“Nappy-Headed” Imus V: Staples Hits the “Easy” (Off) Button; P&G Out, too

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Is this the beginning of the end? Tonight, it was reported by Bloomberg that two major advertisers of the “Imus in the Morning” show – Staples and Bigelow Tea – had put stop payments on their checks. Addtionally, it was reported the Procter & Gamble, the venerable consumer goods company, was pulling its support as well.

Forget Rev. Al Sharpton. If CBS ultimately cans Don Imus for his repulsive remarks last week about the Rutges basketball team, it won’t be because anything the right Reverend says or does. It’ll be because Madison Avenue decides the IntM is finally too tainted, too despicable, too dangerous to hawk its wares.

Staples spokesman Paul Capelli said he company ran its final television ad on the Imus simulcast on Monday. “Recent comments that were made on the program about the Rutgers basketball team prompted us to revisit our decision to advertise and we decided to stop advertising on the program,” he said.

Bigelow Tea co-president Cindi Bigelow pulled its ads and told Bloomberg that future sponsorship is “in jeopardy.”

“Our company does not condone or support in any way the unacceptable comments made by Imus,” Bigelow said. “We are deeply saddened by Imus’ remarks.”

The biggest hurt may come from the loss of P & G bucks. “Effective Friday, April 6, we pulled all P&G’s brand advertising from the MSNBC daytime rotation,” P&G spokeswoman Jeannie Tharrington told The Toronto Star. She added P&G would not advertise again “until we can evaluate the Imus situation fully.”

Cue the dirge. If more advertisers follow suit, the two-week suspension levied by MSNBC and CBS on Thursday might turn into a forever-more reality.

Why” Imus generates a whopping 25 percent of CBS Radio’s annual ad revenue, or about $12.7 million, Bloomberg estimates. Any decline in that figure would hurt like a jhot comb on your scalp.

If you’re keeping score, here’s a list of national firms that advertised on Monday’s simulcast on MSNBC:

Cargill (food production/distribution)
Genwirth Financial
British Petroleum

Head-on pain reliever
Angie’s List

Ditech (home loans)
Ameriprise Financial
Hilton Hotels
Prilosec (heartburn relief pills)
Idearc Media (Yellow Pages)
Shell Oil
Scottrade (on-line trading)
Ferris Mowers
Flexon eyewear
American Express
Sandals (Travel/Timeshares)
HSBC direct
Smith and Wollensky Steakhouse

American Century Investments
ING Direct
Delta Air Lines
Mass Mutual Investments
ServPro (carpet cleaning)
Transitions Lenses
Scott’s Turfbuilder
Holiday Inn
Capital One
Commercial Financial Services Association
Credit Card Debt.com

Do with it what you will.


3 thoughts on ““Nappy-Headed” Imus V: Staples Hits the “Easy” (Off) Button; P&G Out, too

  1. Mark says:

    Imus needs to feel the full burn on this one, he’ll be chillin with Kramer in no time.

  2. Lee says:

    I’m a black man who believes this story is overblown. I have heard Jason Whitlock wrote an excellent article about blacks overreaction and failure to deal with our OWN self-hatred. Anyone here read it?

    I’ve listened to Imus for many years, and although he annoys me at times he is an equal opportunity basher. The only problem I have with his show is that he should have more black regular guests. The only regular is Harold Ford Jr., of TN, who Imus supported in his senate race. He has a parade of several NYT columnists, so how about having Bob Herbert on from time to time?

  3. Philip says:

    Imus will be out before the month is over. Why? Not just because of his ignorant, sexist and racist statements about the Rutgers women’s basketball players. But he singled them out, in comparison to the Tennessee players. Maybe the Rutgers ladies hair wasn’t straight enough or their skin wasn’t light enough for Imus. But the worse part for Imus is the anger he has caused within the NBC/MSNBC family. There are several prominent black people who are also employed by NBC. Who have said he should be fired. The Black Journalist Association, NOW, many black activist and clergy across the country have also called for his ouster. Not to mention many black personalities who work for major newspapers and ESPN. But the biggest hurt for Imus and NBC, is the loss of ad dollars from companies who are pulling out. Once the money is taken away, the well runs dry!

    He’ll be gone, before you can say word Mississippi in Chinese!

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