They DID!

It was really sweet…and cheesy. And a lot of us thought they’d never go through with it. Just minutes after scoring the winning points against my Sooners in the Fiesta Bow,l, Boise State running back Ian Johnson dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend, cheerleader Chrissy Popadics. It was abut as Apple pie all-american jimmy stewart as one gets these days – with a twist. Ian is black and Chrissy isn’t. And the coule wasn’t exactly living in a thriving urban community. They were in Boise, for goodness sakes.

This weekend the couple may have been the bst thing to happen to sports in a long time. Despite the kind of ugly threats many of us expected, Ian and Chrissy got hitched ina fairy-tail wedding – well, expect for the extra security that had to be hired because of the insipd telephone calls and about 30 hate letters the couple received in recent weeks.

To their credit, they did not let America’s losers steal their love.

Jut before the ceremony, the couple prayed for the hate to go away. From their lips…


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