NFL: Illegal Motion

Forget Video-Gate, or whatever you want to call the little spat between New England head coach Bill Belichik (the cheater) and New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini (the snitch), this is BIG. Call it Booty-Gate!!

Last week, the Chicago-based blog, Four Balls, revealed the latest in the NFL’s continuing effort to live up to alias – The No Fun League – by citing an unconfirmed report that the most popular sport in America was trying to douse the latest by of coaching gamesmanship by banning NFL cheerleaders from doing their pre-game stretching outside the opposition locker-room or in from of the visiting team during warmups. Earlier this week, in dogged journalistic persue of the truth, I confirmed the report: No more money-makin’ shakin’ allowed!

Now tell me you don’t love this one.

As the wacky guys in the beer commercial say: Brilliant! I mean think of the strategy that was going into knowing when and where to deploy the troops. Think of the intelligence needed to know exactly which “weapons” to wage against the enemy. Think of the film sessions.

Oh well. Say bye-bye to perhaps the most devious and delicious tactic being waged every Sunday.

Hmm, maybe that’s what the Patriot coaches were taping not the Jets coaches’, uh, hand signals.

Check out the NFL Cheerleaders Blog: Here. (And don’t say I never did anything for you.)


5 thoughts on “NFL: Illegal Motion

  1. Wyndell Patterson says:

    I’ve been trying to control my lusting for almost 4 decades! Now here you come. Give a brother a break! I’ve fallen off the wagon again-for the 100 millionth time.

  2. MamaSid says:

    I think Cheerleaders are a total waste of time and money in the NFL. By the meaning of their title, they are supposed to be LEADING the CHEERS! In a Dome or Stadium, no one can hear or see them (unless they are on the jumbotron.) Now, if they want to be ambassadors for the team in the community, that’s fine. Otherwise, they are just eye candy for the horny old guys in the stands….not cheerleaders. Get rid of them on game day altogether. And what’s up with the skimpy, booty and breast baring outfits! How is that contributing to the dignity and value of women in the sport? They might as well go to BET or MTV to join their fellow rumpshakers!

  3. That’s some great talent on the field. Slightly OT, one of the biggest college football controversies, just under the radar, was the shutting down of SEC Poon by Nick Saban. Now, these sites have spread to other conference. Might be worth checking out.

  4. Jake Always says:

    dogged journalistic persue 😉

    Sure sure that was the case. You wanted to get to the bottom of the issue, huh? Get right down to the naked truth, I see. Pull the covers off, so to speak? You ought to be ashamed…..or congratulated. One of the two 🙂

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