Vick Guilty: Nike, Upper Deck

Atlanta Falcons' quarterback Michael Vick (C) leaves federal court after being arraigned on charges of dog fighting, in Richmond, Virginia July 26, 2007. (Haraz N. Ghanbari/Pool/Reuters)

Nike today bowed to PETA pressures and hit the delete button on Micheal Vick. The company announced that Vick was suspended from its “endorsers” list (without pay) and that it would pull his No. 7 jersey from stores. This is the same company that stood by Kobe Bryant when he was charged with rape. RAPE.

A day later, Upper Deck, the trading card and momento giant, announced it would no longer sell any autographed MV memorabilia on its online store and that it would pull Vick’s card from sets that were scheduled to be released soon.

Look, the charges against Vick are heinous. If found guilty  – and the feds reportedly have a 95 percent conviction rate – he deserves to be punished to the full extent of the law. He should be haunted by the ghosts of each dog killed at his kennel of horrors. But I’m growing aghast at our total disregard for one of the most prominent tenets of our society: innocent until proven guilty.

Vick should like face some suspension until his Nov. 26 trial. But are we all just piling on a bit too early?


4 thoughts on “Vick Guilty: Nike, Upper Deck

  1. Lee says:

    I agree completely, Roy. The piling on seems a bit out of hand. Innocent until proven guilty no longer exists in America, it seems. I don’t really know enough about the existing “facts” of this case, and Vick might be guilty as hell. But can he get his day in court first?
    Also…I had no idea the animal rights lobby was so strong in America. Perhaps its do to my not being a pet owner, but it definitely seems as though Vick would be less villified if was accused of any other crime other than dog fighting.

  2. I disagree. Innocent until proven guilty is a legal right. The court of public opinion is free to draw conclusions and make decisions upon their own evidence. Let’s say Vick had nothing to do with the dog fighting, but I doubt he would have property and not know it was going on. Either by tacit approval or active approval, it’s too much of an association for a company to continue an association.

  3. Lee says:

    Who stated you weren’t “free” to have an opinion, Lawrenece? You’re entitled to jump to whatever conclusions you choose to…clearly that has become the American way. I, however, would rather wait until I have all the facts.

  4. daryl says:

    Michael Vick should know better.

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