Vick: “I Did It.”


Next Monday, at 10:30 a.m. EST, Michael Vick will walk into a Virgina courtroom and admit to participating heinous crimes and illegal gambling activities. He will walk out a felon.

What a shame. And friend of mine said the Vick saga has made him “mad and sad at the same time.” He’s not alone.

How can you not be mad at a young man who essentially threw away $130 million? How can you not be mad at someone who risked so much for so little?

And sad? Sure, if you have a shred of compassion (and I know many of you don’t!), how can you not lament the waste of talent, and the so-quick and so-unnecessary destruction of a career?

Why did he cop a plea? Clearly because it gives his his only chance to salvage any snippet of an NFL career – and it’s still a shot too long to even imagine at this juncture.

The feds are recommending Vick serve 12-18 months. Whatever the judge hit him with, Vick will likely serve at least 80 percent of the sentence. The NFL gets its pound on flesh, or likely more. Let’s face it, not only did Vick do what the feds say he did, but he lied about it to Atlanta Falcons owner Arther Blank and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. That, he will pay dearly for.

Not yet knowing exactly what Vick will cop to, it’s hard to know just how bad he’ll look and sound next Monday. But no matter, I can’t imagine NFL commissioner will give him any less than a full season suspension likely served after he’s out of the pokey. Let’s say he begins serving time as soon as possible and is released in the summer of 2009, prior to the 2010 season. Let’s say he’s then banned for a year, leaving him eligible for the 2011 season. At that juncture, Micheal Vick will be a 31-year-old felon.

There are certainly QBs that age in the NFL, but certainly not with such a Scarlett Letter.

If he’s eligible, healthy and shows the correct amount of contrition – well, likeI said, it’s a shot too long to even contemplate. But it’s his only shot.

What a shame.


7 thoughts on “Vick: “I Did It.”

  1. This is really sad to me primarily b/c I am one of the few people with a shred of compassion. It’s sad and a shame on so many levels. It would be easier for me to not feel sorry for Michael Vick if he was one of those players who was always in the news for doing stupid shit. It would be easy to say “serves him right” if he had a career plagued with trouble and overshadowed with his bad decisions. He is a perfect example that in life you don’t need three strikes to be out.

  2. I feel bad because of a opportunity wasted, and that another brother is going to jail. But there comes a point in time when you make that decision. It’s that “f*ck it” decision where you say to hell with what is right, but I’m going to do what I want to do. And the final results of that decision are always bad. What gets me is that I always thought that Michael was the levelheaded one of the Vick brothers. Now it appears that they both have issues.

  3. Wyndell Patterson says:

    At this point…it’s all hard to put into words.

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  5. Rodney J. says:

    Mr. Vick name will be added to a list of super starts men that have made poor choices in there personal lives. I too was sadden and I experienced a since of lost, I was prepared for him to fight the indictments, but that will not be the case. I live in Atlanta and he was embraced by the people of this City, he came into our homes and lives he was the topic of conversation for a many of barber shops clients. If only I had a sound bite that would help to explain and assuage the hurt that this lost has cause me and my family members.

    This young man and so many other young men have far too much “FREE TIME” I wonder, did he ever think of taking a class at the fame B School at Clark Atlanta University? Or to give a pep talk to a group of young men playing division two ball in a struggling football program at Morehouse College. Or support the Sisters of Spelman in there effort to create a community of Hip Hop that is embracing of African-American Women. Non of this will be, but I do hope that he will be safe and this public lynching will not be the last of Michael Vick.

  6. MamaSid says:

    I am so sick of everybody now jumping on the band wagon that Roy and I started more than 6 years ago. Vick was out of control SIX YEARS AGO and the Falcons never did anything about it. And it’s not that people didn’t reach out
    to them to help. I did. The former head of his foundation did and
    I’m sure many others. But they totally ignored us. Now this. I’m so sad about what they have done to my team. I’m also sad about my checkbook that now has paid for season tickets that are total garbage.

  7. R. Pick says:

    If the justice system does what it is suppose to do to the convicted, which is rehabilitate them, then Michael Vick might finally become what everyone thought he could become—the best QB in the NFL.

    On the surface this seems laughable, but don’t forget that many of the experts have always predicted that Vick would change the QB position forever. It was thought that with his arm, legs, and brains, Vick would reinvent the position. They saw Vick forcing teams to design entire defensive playbooks just to stop him, but none of this happened.



    Some people blame Dan Reeves, or the offensive system, while others blame the receivers or lack thereof, but the blame lies with Vick himself, he was too arrogant to work toward improving himself.

    Vick’s approach to football was look for an opening to run, not to look for an open receiver. Most receivers will tell you that they prefer to get the ball early in the game so they can get into t he rhythm of things, but Vick’s receivers spent the early part of games blocking for their QB, who admittedly preferred to run the ball. Vick was once asked if a receiver was open ten yards down the field, and if there was no defenders in front of Vick would he throw it to the receiver for ten yards or run for the ten yards. Vick answered that he would run because he felt he could get there just as fast.

    That’s not redefining the position, and it’s certainly not helping to make your teammates better. For the last 10 years of his life, people have been kissing Vick’s butt and telling him how great he is. Maybe the next 10 months teach him humility and perhaps he’ll come to learn that there is plenty of room for improvement, not only on the football field, but in his personal life as well.

    I haven’t forgiven Vick for letting me down, but that’s because he hasn’t asked yet. Hopefully, one day soon, Vick will ask the public for forgiveness and the healing process can begin for all of us. And I for one, will root for the man, the player, and the potential leader that might emerge from all of this.

    I also hope Goodell remembers Vick’s suspension when he stands on the stage next draft day and smilingly puts a hat on some kid who’s already been arrested three times.

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