skin. You ignorantly blame the magazine for this ‘racism’ when the actual reason is that our society (including black men) has deemed the white woman the prize. Then SI has to throw a couple of tokens in there ( this concerns you Roy) to silence up the crybabies. So when its all said and done, the magazine is simply another barometer of YOUR taste Roy. How does that taste?

  105. Tina says:

    I think that the Caucasion Sports Illustrated models have done more to look “Black” than Tyra or Beyonce has ever done to look like a White woman. Tyra and Beyonce wear hair weaves. Most models that are shown tan vigorously perhaps up to three to four shades darker than their God given complexion. They seek big lips with the use of collagen and mimic curves with the use of silicone. A lot wear hair weaves as well. In my opinion, there is just an ultimate woman period who is neither White nor Black but somewhere in between. And BOTH sides try to come in as close as they can to get that “look”! Black women simply lighten their hair since they are already “Black” with big lips and curvaceous in physique. White women tan, use collagen and silicone to get that “wild” “savage” look. This is because Whites are typically fairer in complexion and not very exotic in appearance. The hair needs minimum mainteance. However, everyone has the same image in mind. A brazen, sun-drenched beauty, with pouty lips ample assets, and contrasted hair that screams Goddess of the Shores. No race owns this look for it is truly a combo of many different ethinic combinations. White women are far from the natual bronzed goddess. Perhaps the furthest than any group in existence. White women do not typically have large lips. White women are not known around the world for their killer booty or stacked physique like Latinas and Africans are. Thus tanning,collagen, and silicone are exceptionally popular among this group in the effort to attain this “ideal” woman. Black women typically wear hair extensions. Beyonce simply and completely became the “ideal” woman by only wearing hair extensions. So many people just want to rip that out of her head because they have to do so much to get what she makes a mockery out of by simply sewing hair into her head! The ideal woman is every woman put together. Not surprisngly everyone is looking to get this “fantasy” look. The curly haired Black and the ghost faced White. Both parties are guilty of trying to meet somewhere right in between. Some come closer than others. Some Black women look simply ridiculous with certain hair colors. Some White women look like fools bright orange with fish lips and lop-sided implants. Oh, the humanity!

  106. Tina says:

    Don’t forget that White women being “the prize” has more to do with socio- economic motivations rather than the general concensus of what is thought to be beautiful. White women are socio-economically advantages to a Black man and even for a White man who wants to remain that way. This message board is about what is considered beautiful around the world, not who will cause you to go further in life due to daddy’s inheritance. You would not here of the exaltation of Brazilian bodies, Asian allure, and bootylicious Ebonies if White women were the features men were looking for. Quite typically the White girl is the prize, but for true desire the husband is usally screwing his Latina maid or surfing Asian porn which is extremely popular.

  107. Andrew says:

    Tina you make extremely valid points and your post(s) are the most informed I have read on this blog. I agree with you 100%. Thanks for posting a refreshing point of view.

  108. guerreirosinteque says:

    meu nome é Sínteque Mendes dos Santos.
    eu estava procurando algumas notícias sobre a cantora Beyonce e encontrei seu Blog.
    eu pulbliquei seu blog junto com as noticias.
    gostei muito da postagem.

    minha página é

    de boa

    deixe um comentário e divulgue minha página!!!

  109. Jumpmaster82 says:

    Serena is at her best in this photo,
    All woman !
    Not the sports figure, not the self promoting designer,
    Just a humble, beautiful woman.
    I like it!

  110. Qban_Cami says:

    This have been the longest 30 minutes of rubbish reading I have ever had. I personally am a huge fan of Beyoncè and just wanted to point out some things…
    The whole “she’s fake” issue is sooooo stupid and senseless. When did she ever stated that she was “naturally blonde” or that her hais was “naturally that straight”??? you haters are so stupid. I’m white and I straighten my hair because it is curly; and I have friends who are white and do stuff to make their hair curly. That is all valid. Those of you who are being so critical about Beyoncé, saying that she is fake because she is changing the way she naturally is, then go natural!! if you are female let the hair under your arms grow, that should be sooo natural, those of you girls whit little mustaches (..yes, you know you got’em) let them grow. …huh? yep, didn’t think so…

    people should be free to do whatever they want. And what if Beyoncé was spotted in an airport with her “real” hair? FUCK everyone, she can do whatever she wants. And if she ever hides herself when she is “going natural” I really don’t think is because she is ashamed of being black, if anything she must be hiding from the stupid cameras and avoiding al the gossip that goes around her and the rest of the famous people.
    I also think the whole “light skinned” issue doesn’t make much sense, both Beyoncé and Tyra are black and will be black no matter how “light skinned” they are, and that is fine! they should be proud.
    Also, if Beyoncé is finally picked put to be on the cover of the magazine don’t worry because if you haters don’t buy it loads of people will anyways. And yes, it is true that if the magazine has always put on the cover sport/model related girls it’s kind of weird to change that tradition, but CHANGE happens. Deal with it.
    OH!!! and finally, someone said that from now on Beyoncé’s career would go downhill…that is a lame omen. No artist (who is still alive) has reached a certaing point in their career and stayed there forever, and that is normal. The only artists who “stay” on the highest point of their careers for ever are those who have died while they were there. ..Think about it. even Michael JAckson, the BIGGEST, the GREATEST is now in a lower spot than before. So to the person who so confident stayed thatshe would start going downhill from now on: the future telling does not work for you. You didn’t say anything unknown.
    That’s all I had to say.
    My love to Beyoncé. You keep doing your thing and be proud of it.

