Texans Crash Carr

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Until they win a Super Bowl (not likely on our lifetime), the Houston Texans are heretofore to be known as the Dumbest Team in NFL History. Last year, armed with the No 1 selection in what may prove to be oneof the most talent-laden drafts in years, the Texans passed on Reggie Bush, Vince Young, Matt Leinart, JayCutler and an array of franchise-making, carryin-their-team-to-the-Super-Bowl players and selected a defensive end named Mario Williams.

I wrote at the time that the team should select Young. He was, in short, a QB Stud. And he was a local boy. What better combination would this still-foundering franchise need?

Young had just put on perhaps the finest performance in the history of the college football national championship game in leading Texas to a thrilling upset over Leinart’s Trojans. I was sold – quirky motion and Wionderlik test be damned. Sure, the Texans had David Carr under center. The first player ever selected by the franchise. An American-Idolthrob who seemed capable enough. But I just couldn’t see him leading them to a Super Bowl.

But the Texans passed on Young, Bush, et al, and smugly acted as if they’d outsmarted everyone by taking  Williams. Nothing against the fine defensive end, but PLEEEEZE!

Now it looks as if the Texans are admitting they only outsmarted themselves. The team cut Carr on Friday, a day after obtaining career backup Matt Schaub from Atlanta.

What did they learn that they didn;t know last year???

Now, rather than having Young under center, the Texans are now counting on Schaub. And he’ll fare no better no better if they don’t find any offensive linemen who can at least block Pop Warner kids.

As for Carr, he probably couldn’t be happier. In his five seasons as a Texan, he was sacked 249 times.


5 thoughts on “Texans Crash Carr

  1. Juan says:

    Houston would have been a disaster for Young.
    And vice versa.

    He’s be getting killed back there, despite his great elusiveness, because of that offensive line you mentioned.

    Would have loved to have seen Reggie Bush back there. He could have changed things for them, especially adding a little pass-catching out of the backfield to ease up on the pressure Andre Johnson has.

    Schaub is a career backup? It’s a true statement, but a little deceptive. He’s been in the league less than five years and always been admired by other teams.

    Career backups -So was the great Steve Young for nearly six years before he took over for Joe Montana.

    Schaub-I thought he was the better QB on the Falcons roster anyways.

  2. SJH says:

    Shaub has a strong, accurate arm and I thought he was behind only Philip Rivers and Roethlisberger in terms of talent in the 2004 draft (Losman was erratic and I thought Eli’s accuracy, even at Ole Miss, was mediocre). But I wouldn’t annoint him. This is a pretty bold move for the Texans, considering the guy had only played a few games in 3 seasons and never for a stretch. Vick misses a game or two every season (except last year, I think) and Shaub would step in. But I think his production has been overrated. You can’t tell how well a QB can read a defense, face pressure and deliver unless he does it over an extended period. Remember how people were on A.J. Feeley’s tip because he was decent in 5 games after McNabb went down? The dumbass Dolphins gave up a 2nd rounder for him. Well, Feeley sucks and that pick turned into Reggie Brown, who’ll probably be the Eagles #1 receiver next year.

    I haven’t checked his stats, but didn’t Shaub suck last year? And even in 2004 when everyone hopped aboard his bandwagon and started saying he was better than Vick, I think he only had one big game. Off memory, it was an overtime loss to the Patriots and he threw for 3 or 4 touchdowns. Hadn’t done much since.

    And it’ll be a bitch for him behind that line. David Carr was pretty mobile and Kubiak’s horizontal offense was designed to get the ball out of his hand quickly – it resulted in a high completion percentage and every pass going for 3-5 yards – and he still got the shit sacked outta him. I hope Shaub is lifting weights or hollering at Tony Stark for an Iron Man suit right now.

  3. It was a pretty far gone conclusion that Schaubbie was headed out of Atlanta. He knew that if being a starter was going to happen it needed to happen sooner rather than later. Talking to Matt in the preseason, I got the impression he was hoping a deal would get done in the off-season because of all the attention he was getting from other teams.

    The Texans now need to do their part and find some beef to protect his backside. Schaub isn’t by no means blazing fast but he’s a lot more mobile than the press is giving him credit for. His biggest challenge will be to make the right reads and stop trying to force balls in to coverage (6 TDs, 6 INTs).

    Hopefully, David Carr lands with a good team and returns to Houston with a big ass chip on his shoulder. 🙂

  4. mark says:

    Carr has been sacked a lot, I recall seeing him take smelling salts on the sideline. Like a boxer in a fog, a qb cannot fuction with head injury. The NFL and Riddell found 70% of these blows are to the jaw area. The Patriots use a medical device designed to counteract the boxers Glass jaw. When fitted with this players say the dizziness, sensation of seeing stars and concussion go away. Carr will be a more productive player when fitted. This is an issue the owners should be talking about. http://www.mahercor.com

  5. T. Thomas says:

    Perhaps Don Imus is redeemable. As an African American male and a part-time listener of the show, I am not surprised that Don said what he said. Will I continue to listen? I don’t know. Personally, I am tired of feeling hurt by the comments of people who could care less about my experience as black man in this country – the “disconnect” is real. But, let’s be honest, white people have said, much more hurtful, hateful things and meant it.

    What Don Imus said was wrong, but black people should show as much outrage about how we treat each other. Too many black people believe that it’s cool to put one another down in music videos (Not just “hoes”, but b…s too). Sadly, we continue to kill one another in our own communities.

    Yes, let’s hold his feet to the fire, but we must stop demeaning each other – making it more meaningful when we complain about something some white person said.

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