A Very Few Words for Chief Illiniwek


Good Riddance.

Two more things:

One) Will U of I please require every student who protested the elimination of this insulting “mascot” to take two classes: one on Native American, the other on the history of racial intolerance and stereotypes in this nation. I would really hate for them to be sent out into the world with the sort of ignorance they put on display last night.
Two) Will someone please call the NFL’s Washington franchise and let them know just how stupid and racist their nickname is?


10 thoughts on “A Very Few Words for Chief Illiniwek

  1. Juan says:

    No doubt Roy.

    That is ridiculous that this naming mascots after races of people has been allowed to go on for this long.

  2. wyclefdoug says:

    As someone who is part Native American, I would like to inform the planet that we don’t give a damn about a mascot name.

    Who’s going to start the nation crying about the Fightin Irish? Afterall, the Irish (which I also am) were treated like crap when they basically built this country. Also, isn’t “fighting irish” kind of in an insult – making fun of their tendency to get in fights, i.e. a sterotype?

    If there’s one thing I can’t stand about America, it’s our god damn hypersensitivity and political correctness. Everyone needs to get over themselves and stop taking the littlest things so god damn seriously.

  3. Juan says:

    I’m glad you can speak for the entire NA population.

    Huge difference between Illinois, a state actor and ND, a private institution.

    Also, before you opine on the origin of the ND name, you should read up on the apparent sources of how they got the name.


    Pretty honorable. Lot more honorable that some whtie kid from Central Ill. donning face paint in some mock dance.

  4. ollie says:

    Here is my beef: the backers of Illiniwek claim that this “mascot” or whatever it is supposed to be “remembers and honors” some culture.

    Nonsense. One goes to a game to cheer for a team. If one wants to “honor culture”, one can go to a museum.

    BTW, to see how dignified the Chief’s dances were, check out more photos; you’ll find him jumping up and touching his toes. Real Native American Chiefs did that??? 😉

  5. rmckillen says:

    I see both sides of the issue, but tend to agree with wyclefdoug that we’ve got a problem with “hypersensitivity and political correctness” in America.

  6. wyclefdoug says:

    re:”I’m glad you can speak for the entire NA population.”

    At least I actually am Native American and speaking up on the issue. Unless you have channels that I don’t get, I’ve never once heard another NA speak on the topic. It’s always the corny white sports columunist looking to be the progressive politically correct hero.

    re: “Nonsense. One goes to a game to cheer for a team. If one wants to “honor culture”, one can go to a museum.”

    First off, that’s overkill concerning use of the word “one”. Second, people go to games to have fun as well as cheer. People should be glad they choose to “honor” NA’s this way. If it weren’t for sports nicknames, nobody would think about them for a second.

  7. Juan says:

    Not a lot of Native leaders out there. Don’t exactly have the political power. Maybe if we had not killed them, they’d have numbers and could elect one of their own who would make this issue. But that is wholly speculative.

    I would think they were trying to honor Native Americans, but the hot dog at the games is called the Chief Dog. Real freaking honorable.

    Lots of people think about Native Americans. Am. Indian College Fund, etc. Not maybe the way we should.

  8. SJH says:

    Personally, I kind of think of the way Wyclef does. I’ve never seen it as a big deal and I don’t really care. But I can also understand why it would upset someone.

    And when you think about it: How long would a team called say, “The Mississippi Negroes,” be allowed to use that name? I wouldn’t be up in arms about it – because I’m like that – but I’d completely understand the hell that would be raise about it.

    So for me to say that I don’t care about the Redskins, Seminoles, Braves, Chiefs, etc. would be hypocritical. But knowing that, in all honesty, I still really don’t care.

  9. Gloria says:

    I really don’t see the big deal. I’m from the ATL and as ac child the Braves Chief Nacohma come out and dance at each home run. I along with many others have fun memories of these times. It’s not a insult to any race.

  10. Hose A says:

    Juan Your An IDIOT!

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