Imus X: Bad Move, Girl

“Thanks” to I-Man, girlfriend went on The Oprah Show! Seemed her name was pretty good back then.

I’m not sure whether this is simply about a quick buck. (Okay, maybe it is.) Or whether it’s a mere case of a still impressionable young woman, a college student, getting bad advice. (All right, maybe it’s that, too). But I definitely know this: The recent move by Kia Vaughn, one of the young women on the Rutgers basketball team, to sue Don Imus because she says his reference to the team as “nappy headed hoes” during an all-fated show on April 4 damaged her character, reputation and “good name,” according to her attorney, is stupid.

Bad move, young lady.

I know. We live in a society where anyone has the right to get the money any legal way they can. And this is legal. But what is the basis for her claim? Well, since Kia isn’t talking all we know is this: “This is basically about vindicating my client’s good name,” said Richard Ancowitz, her lawyer. “This is not a situation she ever asked for, and she would love to turn the clock back. But unfortunately she can’t.”

Vindication? To me, in the wake of the fallout over Imus’ reprehensible comments, there were no women in America with better “names” that than the members of the Rutgers women basketball team. The day they went on national TV and told us how hurt they were by Imus’ words was the day the radio host was doomed. In the following days the young women stood tall, proud and strong and came off as America’s daughters.

Yes, they would forever be known to some as the women Imus referred to in such a heinous fashion. On the flip they’d also be able to leverage their notoriety for gain. Next season, they’ll be cheered in every arena in America. And once the young women were out of school, is there a corporation that would turn away one of them away?

By filing the suit, Vaughn, a 6-4 junior center, now puts each of her teammates in the unenviable position of having to explain that they’re not not that member of the team, the one that filed the suit. And as for her own job prospects. who wants to hire someone who’s already shown to be litigious?
Now a colleague for whom I have tremendous respect disagrees with me on this. She says she has no problem with the suit because the young women, no matter the dignity with which they carried themselves, will always be know “around water coolers all over Corporate America” as one of the nappy-headed hoes Imus was referring to. “Get it now,” my colleague said, referring to a more of Imus’ reported $20 million settlement with CBS (which came to light only hours before the suit was filed. Coincidence? hardly.) “They she may not have to worry about it.”

She certainly has a point, but I’m a take-the-high-road guy (or at least I try to be), and I believ in tyransforming bad into good With their national TV appearances – including on the saintly Oprah Show – the Rutgers women put themselves in postion to win.

With this suit, Kia Vaughn only makes herself look like a victim and a loser. Who wins that choice?



6 thoughts on “Imus X: Bad Move, Girl

  1. Yeah, she pretty much gave up the high ground here.

  2. Lee says:

    I don’t know, Roy. I thought the suit was frivilous too at first. Now…I’m not so sure. I heard her lawyer say that she planned to use a monetary victory to create scholarships instead of for herself.

  3. Wyndell Patterson says:

    Bad move, indeed. Bad advice, too. Her lawyer will obviously justify the move regardless of what she intends on doing with the money! (He’s still gonna get paid). If she gets anything at all, except bad press and bad rep. Where’s the adult supervision?

  4. Bernie says:

    A lawsuit for somebeody calling you a bunch of dirty names … damn, we should all be suing each other. Silly suit and makes her look like a nappy-headed negro trying to get some money on the sly

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  6. Daryl says:

    I should have sued long ago….Smile

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