NBA ’07-’08: Rent-a-Ring

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They’re killing me. The NBA’s brain guys are killing me. Usually, guys copy what works.The model today would be San Antonio. Start with a solid philosophy on talent, add a commitment to scouting anywhere and everywhere around the world, augment that with a eye for the occasional wily veteran – and, oh yeah, add a heck of a lot of luck – and you’ve got a dynasty.

But few teams are copying that model. Instead teams are swapping short-term maybes for long-term promise. Team are taking on – no, coveting – aging superstars and shedding young studs-in-waiting. Boston takes on Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett (past-prime and never-won-anything players) and sheds young talents like Al Jefferson ad Gerald Green.They then place a call to 73-year-old (in NBA years) Reggie Miller, all in the hopes of building a Lego team, one constructed to be better than the Cavs, NBA Finalists last season.

And now the Lakers and Jermaine O’Neal are doing a little dance. Kind of like a public fling to see how much they reallly want each other. it’s so bad, I wanna holla: Get a room!

That said, I’m not mad at them. Blame Pat Riley. Two years ago he pieced together a team designed to win the NBA championship once and no more. Oh, he’ll never say that – and I’m not mad at him either. But let’s be real. Any team with Gary Payton and Antoine Walker on it is not built for the long term.

It worked. The Heat won the 2005-06 title by defeating the Dallas Mavericks 4 games to 2. Then they pretty much imploded, and no one’s talking about them as championship caliber for ’07-’08. But that’s okay, The Heat got their rings. Their fans were pacified. Whatever they do between now and the time Shaq’s kids become eligible for the NBA draft is gravy.

It’s the new NBA’s way. Forget building fo the long-term. Build for now. Worry about tomrrow later.

Again, I’m not mad at them. It’s all just interesting, Where is Jerry West when you need him?

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11 thoughts on “NBA ’07-’08: Rent-a-Ring

  1. D Wright says:

    WHAT?? Reggie Miller’s coming back?? Good Lawd.\
    I have to admit, Garnett, Allen and Pierce on the same team sounds exciting to watch. Add a lethal dinosaur from 3-point land and I think they may have something poppin’.

  2. kevin says:

    This kind of philosophy has never really worked in any game at any level. In the case of Boston, I especially agree with you. They have essentially thrown all of their chips into one basket, and if they don’t win in the next 2-3 years, it’s going to be a long, long decade.

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  5. Irv B. says:

    Gee…ya’ think Willis Reed can go another round so the Knicks can get in this thing??
    On a serious note; those 3 stay healthy in beantown, they take the East, period!
    Add Reggie and they stand a good shot at the title. I’d say that’s not a bad move by Danny. It’s a one year move, but it puts Boston back in the mix.

  6. daryl says:

    A team of loaded all stars very rarely work. West, Baylor, and the late Wilt chaimberlain were put to shame by the well balanced 1969-1970 New York Knicks. San Antonio has a great role model in this great Knick team. Great team work, the right chemistry, and defense is what wins championships, not a bunch of talented selfish all stars.

  7. Roy S. says:

    Who says someone is selfish just because they are talented? Cterianly no one would accuse KG and Ray Allen of being selfish. That’s a pretty broad brush you’re paining with, my friend. Moreover, Miami won with that formula in ’06 when they brought in Gary Payton and Antonie Walker to complement Shaq and DWade. That team was not exactly a defensive bunch, so the formula can work, if you get the right stars.

  8. daryl says:

    Great commentary Roy. Usually, teams that fall under the “loaded” criteria are the exception in winning championships, not the rule. In my August 10th comment I said that, “A team of loaded all stars very rarely work”. Although a team of super stars can win a championship. Usually, personality conflicts and team chemistry prevents this type of team to win it all.

  9. Joeffrey says:

    STOP THE MAAAAADNESSS!!!!! The only thing poppin’ is beantown is old-@$$ knees. Can Reggie still hit the open (3), probably and —–SO WHAT!!!!! They might be 7th on a list of 4!!!! Am I hatin’? Yeah, but Boston????? I believe a good head coach can take a bunch of names and get a ring out of it. I would count Miami in that group, I mean how much did GP really contribute ( I’m glad he got his, but not his best) that was a 2-3 man effort. 4-man if you count Riley. Irv B. I guess you’ll be looking for WORLD B. FREE next.

  10. John Ashley says:

    You have to admit San Antonio got lucky when they were able to draft Tim Duncan on a team that already had David Robinson.. If I remember right, he was the second pick. I don’t think the first pick turned out so well. I agree that San Antonio is the team to emulate. It helps to have a great owner, a great manager and a great coach. How does Popovich get his players to play fundamentally sound basketball? It may not look sexy but they block out when the ball goes in the air and they usually get the rebound.
    The Celtics have been bad so long they are desperate to get out of the cellar. Recently I read John Feinstein’s book on Red Auerbach. The best part of the book was Red’s comments on coaching which unfortunately ocupied far too little space. Some would say feeling sorry for the Celtics is like feeling sorry for the Yankees. The trades should zest to next season plus it will help give fans and sportswriters raw material.

  11. lako says:

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