Sister-Sister: Which is Best?

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So who’s the best Willams sister – Venus or Serena? It’s a fair question, as fair as any in this day of “best ever” debates. And it’s specifically apropos today after Venus thumped an overmatched Marion Bartoli 6-4, 6-1 on Sunday to win her fourth Wimbledon title, and probably her most unexpected one. The former No. 1 player was “seeded” 23d and was largely an after-thought going into the tournament.

The victory gives Venus 14 Grand Slam titles, including six singles, six women’s doubles (all won with Serena), and two mixed doubles titles. Sister Serena? She has 16 Grand Slams, comprising eight singles, the six doubles titles won with her sister and two mixed.

The two extra singles titles seem to suggest that Serena is the better of the two, as of now. But ponder this: Five of those singles titles were won when Serena defeated big sister Venus in the final. Normally, that head-to-head stat would put Serena over the top. But anyone who watched those matches knows Venus as torn emotionally as the Big Sis who had always been a responsible caretaker and nurturer when the women were growing up. The contradiction in her face was palpable every time she faced Serena. Venus won their first matchup, in the 2001 U.S. Open final but she looked as if having a tax audit would be more fun and she’s not beaten littler sister in a Grand Slam final since.

Venus or Serena? It’s not as easy as you think.

Who’s your pick?



9 thoughts on “Sister-Sister: Which is Best?

  1. Juan says:

    All we have heard in the past few years in women’s tennis is the following:

    1. Sharapova is hot
    2. Sharapova is the next big thing
    3. Venus and Serena are distracted, unfocused and close to retiring to become fashion designers, etc.

    Sharapova has not shown anything, Richard Williams seems as crazy as ever, and Serena and Venus keep mowing down the competition.

    I had zero idea that Venus had won that many titles. Seriously, this is hardly ever mentioned.
    I hope Serena and Venus start getting the props hey deserve for being two great champions.

    Who is better? Not sure. I know they’re both entertaining as hell to watch.

  2. Eddie says:

    Venus is the best overall when you consider class. Serena may have more talent but she is overweight, does not workout enough and everytime she loses she never gives her opponent any credit. Every loss she’s had has been cause she’s played poorly according to her except when venus beats her. You never hear Federer or Nadal say that. We know who are the classy players out there and Serena is not one of them.

  3. What? says:

    Amazing is that in the sport of tennis, the best or the better is usually compared between the Williams sisters. They are bar none “Exceptional” at what they do. They personify focus, tenancity, drive, hard work, game plan execution, confidence, and……. Grand Slam Titles to prove their level of competence, and athleticism! Everything else is minutia!!!!

  4. Irv B. says:

    Who’s better? Who cares. You got 2 sisters rockin’ the sport. Be happy!

  5. SJH says:

    I think Serena is better, when both are at their best. She’s got more talent and can just overpower broads. But I think when all is said and done, Venus will be remembered as the better player. She seems more focused on tennis and keeps herself in better shape, which means she’ll probably have a longer career. I can see Venus playing into her 30s while Serena goes off to pursue acting, designing and rump-shaking. Also, Venus was the one who broke onto the scene first. She was doing her thing and then lil’ sister came up and supplanted her for a while. But Serena’s faded while Venus has reemerged. Twenty years from now, people will look at the rèsumès and Venus’ will be more impressive.

    Now if you’re talking about who’s BETTER, I’ll go with Serena. I’ve had a couple paper towel episodes watching tapes of her matches in slo-mo. She’s better looking in the face – though I wouldn’t call either of them pretty – and her jiggle rating is way ahead of Venus’.

  6. I’d take Serena. The thing that ticks me off, though, is that both of the Williams sisters seem to be able to turn it on at will. They play like crap 70% of the year, and yet when they decide they want to win a major, it’s tough to stop them.

  7. Apollo1906 says:

    Venus is the best overall women’s player of this generation. Dont get me wrong I appreciate both Williams Sisters. They’ve really reved up the sport and made it possible for the women today to earn multi-million dollar endorsement contracts.

    Serena is an intimidating force, just due to her power and skill. But to me Venus has that ‘silently deadly’ aura about her. She is the epitomy of a true warrior. When Venus is at her best NO ONE can beat her. I think it says something that the majority of the slams that Serena has won has been over big sisters. Think about it take all the slams & Olympic titles that Venus has, plus the runner-up accolades that she has to her credit, and she is simply the single most decorated women’s tennis player of this generation.

    Dont sleep on Venus for this US Open like you all did for WImbledon.

    And on another side not….If that flat chested broad Henin wins this Us-Open then i just might have to give her my respect as well. LoL

  8. Eric says:

    Venus is taller, has a faster serve, and when the WTA tour started measuring ground stroke speeds in 2007, it was Venus who hit the hardest forehands and backhands of any woman on tour. She also is better at net and has greater reach – she seems to cover more court than Serena. That said, Serena got the benefit growing up of more coaching than Venus with top-notch names. Her strokes are cleaner, her technique is much better, her serve is superior (she can place it anywhere and it won’t break down, unlike Venus, who has a patchy serve and usually places them in the same spots, particularly her 2nd serve).I think that’s where the difference between the two lies. Venus has more natural ability, Serena has better technique. If Venus had been given more coaching early on, especially with her serve, she would be the best, but that’s not how it played out. Records vs. current #1 Henin – Serena 7-6 Venus 7-2.

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