Tim Hardaway: What Now?

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Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, Isaiah Washington and now Tim Hardaway. It’s shame, but if you believe there’s a blessing in every storm, then the discussion now should not be Why but What Next?

Who knows what provoked Tim Hardaway’s “hate” tirade last week. It was a shame, though it may have also been a necessary part of our journey. And maybe for Tim’s journey, as well.

Face it: He spoke for an element of people -inside NBA locker rooms and beyond. How big an element? Who knows. But soon, perhaps some current NBA star will step up and offer a “counter” to Tim’s ugly “point.”

I’d like to share one email I received from a friend that sheds some light onto just how and why people often arrive at places that defy explanation:

Like race, the notion of ones sexual orientation is a dynamic issue. My brother was sexually accosted by someone in our neighborhood when he was seven years old. It really messed him up mentally, the nature of the abuse withstanding. Still, who is to say but for that event, and the subsequent abuse that secretly followed, he would have turned out differently. Perhaps I’m not best qualified to offer an objective opinion, however I will say that I am in 100 percent agreement with Coretta Scott-Kings perspective.

I am also of the belief that his circumstances had a profound impact on who he ultimately became.

He died of AIDS related lymphoma in “92”.

I do know this much, Jesus would love him no less and, that goes double for me or anyone else who either chooses the lifestyle willingly or as a result of influences beyond their control.

I’m not sure what happens to Tim Hardaway now. How about exchanging notes with the bigoted Grey’s Anatomy” star? The mayor of North Miami, who’s gay, has invited Hardaway to spend a day with him. Hardaway should take him up on it, And like Richard and Gibson, he should seek to discover the cause – the source – of his hatred. Those moves would be a good start.\

RSJ Update: Tim Hardaway’s Car Wash has changed its name. Check out this local story.


5 thoughts on “Tim Hardaway: What Now?

  1. Juan says:

    I’m really disappointed in Timmy. Not sure what spending the day with the mayor is going to do for him, but he definitley needs some help or something.

    They don’t belong in this world, Timmy? Wow. Harsh to say the least.

    He had so many fans in the Bay Area, a good number of them gay that supported his Warriors teams. Probably same thing goes for his stint with the Heat.

    Also, a slap in the face to his head coach Don Haskins at UTEP who managed to go against the grain and put an all black starting 5 on the floor at Texas Western. You would think he would have learned something of tolerance and being the better man in college?

    What is going to be interesting is to see the impact that this will have on his business ventures.

    What if the source of his hate is religious verse? (No clue what Timmy believes or what he believes in, or even if he does.. )

    Is it possible to shake someone who relies on religious doctrine to build the case against gays of the hatred for them? Can you get someone like that re-wired? I’m just speculating as to the source.

  2. SJH says:

    I don’t think there’s help for stuff like that. And any offering of such would be a waste of time and effort. Hardaway has got to be pushing 40 by now. He’s not some 8-year-old who’s got it in his head that anybody different from him has kooties. He knows that gays are human beings and a person’s sexual preference has no bearing on him. But he loathes them anyway because he detests that lifestyle and vehemently disapproves of it. That’s not going to change. He can meet with the mayor and bullshit his way through apologies and release statements about how he’s been enlightened, reached an understanding and changed his outlook, but he’ll still harbor those feelings.

    In the words of Jay-Z: “…you are what you are, player/ You can try to change, but that’s just the top layer”

    I say that as long as he’s not out attacking homosexuals or making more offensive comments, it doesn’t matter what’s going on in Tim Hardaway’s mind. He can hate all he wants and seethe about the existence of gays in his world. If he keeps it to himself, I couldn’t care less. Until this stuff came up, I’d forgotten about him. After he retired and made a fool of himself nightly on ESPN (dude sounded so dumb, it was funny seeing him juxtaposed to Greg Anthony) then unretired and then retired for good, I stopped caring. Honestly, I don’t think his name had even crossed my mind in 3 years.

  3. Mike says:

    If Hardaway is the least bit intelligent, I think his views on gays will change once he begins to encounter more and more gay people – and undoubtedly he will encounter more as this thing progresses. Just to agree to spend the day with the mayor is a step in the right direction. Btw, I think that Hardaway making those comments was one of the best things to come out in the press right now. Before, many people sympathized with gays over AIDS and hate crimes – but they never were challenged to face their predjudices about everyday things like encountering gays in the lockeroom, on the court, in the office etc. People are slowly beginning to see that gays exist everywhere and every level.

    On Amaeche’s coming out –

    Someone I spoke to about Amaeche’s coming out of the closet had a commonly heard conservative response. He said that Amaeche only announced his sexual preference as a way of making money and selling his book. While part of this may be true (he wrote a book and wanted it distributed, and no doubt wanted to reap the benefits of his own biography), I don’t think his intentions were to claim the money and run. Obviously there is a big personal risk for him. He has already said he’s gotten death threats in the mail and he may have risked friendships he’s made along the way. I just don’t see his experience as a ‘walk in the park.’

  4. Daryl says:

    Tim Hardaway is not a preacher, therefore he is not looking for an offerring. And he is not a politician, so, he is not looking for our votes. Tim Hardaway merely voiced a sentiment that the majority of people talk about behind closed doors. It’s simply not politically correct to say such a thing openly in today’s society. Because Tim hardaway does not like or agree with the homosexual lifestyle, he should not be viewed as un intelligent. For many, it’s intelligent. The twain shall not meet. However, we should respect his rights and his freedom of speech.

  5. Juan says:

    Actually, it’s a rather unintelligent statement in many different respects.

    In no way do people of reason or consequence share or applaud #10’s opinion. Hate is the opposite of intelligent.

    He’s prejudging people without ever meeting them.

    Generally, this is an approach that is harmful for everyone.

    I’m guessing old #10 thinks it was a pretty stupid idea now to voice that opinion because he’s been blackballed from the league.

    In addition, from a purely selfish and practical standpoint, it’s a horrible idea to not only state that, but to have that opinion.

    Hardaway is a businessman, as he owns a few small businesses in South Florida. I’m thinkng he’s definitley going to lose business as a result. The decision to lose that business is definitley his.

    Also, the decision to speak out against homosexuals is his choice, and he has every right to do so. (I know Florida is still the South, and different rules apply down there, but no one is going to throw him in jail over these comments, so I’m not sure how stating we should respect his rights/freedom of speech is even a question or needs to be commented on…)

    That being said, I and others have the right to challenge Timmy Hardaway’s sophomoric assumptions about homosexuals.

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