Dumb Move, LeBron


Until last night, he had been so smart. LeBron James had made all the right moves. A precocious prodigy he’s done everything to live up to the hype that followed his arrival into the NBA from high-school – everything but win an NBA title. Last year, in his third pro season, he carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals (where they were skewered by San Antonio but that another post.) But more than anything he’s shown a business savvy that has already made him one of the highest-paid and most coveted athlete-endorsers on the planet.

Until Thursday night. That’s when James wore a Yankee cap to the MLB playoff game between the hometown Indians and the visiting Yankees. I was stunned, as was much of Cleveland. It was an incredibly dumb move by a usually smart kid.

Why was it dumb? Let’s not even mention that the kid grew up in Ohio so it makes no sense that he’s a Yankee fan – especially against the team from his home state. It was also disrespectful to the fans in a city that has made him rich. Could he think none of the fans at Jacobs field might also be Cavs fans? I mean Cleveland ain’t that big.

Not saying that he can’t root for anyone he wants. But why wear a Yankee cap when you have to live – no, get PAID – in that town? It makes nos sense. On Thursday, LeBron reminded us that he’s not quite yet the savvy superstar he seems to be. he reminded us that he’s still just a kid.


4 thoughts on “Dumb Move, LeBron

  1. I was thunderstruck to say the least.

  2. Derek Wright says:

    Yup…………I’ll agree. That wasn’t the smartest thing he’s ever done. Hopefully, this isn’t the start of a string of dumb moves.

  3. Daryl says:

    He has to mature, and become more politically astute.

  4. Joeffrey says:

    Well if he’s Yankee fan, he’s a Yankee fan. It can be tough to be limited to one team to root for in a particular sport. Maybe he’s not into “politrics”…… A few “double nickels” during the season and all is forgiven I’m sure.

    Peace & Love

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