ESPN Punts Michael Irvin

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Word tonight that Michael Irvin, the recently elected NFL Hall of Famer, is unemployed. He is no longer employed by ESPN. No reason was given by ESPN spokesman. But it was stressed that Irvin did not violate any morals clause.

Yeah, his abuse of the language was often like fingernails on a blackboard. Still his loss is unfortunate. If nothing else, he brought some sartorial flava to the broadcasts.


23 thoughts on “ESPN Punts Michael Irvin

  1. My Uncle Nate has that same jacket, and two others just like it. I was always conflicted about Irvin. I tend to flinch when Irvin mangled the English language, but he often spoke the real truth about sports, where the sportcasters tend to be more idealistic. But he’ll show up somewhere.

  2. Juan says:

    I was OK with Irvin. Like Lawrence, sometimes I had to turn him off, other times I had to turn him up. I don’t know if he spoke the real truth, but he was entertaining when he was not being loud at times when he did not need to scream ala Stephen A.

    His hyping of the “U” (stupid moniker) was lame and got old. I understand pride about the school (well actually I only kind of get it), but cmon.

    And the big knot on the necktie with the almost no-collar shirt…. not a look I dug.

    I liked these things about him:

    1) Wore #47 in college as a WR- nice.
    2) Came from a family of 17 and humble beginnings… I recall reading an article about him eating cornflakes with water as a kid and having to hide food from his brothers, otherwise they’d leave him hungry.. . Damn. I tried it once…that did not taste great.

  3. SJH says:

    Are we to believe them that he didn’t violate any clause? Because I could understand – Super Bowl week in Miami and all. But if he was fired just because of his on-air performance, then why does Mike Ditka still work there? I’ll challenge anyone to a back alley donnybrook who argues that Ditka adds anything to ESPN. Not analysis, not entertainment, and certainly not charisma.

    I know a lot of people found him obnoxious, but I liked Irvin on “Sunday Countdown.” He brought some insight, decent analysis and a little bit of humor. I think that’s important on a panel that can sometimes get too cornstarched and serious. His yelling, giggling and hand grabbing livened it up. Plus I think the players felt most comfortable talking to him. He’d get a lot of exclusives.

    I hope they’re not replacing him with one of them ex-coaches. I didn’t like Dennis Green on “Monday Quarterback” and I don’t want to see Parcells. Granted, I think they’ve got enough people on the panel (they had enough difficulty getting everyone adequate talk time) without Irvin, but if he’s to be replaced, I’d root for Merril Hoge. I like what he and Jaworski do on “NFL Matchup,” breaking down film and getting into X’s & O’s. Anybody (Joe FootballFan) can tell you, “They didn’t win because they couldn’t stop the run and the quarterback turned it over three times.” There isn’t enough in-depth analysis on TV. ESPN’s pre-game has the jokes and semi-interesting features, but they don’t have that.

  4. Juan says:

    Oh no. Please no Merrill Hoge. Dude really has it out for Vince Young for whatever reason. I’m not sure there’s a black player he has ever liked.

  5. DWW says:

    C’mon guys. You guys forget that Tiki Barber just retired.
    He was talking about going into the booth before he retired. His use of the English language is perfect. He looks great in a suit, and he’ll probably be able to get those exclusives that Irvin used to get because he’s respected by the players.

  6. Eddie says:

    I like Michael Irvin as a former Cowboy player, but not at as an ESPN analyst. His peers did not respect him at all. I even heard some members of the media refer to him as an idiot or moron. Sometimes he acted like one. Even Tom Jackson who worked with him at ESPN didn’t seem to like him. No one ever took him serious. Sometimes he rambled on not making any sense at all. How about that time they found that drug paraphernalia in his car and he said it was a friends, come on, he must think everyone is stupid. He had his chance but never took advantage of it. The only thing I can say is he is lucky ESPN didn’t fire him a long time ago. I nonetheless wish him well in his future.

  7. Juan says:

    I don’t think anyone forgot Tiki retired. How could you?!? It was only mentioned EVERY TIME he touched the rock. And he made himself quite available to tell his tale, how he’s not like the other cats becaue he (1) likes to read, (2) listen to things other than Rick Ross, etc.

    Hell, the New Yorker wrote an article about it, ensuring Grandmother in Miami and nerd professors knew about it, not just the casual fan.

    Besides, Tiki signed with NBC.

    I don’t think Tiki is respected by other players the way you might think. He balled hard the last few years of his career, but he did some pretty whack stuff like spoke out on Strahan’s contract situation a few years back…. kind of a punkish/pro-management move.

    He was and is going to be one of the more underrated players of our generation. Pretty difficult thing for a guy to be playing in NYC to do.

  8. gzino says:

    As a Bills fan, I’ve never liked Irvin (btw Reed should be in the Hall not Irvin, and my Skins friends will make the Monk argument too), so I was biased to begin with, but am glad to see him go, assuming ESPN doesn’t act like an NFL GM and replace him with a retread. Yeah he’d entertain every now and then, provide decent analysis at times, but he wasn’t consistently bringing enough to the table, and that’s why he’s gone. SJH – though I like your point on Miami Superbowl, don’t think there were violations involved – ESPN is very quick to point it out when there are violations involved (not to mention phantom violations, ala Harold Reynolds).

  9. wyclefdoug says:

    I vote for Hoge. Aside from the Vince Young thing, he’s about as money as it gets when it comes to analysis. If you listen to him, you’ll make a lot of money if you’re a gambler.

