“Nappy-Headed” Imus II: Rev Al Takes Over


Things are heating up for Don Imus, who offered a striking 20-minute explanation this morning for his comment last week about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. “I’m not a bad person. I’m a good person, but I said a bad thing” he said. “But these young women deserve to know it was not said with malice.”

Imus will appear this afternoon on Rev. Al Sharton’s radio show. You may listen here.

This morning, a women’s group FINALLY spoke up about Imus’ attack on a group young women. The National Organization of Women joined the chous or organizations calling for Imus to go. Their statement here.

Stay tuned …


One thought on ““Nappy-Headed” Imus II: Rev Al Takes Over

  1. blueollie says:

    You might be interested in this post:

    Which says, in part:

    It might be one thing if this had been the first time anything like this had been heard on Imus’s show.

    Or the second time.

    Or the third.

    Or the fourth.

    Or the fifth.

    But the fact is Imus has an extensive history of making or allowing blatantly racist commentary and “jokes” on his morning radio show.

    Like calling tennis star Serena Williams an “animal.”
    Or calling national journalist Gwen Ifill “the cleaning lady.”
    Or calling national journalist William Rhoden a “quota hire.”
    Or likening the appearance of certain black NBA players to “apes.”
    Or referring to residents of Harlem as “moolignans” (an Italian anti-black slur).
    Or referring to the black wife of former Secretary of Defense William Cohen as a “big-haired ho.”
    Or suggesting that Hillary Clinton will try to connect with black audiences by flashing the hand signs of the Crips street gang.

    Not mention that he was basically forced to admit in a 1998 “60 Minutes” interview that he had hired a producer specifically to do “nigger jokes.”

    Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page once forced Imus on his own show to promise to drop the racist references.

    As we can see, Imus has a problem keeping some promises.

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