Coach K’s Krash


Dookies have got to be trippin’ over their run of bad luck. Let’s not even pause at the drama wrought by the lacrosse team’s partying ways. But now the vaunted Blue Devils basketball team, a bastion of excellence and elitism, is getting kicked around like the class geek.

Duke was pasted on Wednesday night but their arch-arch-arch rival/neighbors North Carolina in their own gym where the Cameron crazies are not used to being the harassees. But that’s what happened last night when, following their 79-73 win, a couple of the victories ‘Heels walked near the dazed and down student section and get them a little bit of their own party.

Now the Crazies are just nuts. The loss gave Duke its first three-game skid in more than a decade. Last week, they were stunned by ACC also-ran Florida State, which had lost 15 straght games in Cameron.

Duke is now 18-6 overall and should still qualify for the NCAAs, but at 5-5 in the ACC,  well, it’s payback time for a team used to bullying its way through the league. ACC foes are licking their fingers at the chance to give Duke a taste of what it’s been dishing for decades under Coach Mike Krzyzewski. And the BDevils will just have the endure it.

This is Coach K’s worst team in what seems like nets replaced he peach basket. It’s also one of his youngest, which gives the Crazies – and alums, the Old Crazies – hope that they won’t have to endure this misery for long.


5 thoughts on “Coach K’s Krash

  1. wyclefdoug says:

    I think part of the problem is the fact that the players that are supposed to be good on that team, really aren’t all that good.

  2. Juan says:

    That is true. They got a kid from SoCal named Taylor King that plateaued to all my folks in the know as a frosh/soph. Now he’s a marginal talent. But he’s got a scholly there.

    Should they make the tourney? Who have they knocked off? They’ve got beaten at home and by ranked teams consistently this year including my fav hoops team not named CAL, the Marquette Golden Eagles.

  3. extrapolater says:

    In a way, I feel bad for enjoying this, but the look on those ordinarily smug little bastards’ faces fills me with glee.

  4. extrapolater says:

    I’m trying to decide if it’s more fun for Duke to miss the tourney, or for them to get in with a low seed and get beat by some team from the MVC or CAA.

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