    I wonder how we would all act if our lifes were that public…..think of all the mistakes and stupid things we do with our lifes, so many bad decissions…damn,we shoud respect those who decide to lay put their lifes in the public arena, and be happy that we UNLESS get to keep some things private.

  111. Qban_Cami says:

    PS: I am Cuban and my natural language is spanish so if I spelled something wrong I’m sorry. I still live in Cuba and I have never lived anywhere else so don’t think I’m someone with natural bad spelling…..
    the “natural” term kind of stayed on me didn’t it…lol.

  112. China says:

    Ok..personally i like Beyonce’..but thats beside the liking her or disliking her REALLY going to affect your life..i it going to stop you from getting up in the morning..doing what you have to do during the day and when you go to sleep at night?? NO..and if your answer was YES..(you have major issues).ANYWHOO..basically im trying to say that there are other topics in this world that need our attention..just let the woman live her life..just like you have the luxury to live yours without her critcizing your every move..iight im out..PEACE..

  113. Pete says:

    I think it might rain tonight. Oh well…..

  114. Chris Ginwright says:

    For all you white racist MFs, how can you not see the beauty in these women of color. Some of you can’t believe they but Beyonce on a cover, why? She packing too much ass for you quick shooters, or is a pointy pelvis more of your action. Do a history search black comes before you can even get white. Take a look at the boldness of the Godess Serena, you mad because she dominates the tennis courts and is sexy as hell. To the racist people of SI, mark this here blog, what you going to do when Barak wins and becomes president, is that going to truly make you feel inferior. Give these beautiful women work and stop hating if you dont bring it to the consumer someone else will. This aint Mississippi in the 60’s. Yall bout to have a black president. And to some of the ignorant comments on here, American Princess. Its stunning you attempted to post a blog with your no spelling ass. Get literate you dog. Its funny how you white women like so called American Princess, see a pretty black lady like my Wife, get the hate in your eyes and stare, so what she got a weave stop hating and love your ugly ass self.

    Feel free to hit me up slut.

  115. Great post, thank you!

  116. ok whut says:

    ok we got to make a race issue out of everything all himans get over it already im a bit o everthing white A.I. black shit i grew up on a farm with my family mixed i thought that people were like chiks or puppies or anything else i saw born we all came out different well you all are so scared of me and others like me youll lose your identity you think as black or white or asian or whatever haa you scared cause you dont know who you are its easy to unite over stupid little things like hate here you have a beutiful woman on that cover and you all want to fuss over race I have notice that since recent generations have bugun this modern quest for payback over irrealivent historic bull none of us have done anything invention exploration art and truth have rotted in our hands we have all gotten the short end of the stick in history at one point or another tell me does it feel good to argue and hold archaic things i for one will not bear my grandfathers wrongs nor rights as i want to run my own path my own life shes hot and not the first non model on the SIswimsuit cover however she is of ahercan decent thats why your fussing over it PS I am not her fan but shes still pretty

  117. the floacist says:

    How does “hispanic” look like? Hispanic is not a race, there are black hispanics, white hispanics, etc. Beyonce looks and is BLACK. There is no mistaking her for anything else. With blonde or brown hair, it doesn’t matter and is irrelevant,.

  118. Beyonce is still doing it big!!!!

  119. jokerlover says:

    cn u believe i think beyonce wil be just perfect shes hot with figure big boobs and ass perfect 4 d job and african-american lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  120. like this so muchhhhhhhh…..

  121. Chris G of Riverside says:

    Inauguration day, I told yall…………………………..what cha going to do when we got a black president…………………………..Go Michelle and Barak

  122. Noble says:

    Halo! The babes are here! This is my best site to visit. I make sure I am alone in case I get too hot. Post your favorite link here.

  123. Really memorable and unforgettable moments are captured in this blog.

  124. nombrilou says:

    I love Jessica White sexy outie bellybutton !!! 😛

  125. Chris Ginwright says:

    Qban_Cami, thanks for your input

    I love this blog, and I check it about 3 times a year when I google my name its reminded about my lovely ladies because this blog pops up……
    Anyone heard from beyonce lately of course, her career is soaring at the top right about now. RIP Michael we the Real People miss you. I just want to give it up to the women of color, And all who recognize there Goddess ship of planet Earth. Peace Ma Ma. You raise your children, you check your man, you hold your family down, and you go to work. Pat your weave girl…………..I don’t know what I would do without you. Peace to my Love Kanita Ginwright, its all about you baby who is now in the short crop. (Rhiana saw her and bit the style. lol.) But I appreciate you. Black women God Bless you………….and thank you for allowing me to share your space.

    SI don’t stop what you started, the calender is classy, and to the sista hip hop models demand more class on those covers, you will get the same responce. The difference is like a Rolls Royce to an raggedy 75 Cadillac coup on some burnt out daytons with lil ass tires………..Demand more respect for that infinate black beauty you posses. You are the most closes to the beginning of time to anything in existence.
    You know who it is

    Chris G of the Riv.

  126. jubakala says:

    Wow, Beyonce looks awesome and beautiful but I think she should still concentrate more on her music than posing on magazines.


    The Beyonce discography Guy

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