Grant Hill & Tamia Are Expecting


Congratulations to Grant Hill and his wife, the songstress Tamia, who announced over the weekend that they’re expecting their second child.

Utilizing her MySpace page, Tamia wrote: “I’m happy that the secret is out because it was getting very difficult to hide it. I performed yesterday and I caught a glimpse of myself in a reflection and I thought, `Oh no, I’m going to have to talk about this.'”
“This,” meaning her expanding tummy.

Tamia was diagnosed with multiple multiple sclerosis in 2003. She said, “The baby is healthy, everything is great.”

The couple, who were wed in 1999, already have a five-year-old daughter, Myla.



16 thoughts on “Grant Hill & Tamia Are Expecting

  1. SJH says:

    Them babies are gonna grow into attractive people. Not to sound like a pervert (I’d call myself an advance scout), but in 12 years, Myla’s gonna be hot.

  2. Uh, I think I’ll stick with Tamia right now. LOL

  3. CajoleJuice says:

    12 years?? Where’s Chris Hansen when you need him?

  4. Juan says:

    Some might say he’s an “advance scout”, some might just say “sketchy.”

  5. Spicy Salsa says:

    Congrats! They are a lovely couple.

  6. SJH says:

    Ya’ll trying to dry snitch on me. I’m not a pedophile. I’m just an honest man. You can climb on your soapboxes and wave the index finger at me, but I know when a hot 17-year-old walks by, you look. It’s not a crime unless you do something. And I was just projecting. Scouts are scoping middle schoolers and projecting them to the pros these days. I do the same thing – just with hotness. Salsa, is that so wrong?

    Besides, I’m not that old. It’s been less than 4 years since I finished high school. You’ve got at least till 25 before it starts becoming creepy.

  7. Juan says:

    Dude, you’re digging yourself deeper. Cracking me up in the process, but still digging in.

    She’s six!! Six! Not seventeen!

    Nice try though. You came strong, short, but strong.

  8. Chris says:

    Congrats to Grant & Tamia. Question though, is there a such thing as “multiple multiple sclerosis?”

  9. Aniko Augustus says:

    Hi Tamia, I’m a 28yr old woman who was infromed that I had M.S. in Oct 2005. I’m on my 2nd child and doing fine now that i’m pregnant. Before that it was scary and painful. I wish I could have baby all tha time. I was in Shreveport when I found out because I was a victim of the hurricanes. The stress from that proably was what sparked up the attacks. I have been unable to find help with getting medicine to help treat my M.S. or should I say doctors to help. i’ve tried the ppa that Mr. Montell supports’ but still no luck. If there is any way that you can help me find a way to get medicine it would be greatly appeciated. I just need numbers or doctor that can help. Yahweh bless you and your family. I look at it as a test of your faith to see if you will love him or just give up on him. Thoughts to think about. Much love Aniko

  10. marsha says:


    try department of education Vocational Rehabilitation…they payed for my meds for years, in blue pages of phone book…

    God bless


  11. angel says:

    wow! am so happy for you guys.. wat asecond blessing from God!its something you should thank God for….
    one thing you should know am so much fond of you. your music inspires me alot…. you have being my role model ever since…. i admire you!!!!!!!!!
    much love angel

  12. rick says:

    Hi Tamia. just to let you no that my girlfriend is bloody crazy over ur songs and she even called her baby, who is now nearly 3-Tamia.. she is so touched by ur songs she now has myself listening to are a brilliant singer and hope you will keep ur lovin songs goin for many more years….love from Rick. surrey, ENGLAND.. XXXX

  13. tumi says:

    wow, ur so sexy

  14. tumi says:

    wow, ur so sexy.i always listen to ur songs and my 1st song is smile. i even made my mom 2 start loving ur songs. im crazy about u en i will always love u. south afica^^^^

  15. DarkKnight says:

    Good Luck and God Bless ! Ur songs are played in my Ferrari “on blast” ! I’m into u too “

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