D.O.A. at Shea


At church this morning, my pastor said something that resonated with me: “God creates the the vision,” he began. “Then he kills the vision before resurrecting it supernaturally. He does that so that when the vision becomes real, you know it’s not you that made it happen.”

He wasn’t speaking to me directly – though anyone who knows the trials I endured over the last coupleof years knows how how those words spoke to me.

He certainly wasn’t speaking of the Mets, whose historic collapse culminated this afternoon in a stunning loss to the last-place Florida Marlins that eliminated the team from post-season contention. No baseball team had ever suffered such a September swoon. Ever.

Why this team needed to hot bottom only He know. But they have. Maybe someay Willie, Jose, Omar, David, Pedro and Tom will know why.


2 thoughts on “D.O.A. at Shea

  1. kevin says:

    A great message from your pastor; reminds me John 12:24. But as you said, definitely didn’t apply to the Mets this season, at least not in its entirety.

  2. SJH says:

    I don’t think God had an effect on the Mets blowing it. Praying won’t help you when your veteran, future Hall of Fame pitcher gets lit up in the first inning, or when the team becomes incapable of fielding, pitching or hitting in the clutch for the last month. They have only themselves to blame for that.

    Although, if He did cause it, that might give some credence to people saying, “God’s a Yankees fan.”

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