  10. Juan says:

    As a Bills fan, you should not like Irvin. He whupped that ass. 6 for 114 and 2 TDs in the 1st Super Bowl and 5 for 66 in the 2nd and much closer game.

    Also, his postseason performance in the 1994 playoffs versus the Niners on the road was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    How is he not a HOFer again?

    Irvin, Monk and Reed should all be in there. Irvin should not and thankfully was not excluded from the Hall. They guy was a dominant player on those great Cowboys teams.

    Replace him with a retread? Like a former player? Is Steve Tasker cool with you? He’s a retread and he gets work.

    Who do you think does studio or play-by-play work if not retreads from the League?

  11. gzino says:

    Juan – Irvin deserves to go but not before Reed and Monk – check the numbers and consider Irvin had the best QB, OL, and surrounding cast. Re: retreads…we’re saying same thing…I’m hoping ESPN does NOT go the retread route…

  12. Mario Longoria says:

    From reading the above commentary, it seems everyone is or wants to apologize for Irwin. I hope not.
    It was only a matter of time before ESPN would release Irwin and not specify the reason(s). I personally did not like Irwin, believed he lacked character, respect for other people, and was an embarrassment each time he spoke on national television. Although, he was a gifted football player, it was unfortunate this was the only dimension he possessed that had any redeeming value. Otherwise he was an admitted/convicted drug user, pusher,and gambler with an attitude unbecoming a professional. I actually feel sorry for him for not using his god-given talents in a more positive manner. If so, his induction status to the pro football HOF would be meaningful.

  13. Juan says:

    Irvin- He was a drug pusher? Do the feds know about this? What is Mario trying to make sure that Mike catches a case? Does he know something the rest of us don’t? (Please note the sarcasm.. I don’t think Mike was busted of running keys of pot, although his teammate Nate Newton was… twice… in about 15 days)

    Irvin was a gambler? Who cares? Gambling makes you a bad person? Was he Pete Rose and gambled on his own sport? No.

    God-given talents? Maybe…but I ‘d like to think Mike gets credit for hustling his way into a college scholly and a starting position at U of Miami and into the NFL.

    Well, Irvin is in 1st before the other fellas. Nothing can be done about that, but I think it’s sad that Monk ain’t in. Reed, also, but something always attracted me to Monk.

    Monk -I wonder how much his last 4 years are tainted by being a shell of what he used to be. He looked terrible as a Jet.

    I am looking at the stats… Irvin played some big games. Almost an extra year added to his career with all those playoff games.

    It’s not like Reed and Monk had scrubs on those teams..those were some SB teams (well, at least SB participation for the Bills). Those WSH and BUF teams didn’t have HOFers or stars? (BUF-Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Kent Hull) (WSH- Thiesmann, best OL in the game at the time, great defense, Charles Mann, etc.)

  14. Daryl says:

    I enjoyed Michael Irving. His voice was unique, and he was bold in his semi-unpolished honesty. I predict that Michael Irving will return with a whole new wardrobe “Vines” as we use to call clothes back in the day. I do hope that he gets a makeover during his time away from the lights, cameras, and action…Smile I enjoyed Michael Irving because he was truly Michael Irving.

  15. Juan says:

    Michael Irvin (no g) did play in Irving,TX. They’ll be there for a little whil… apparently they are getting a new stadium.

  16. Zach says:

    Okay everybody, ONE last TIME for the Idiot’s. . . The name Irvin, there are five letter’s in it, not six.

    The idiot always adds a sixth letter, and that would be a “G,” but the NON-idiot’s realize there is NO “G” at the end of Michael Irvin’s name.

    ONE more time. . . I R V I N

    Got it?

  17. Zach says:

    I’m a Michael Irvin fan he’s an honest guy and has admitted to and owned up to the err of his way’s. I think people who dislike Michael Irvin have never given the guy a chance, these are also the same people that call themselves Christian’s who believe forgiveness is not for other people, but just for them.

    Just listen to Michael Irvin’s Hall of Fame Induction word’s if you want to know who the man is.

  18. dave says:

    i personally like Michael a lot… He was far better than that sorry a… Keyshaun Johnson that replaced him. That guy looks like he sits at home all week thinking of one joke and praying that one person on that weak panel will actually laugh at him. It’s a bummer that Boomer and Jackson are now surrounded by fake personality and well, Emmitt Smith…

  19. Woody says:

    I already miss Michael Irvin. He is not a polished sports annoucer…he is a x-football player that gave us his opinion. I can get all the other “chat” 7 days a week on a variety of channels…

  20. Mike says:

    ESPN needs Mike Irv back. Watching Sunday countdown just isn’t the same.

  21. Sassybutclassy says:

    ESPN, need Micheal Irvin next season….PLEASE!

  22. Dave says:

    Thank God that person is Off ESPN!

  23. thetruth says:

    Mike’s made quite a few mistakes in his career…sure he has his weaknesses just as we all do in different forms or to different degrees (yes, including the other men who sit on the ESPN panels)- but at the end of the day you have to respect that he is true to who he is, he acknowledges his errors and continues to be comfortable in his own skin. He worked hard to create the “PLAYMAKER” legacy. He knows how to make jokes, take criticism, and laugh at himself and keep it moving. ESPN needed the diversity and variety of personality that Mike brought to the table.

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