Kobe: Take That, Stu!


Thank you, Stu Jackson, for giving some juice to these last weeks of the terminal regular season. Rather than being on Bottom-Feeder Watch (waiting to see which mediocre teams qualify for the No. 8 seeds), we got history.

Kobe Bryant placed himself in rare Air Friday night by becoming only the second NBA player to scorer at least 50 points in four straight games. The only other player to do it was Wilt Chamberlain, who scored fiddy, well, almost every night. But four straight games? Michael Jordan never did it. Larry Bird never did it. Jerry West never did it. Nobody ‘cept Wilt and Kobe.

After Bryant dropped 50 on the double-teaming Hornets on Friday, Laker coach Phil Jackson confirmed my thinking, saying Bryant has been motivated, at least in part, by Jackson, the league’s Chief Spanker. Bryant received two one-game suspensions for flinging “unnatural” elbows while shooting, and was later issued a post-game flagrant foul for another play.

Jackson said the actions amounted to a “witch hunt” by the league and was expectedly fined.

Now, Kobe is taking it out on opponents.

And you gotta love it.

The most amazing stats during the streak aren’t Kobe’s scoring totals. Check this out. In the four games, he’s shooting .543 from the field; .545 from three-point range; and .934 from the free-throw line. Critics who say Bryant is just gunning, chew on those numbers.

Bryant will probably finish third in the MVP balloting this season, behind Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash. And that’s the right order.

But know this: Kobe Bryant is the NBA’s BAP – Best All-Around Player. And with three championships on his CV (a fact almost never mentioned any more in Kobe debates), he deserves to be considered among the pantheon of Greatest Players Ever. No more debate.
Thanks, Stu, for clearing that up.


7 thoughts on “Kobe: Take That, Stu!

  1. Lawrence says:

    I was switching back and forth between the Lakers and the NCAA tourney. Kobe was dropping BOMBS on the Hornets. And with the upcoming sched, don’t be surprised if he goes for double nickel in each of the next two games. Kobe’s the truth and all of the haters are missing out.

  2. Eddie says:

    Kobe is a special player. This kind of player you see once in a generation. I mean 225 points in 4 games for a 57.5 average. That is unreal. All he needs is another great player on the team and the Lakers will be an elite team again. Once that Bynum kid matures they add a good point guard watch out. I can see Chauncy Billups playing with the Lakers next year. That would be something. Enjoy this while you can. Go Kobe!

  3. Daryl says:

    What else can be said, Kobe can just flat out play!

  4. gzino says:

    Wilt is one thing but for a guard to put up numbers like that is just sick.

  5. What Kobe can do is flat out sick. If you think he looks quick on TV or in the stands, upgrade your tickets to sit down on the floor. I have photographed Kobe a few times and the one thing that’s constant is his ability to one up the defender. Some Kobe bashers ink him as selfish or similar ilk but what’s selfish about a teammate that works on his game in the off-season, studies his opponents like a ninja assassin, and brings it all in his lunchbox every night?

    What I hear most is Kobe’s a punk. Why? Yeah he’s taken some cheap shots at his teammates *Shaq*. Um what about MJ’s comments about Kwame Brown? So beneath the “G.O.A.T”. MJ has always had good PR, which is something Kobe lacked. There are many who will say off the court and away from the cameras MJ was a real S.O.B. And whether its true or not, it has nothing to do with what His Airness was able to do on the court. Likewise, Kobe’legacy should be judged on his basketball talent not press conference fodder.

    Big ups Roy.

  6. Drew Shacker says:

    Just read your NHL rant. If that isn’t the most misguided RACIST load of bunk I have ever heard. To compare a fight in a hockey game and a man in a strip bar makin it rain, causing a brawl and getting three people shot is perhaps the most unintelligent and misleading arguement I have ever heard.
    If you truly want to enlighten people, enlighten yourself first. This is not a black and white issue. More than a few of the ‘goons’ in hockey are black but when they fight we don’t call for their heads. You insult the intelligence of all that read you. If you want to be part of the solution STOP CREATING THE PROBLEM!

  7. Drew Shacker says:

    no wonder Roy didn’t put a place to comment on his AOL article. He’s get tired of being called an idiot.
    He got one thing right though. If Carmello wants to fight he did pick the wrong sport. In hockey fighting is allowed in basketball it is not. If Carmello wanted to fight he shoulda played hockey. Although I guess according to misguided Roy if a hockey player was questioned 10 times by police and caused a brawl resulting in multiple shots thats okay because fighting is allowed in hockey…as long he’s white right Roy?!?!? Never have i read such a irresponsible article.

    I feel sorry for you Roy I really do. If thats really what you believe that race is the core of this arguement you must lead a bitter and sad existence.

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