Shhhh. Don’t Sleep on Andre Woodson

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I love stories like this. I love watching players emerge from nowhere to make us care. make us watch. Make us go: Damn, where has he been?

It happens most in college sports, where pundits like myself declare Guy 1, Guy 2 and Guy 3 as all that and a bag of peanuts even before the first snap or tip-off. This year, the race for college football’s Heisman Trophy began with a handful of players. Among them: USC QB John Booty. Louisville QB Brian Brohm, Arkansas running back/stud Darren McFadden and my favorite, Rutgers running back Ray Rice (full disclosure: Ray hails from where I live – New Rochelle, NY – and he’s a great kid).

But right now, I’m blown away by Kentucky QB Andre Woodson.

Let me be straight with you. He won’t come close to winning the thing. But after wins over highly ranked Louisville (and Broehm) last week and a 42-29 thumping of Arkansas on Saturday, the 6-foot-five-inch, 230-pound statue of a QB (Check out his stats: Click here.) has got to be the dark horse guy heading into the stretch of the college football season.

Woodson is a prototype QB, Big guy. Big arm. And smart. Think Tom Brady. Not flashy. Just gets the job done. On Saturday, he was 20-for-38 for 270 yards and two TDs, including a 32-yarder to Keenan Burton and a one-yard plunge that capped a come-from-behind thriller.

Oh,BTW, in the second quarter, Woodson also threw his 272 consecutive pass without a INT to set an all-time collegiate record, surpassing the mark set by Trent Dilfer when the now-NFL QB played for Fresno State.

Kentucky is now ranked 21st in the nation. They’ll likely move up this week – if for just the time being. The next three weeks are, well, a bear – South Carolina, LSU and Florida. By the time the Gators come through town, Woodson might just be a feel-good afterthought for the season.

But write this down: Come next spring at the NFL draft, Andre Woodson will be a Top 10 pick. Ahead of Brohm, unless the NFL geniuses are nuts. write it down.

And I’ll not yet give up on seeing him in NYC in January. he may not win the Heisman, but he’s already college football’s story of the year.

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7 thoughts on “Shhhh. Don’t Sleep on Andre Woodson

  1. Jeff says:

    “Bruce” Brohm or Brian Brohm?

  2. James says:

    272 passes without a TD…im pretty sure its without an INT

  3. Sean says:

    “Without a TD?” I think it’s without an interception, no? Also, do you ever, ever refer to it in your mind as “New Rock City?” I don’t, and that shit annoys me. Grew up there, now in LA- which part of town do you live in?

  4. Roy S. says:

    Thanks for the corrections! r

  5. Willy says:

    He be the shit, dog.

  6. coco0401 says:


  7. wildcatsalum says:

    I think Andre will be a Raven next year.

    There are rumors swirling that the Ravens may lose franchise left OT Jonathan Ogden to retirement. If that happens, it’s possible that the Ravens may look to the draft to add a high-end tackle, though they landed Maryland OT Jared Gaither in the 2007 Supplemental Draft, and if he has developed as they hoped he would, it’s possible that Gaither may be starting at left offensive tackle in 2008.

    The Ravens only have one major free agent to be in Terrell Suggs. They could go with a linebacker here, since in this mock the big names (Dan Connor, James Laurinaitis, etc.) would all be on the board. But, with the Ravens having so much difficulty performing on offense, and Steve McNair turning 35 this upcoming February, a quarterback like Woodson would be a great addition to the team. Brian Brohm would be a consideration here as well, but I’d think that Woodson would get the nod over Brohm with his pinpoint accuracy. We shall see.

    Kyle Boller played a great game against the Patriots two weeks ago, but he came off of that game with a three interception debacle against Indianapolis on Sunday night. I strongly suspect that Boller will not be in the team’s long-term future.

    An “X Factor” is the presence of Troy Smith on the roster, and how the team evaluates his development will also play a role in what they do in this spot.

    Andre Woodson fan.


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