Vick Fallout: End of the Posse?

They were his boys – his posse. Now they’ve turned on him. They’re signing like the Harlem Boys Choir and Michael Vick is going to pay.

No one knows yet what’s going to happen on Friday when Purnell Peace, 35, of Virginia Beach, and Quanis Phillips, 28, of Atlanta, enter their plea agreements in the federal case against Vick. More than likely, they’ll join the parade led by Tony Taylor of Hampton, who earlier plead guilty to charges in the dog fighting saga and will be sentenced in December.

At the same time, Vick could cop a plea himself and throw himself on the mercy of a judge, who, pending the charges that arise our of the plea agreement, could sentence Vick to up to five years in jail.

The repercussions of this case are many, and we’ll no doubt be writing about them for weeks. Should Vick go down and land in prison, it will no doubt be the most high-profile conviction of an active athlete since Mike Tyson was sent to prison for rape. Maybe the most striking take down of an active sports star ever. If someone can think of another one, help me out.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing potential repercussions is whether the code between an athlete and his boyhood friends, his hommies, his posse, has been eradicated from existence. Until now, neither the star athlete or his band of brothers sold the other out. The word “loyalty” was tossed around a lot.

It was almost an admirable bond. Almost. Until more and more athletes – making more and more money – were dragged backwards by friends who, in truth, didn’t want to see them leave the ‘hood. Oh, they all wanted the trappings of success – the cars, the clothes, the houses, the women. But they thought they had earned the bounty just as much as the athlete himself.

And the athlete indulged them. No, bankrolled them. Often blindly. Sometimes not.

Vick, it may turn out, may not have been as blind to what was going on in a home he owned in Virginia as it might have first seemed to some of the staunch defenders. But no matter, no one could have predicted that his crew would turn like figure skaters on the man who allowed them to enjoy a life they might never have achieved on their own.

Perhaps athletes now will be more mindful of their circle, more discerning even. At least we can hope.

Athletes often believe in their own invulnerability. And some of them will continue to do so. But when they do, they should only think of Vick, who, sadly, looks to have lost it all – for his posse.



6 thoughts on “Vick Fallout: End of the Posse?

  1. says:

    How about Pete Rose?

    Shoeless Joe also comes to mind. Which also bring to mind the possibility that a movie may be made about all of this 50 years from now.

  2. tsos20 says:

    How can you compare Joe Jackson to Vick? There are several wittnesses against Vick. They are his former friends ans accomplices. They implicate him in a sick, cruelty to animals charge that is shocking. He belongs in jail and is going there. You should compare Tim Donahhy to Joe Jackson. 2 people who let gamblers cheat the public.
    The Sultan on Sports

    see my stories on Vick and Donaghy.

  3. This type of thing has been going on for years. There have been numerous athletes that have lost it all because they had “friends” in their circle that really didn’t care for them. Hopefully, athletes will learn from the Vick situation.

    Would you be interested in exchanging links?

  4. […] Vick Fallout: End of the Posse? [image] They were his boys – his posse. Now they’ve turned on him. They’re signing like the Harlem Boys […] […]

  5. mothergreen says:

    Honestly, who cares if Vick’s punishment equals anyone else’s punishment. He is no ordinary citizen. Who would trade an insane salary for tens of thousands of dollars. I’ll tell you who, someone who is sick in the head and enjoys the cruelty of it all.
    A couple of half broke people with nothing to lose might gamble just to try and win money, but anyone with the resources of Michael Vick MUST be sick in the head. And anyone who would try to shed any speck of the light of pity on him…
    Well I pity them.

  6. R. Pick says:

    For the past few weeks nerves have been frayed, and hands have been wringing. Every since Michael Vick’s “Bad News” buddy turned government witness, so-called posse members and hanger-ons everywhere have become fearful that their superstar meal tickets will see them for what they really are—liabilities.

    These “friends” are obviously financial liabilities since they bring nothing to table, yet have huge appetites. But the athletes keep them around because they believe these are the people they can count on when the going gets rough. At least that’s what the athletes thought, but just as Michael Vick has discovered, that’s not necessarily the case. Sometimes, the posse-member is just a leech who’s only out for himself. Yes, this is hard to believe, but sometimes the hanger-ons bail on the athlete as soon as the money is gone or the indictments are handed out.

    Vick’s posse has abandoned him when he needed them the most, and now he’s relying on his new posse of high profile attorneys to protect him from the testimony of his former posse members. Because of this unforeseen turn of events, many are wondering if the athlete-posse relationship is in jeopardy.

    The answer is no.

    Fortunately for the countless other hanger-ons, this incident won’t change a thing. Right now, these “buddies” are assuring their respective athlete meal-ticket that they would NEVER turn on them. Even if the athletes have doubts, they’re not going to dump their friends, so the athlete-posse relationship remains intact as does the endless cycle of athletes in legal trouble.

    The athletes that have been involved in dog fighting are all probably distancing themselves from that activity, but other than that specific crime, nothing else will change in sports. Before this year is over, athletes will be arrested for: domestic assault, DUI, illegal gun possession, drug possession, and on and on.

    Magic Johnson’s HIV revelation didn’t stop the reckless promiscuity in the sports world, and the Michael Vick case won’t stop the stupid and illegal activities that routinely occur in the sports world. Afterall, athletes think their untouchable and invincible…that is until they’re facing prison time, that’s when their nerves become frayed and they start the hand wringing.

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