Draft Night ’07: “Fresh to Death”



The NBA’s coming-out fest offered a few insights:

* Big Winners:

1) ATL – Al Horford and Acie Law (the best point guard of the litter in my view) will be starters by January. Not sure if this young bunch is playoff-ready without another move for a veteran presence but Hawks are at leeast reached the proverbial corner. Now let’s see if they can make the turn.

2) Boston – Paul Pierce has been on his knees praying for help for months. He can get up now. Future H)Fer Ray Allen gives the veteran forward grown-up help. GM Danny Ainge obtained the sweet-shooting Ray-Ray without losing center Al Jefferson. Plus with the most intriguing throw-in in years – Big Baby – the Celtics become an immediate playoff team in the East

3) Seattle – These last two picks go in the “duh” category. Landing Kevin Durrent, a future superstar for the ages, was good enough to make the list. Adding Jeff (you-ain’t-seen-the-best-of-me) Green is the cake. Now they need a coach/system to develop around this new nucleus

4) Portland – Forget landing Oden. With more moves in one night than a Lindsey Lohan, Brittany Spears kareoke party, the TBlazers attempted to shed their tarnished image in one sweep. They may just have done it, though some Portland fans will miss the low-post toughness of Zack Randolph. Looks of new faces and great character. Now, let’s see if they can win


1) Knicks – As a season-ticket holder, I’m cool with the Z Randolph move. Worth the risk

2) Chicago – I am a Joakim Noah fan and I think he landed in the perfect spot – with a team on the rise rather than one where he’d have to carry the load. Now all he has to do is brring his energy and leadership to a team with solid young/veteran talent – and keep wearingthose “fresh to death) suits!

3) Nets – Got what they needed in freak-of-nature center Sean Williams of Boston College. See Knicks:Worth the risk.

Where Were They?

1) Did anyone tell Phoenix it was draft night?


4 thoughts on “Draft Night ’07: “Fresh to Death”

  1. thirsty says:

    Now all Joakim needs is someone to tell him how to dress. He looks lik Carrot Top on prom night.

  2. Man, I so want this Kobe saga over, I could barely watch the draft. Let’s trade the traitor and the great Kwame Brown to the Bulls for Hinrich, Deng, and Gordon. He should have to deal Brown, just to remind him of what he did have and how his life has turned out so bad.

  3. gzino says:

    As Knicks fan, couldn’t be happier. Toughest guy on the boards since Oak; best low post scorer since Patrick. Worth the risk, absolutely.

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