Prediction: My Final Four*

My Final Four – Georgetown, Oregon (though I REALLY like Florida), UCLA and Texas A & M – is still alive

Sweet Sixtreen Upset Alerts:

Tennessee over Ohio State (Buckeyes won’t survive this near-death experience)

UNLV over Oregon (This would bust my Final Four bracket, but, as Greg Anthony told me, the Rebels matchup well against the Ducks, who are in uncharted waters)

First-round upset alerts: ODU over Butler, Winthrop over Notre Dame, Holy Cross over S. Illinois and Oral Roberts over Washington State.

SUNDAY (3/18) UPDATE: Only one of my upset alters came through, but my FFour is still alive!

* reserving the right to change my mind!


3 thoughts on “Prediction: My Final Four*

  1. gzino says:

    Love the Holy Cross call and think Albany has a shot today too.

  2. w says:

    why all the love for gtown?

  3. Next time RSJ you are going to have to post your bracket along with updates.

    My bracket was interrupted when OSU def. Xavier. 😮

    However I have properly predicted the other three Final Four participants. 😉

    Now if Florida and Georgetown advance to the finals I’m going to look real genius like.

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