Man Kills Dog???

Pit B

Some things you just cannot allow to pass without comment: Early Monday morning,  Atlanta Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux was arrested at his home and later charge with animal cruelty following the death of his pit bull. According to reports, the dog died Sunday and a necropsy completed Tuesday determined it died of blunt force injuries to the head.

On report says Babineaux claims the dog ran into a wall after he spun it around in an effort to make it more tame, as per instructions from a trainer.

Make it more tame? It’s a pit bull!

You want take, get a lab, a collie or a poodle.

Babineaux is free on $2,300 bail.


9 thoughts on “Man Kills Dog???

  1. blueollie says:

    Spinning around and running into a wall? That sounds like my college students. 🙂

  2. Juan says:

    Remember when SI had the pit bull on the cover back in 1987 or so?

    Every dude in the hood seems to have one of these now just like every female has a smallish dog. (and it’s annoying when they bring the smallish dog into the Barnes and Noble, etc.)

    My fav line from these folks is : my dog isn’t going to bite you.

    Really, how am I supposed to know that, when your dog is sniffing my junk right after it smelled my kneecaps?

  3. wyclefdoug says:

    Someone should take his head and smash it against a wall.

  4. LAWRENCE says:

    Personally I think the hipe is just a reminder of how far behind you black folks still are. I can’t beleive the hipe.It might be because your so quick to judge you own. So harsh.I can’t beleive God said to do that.It is probably your white friends see you in pacman’s mirror. You obviously don’t know what it is about anymore than pacman. After all you “really don’t care” Mr.Johnson. Said it yourself.

  5. Juan says:

    I’m not sure I understood any of that previous comment.

    Hipe? hype? Hippie? HIV? Dude, what are you trying to say?

    God said to do what? Huh?

    Is anyone else confused?

    Seriously Lawrence.. one more try, but this time in english.

  6. SJH says:

    You ain’t alone, Juan. I don’t know what the hell he’s talking about, either. And I know Pacman’s the scourge of the earth, but I don’t think he had anything to do with Babineaux’s dog.

    …Although you can’t put it past him.

  7. LAWRENCE says:

    You ain’t! You have some pretty good english yourself there fella. I didn’t know we were suppose to be talking about the dog. I just don’t see the life of a dog having that much meaning. Unless it is use to find fault in another black man. Hell’ if I had it my way, black man wouldn’t have been my first choice neither. As for the dog, let dead bury the dead. the black man is still living.

  8. Juan says:

    How did you not know we were talking about the dog?

    Did you not click on the icon to make a comment? Do you make it habit to opine on things which you know nothing about?

    Or do you just not pay attention to detail?

    I don’t comprehend the rest of the commentary. It’s beneath my comprehension.

  9. Louisa says:

    Some people fail to realize it is NOT OKAY to abuse or mistreat animals. Someone who abuses animals is practicing and when they get the opportunity they will abuse humans. Thank goodness there is someform punishment for this inhumane deed, albeit a small fine. I think jail time would be appropriate, or better yet make the offender do community service at an animal shelter or hospital and, based on income, a commensurate fine. Have this fine go to shelters for homeless/abandoned animals and abused and battered women.Ever seen a Pit Bull puppy whose ears have been trimmed with kitchen scissors? I saw one come into a shelter that was done this way – horrible.It is not the dog that is bad, but the human that made him that way.

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