“Nappy-Headed” Imus IV: The Women Respond


America watched, heard and felt. What had heartofore been mere words took on a face today, or many faces. The Rutgers women stepped from behind the curtain today and further showed just why Don Imus’s comments were repulsive, reprehensible and, perhaps now, even unforgiveable.

In an eloquent 20-minute statement, head coach C. Vivian Stringer, one of the most successful and respected caches in America told a tale that touched all hearts. She told of personal discrimination. She told of her painful ordeal becoming the first black cheerleader at her school as a youth. Most of all, she told of the pain and consequences of the words uttered last week by the not-so-shocking jock. “We all must change,” she said.

The NCAA could not have created a more powerful visage for the student-athlete. Represented by two noble spokeswomen, the Rutgers players showed themselves to be everything we want our daughters, nieces and young sisters to be. They told us that they agreed to meet Imus, and then asked us not to define them by the ugly words uttered by the radio host but by their achievements on and off the basketball court.


Kudos to NBC’s Al Roker for speaking out publicly. (Read: here) It is indeed a new age.


3 thoughts on ““Nappy-Headed” Imus IV: The Women Respond

  1. It was marvelous. These sisters not only spoke as human beings who deserved respect, but they were also a great reflection on Coach Stringer and Rutgers.

  2. Juan says:

    I was not sure what to expect from the press conference, specifically, as to what the tone of the discussion would be. It went better than I thought.

    Still unsure of why the girls would want to meet with Imus. I don’t know why they would give Imus, a known bigot, the easy out by giving him the chance to take photos, and feig remorse. Not sure what it is going to be gained by this, but perhaps they collectively have something in mnd.

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