Super Triumph: Colts 29, Bears 17

Dungy trophyAP Photos

Sometimes, the less is said, the better. Congrats to Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning, the Colts, Lovie Smith, Brian Urlacher…All ya’ll represented.

Dungy Shoulders

My AOL Black Voices “Pass the Word” column on Dominic Rhodes, the shoulda-been MVP.

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14 thoughts on “Super Triumph: Colts 29, Bears 17

  1. chris leak's 4.5 forty hookslide says:

    Poignant? Roy, I think we are suppose to say that…

  2. seabelly says:

    BELLY BOWL! Peyton Belly MVP

  3. Juan says:

    Best game of the day was the FSU-Duke game. Not even the refs could save Duke at Cameron.

    Anyone else notice that they aren’t invincible at home anymore?

  4. arleen says:

    i thought the game went how most of us expected. the colts really dominated even though the score was close until late. i think 4-5 afc teams would have beaten chicago this year.

  5. arleen says:

    oh…and did you notice what dungy said after the game. he really played down the fact he and lovie are both black. rather he embraced the fact that they are both christian…very interesting.

  6. Randy says:

    thats all we need is another jealous , racist sports writer like you Roy.I am a huge Colt fan and a huge Dominick , and a huge fan of Joseph Addai,but if you want to be honest , it seems to me , had it not been for Manning throwing the passes the way he was in the New England game to get them in the filed goal ranges , ( especially the last minute drive ) they wouldn’t have even made it to the Super Bowl . why do you media people want to make such a big Damn deal about color anyway ?????? its ” JUST COLOR ” nothing else , everyone is the same other than that , we are all the same on the inside , God made us all the same “EXCEPT FOR COLOR ” COLOR COLOR COLOR ” THAT IS THE ” ONLY DIFFERENCE ” SO GET OVER IT !!!!!!!! YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT , SO WHAT IF TONY AND LOVEY IS A BLACK COACH , IT’S JUST COLOR , THATS ALL , THEY ARE NO BETTER , AND OTHER THAN THE COLOR , IT MAKES IT NO MORE SPECIAL . PERIOD !!!!!

  7. Juan says:

    Tony’s Oline and running game kicking snot out of Chicago front seven was Un-Christian like. As was the Colts dominating the clock. A little selfish, also not very Christian.

    God creating us all equal. That’s a line whose meaning I never understood. It’s supposed to mean something, but not sure it means anything. It’s an empty phrase , like “judicial activist.”

    Just examine the evolution of man and who thrives in what environments and climates. (see sunburn and pigmentation, etc. ). We are different.

    Trust me, with some folks, I’m not sure I want to be their equal. And probably the reverse is true as well.

  8. arleen says:

    rhodes did have a good game, as did addai. with all due respect to both of them peyton manning is the mvp of the colts team each and every time he plays for them.

  9. Ernie says:

    Lovie and Tony were real gentlemen during and after the superbowl game. Even though I was pulling for the Bears to win, I’m happy for the Colts. Tony did so much for Tampa Bay and was fired a short time before the superbowl and some new coach from San Francisco 49’s received the pay-off for all of Tony’s work. Ernie

  10. Juan says:

    Coach was not from Niners. It was Gruden from OAK. I don’t know…. Dungy went 9-7 in his last year at Tampa, and he had some ballers on those squads (Nickerson, Brooks, Kelly, Barber, Lynch, Sapp, Ahanotu).

    Gruden went 12-4 in that SB year. Dungy had some talented teams in their prime. Gruden got the same team, minus Warrick Dunn, all a year older. He also had some guys that were getting long in the tooth and had little depth on the post SB years. Not fair to say that Dungy gets ALL the credit for the TB SB run.

  11. Miles says:

    Congrats to T. Dungy, D. Rhodes, and the rest of the colts. I do take exception to the notion that LSU’s 2004 national championship was shared with USC. The BCS was fine until they didn’t make it. They tried to usurp the crown.

  12. As an Australia-based Bears fan, I found your blog on google and read a few of your other Bears posts.
    I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  13. As a far-away (Europe) Bears fan, I am always looking for new sites with Chicago information.

  14. I can tell that this is not the first time at all that you mention this topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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