Marion Jones: Liar

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I thought it was flaxseed oil. Thanks to Marion Jones, that line is destined to go down in sports infamy. (It’s not nearly as good as the all-time got-busted line uttered by another Marion: The B—- set me up!” But we’ll take it.) That’s what Jones says she told federal authorities years ago when asked if she’d taken “the clear,” a performance-enhancing drug. Yesterday the Washington Post told us what we long suspected. Now, she says she was lying.

And it’s sad. Today, Jones poured her heart out to the feds in White Plains, NY. She said she lied to them about taking “the clear” prior to the 2000 Olympics, and lied to them about her role in a check-cashing-money laundering scheme hatched by her former coach Trevor Graham.

It was sad, really. She was so beautiful on the track. She was the first runner who made you watch since Florence Griffith Joyner. I met MJ a few times, and each time she seemed a bit of a contradiction. She was a gifted competitor, no doubt. But she also seemed extremely vulnerable. Easily influenced.

When I think of the men on her life – Graham, Tim Montgomery (the father of her son), her former husband disgraced shot putter C.J. Hunter and others – I envision a woman who embraced then listened to all the wrong voices.

Clearly she should not be absolved for her actions. She’ll return to court on January 11 and be sentenced for today’s confessions. She could get six months in prison, or more. The International Olympic Committee has reportedly said it would ask Jones to return the five medals she won in Sydney.

In a tearful public confession today, Jones said we had “every right” to be mad at her. She also said she would retire from track & field.

I’m more sad than mad.

But perhaps this is the beginning of the end for the lying. To me, that’s worse that the drug use itself. Athletes in various sports have simply been lying to us. They’ve not only comprised their sport but they’ve lied. I hope MJ gets the minimum sentence – if any sentence at all. Instead,laud her for being the first superstar athlete in what is clearly the Steroid Era in sports to tell the truth.

Maybe others will follow. Tell the truth so we can all begin to move on


9 thoughts on “Marion Jones: Liar

  1. This is definitely one of those cases where the humiliation is the punishment. I’ll always wonder if she really did believe that she was taking flaxseed, and then found herself making bad choices after learning differently. Or did she know from the start about the real reason for the clear? Either way, too bad for a powerful and graceful athlete.

  2. Wyndell Patterson says:

    Ms Jones seems to have gotten caught up in the diva mystic! She not only lied but was adamant and belligerent. When is all is said and done, the legacy she will leave behind is just as bad as Ben Johnson’s.

    But, the light at the end of the tunnel is she finally took off the diva cape, discarded the veil of deceit and embraced honesty. At last she will be able to walk with some integrity.

    I pray that she will find that living a life of truth is much easier and more fulfilling that living a lie to acquire the medals, praise and fortune that come with the ill gotten fame.

    One of the real shames is she didn’t need this to go down as one of the greatest olympic athletes of our time. Her talent alone was more than enough to conquer her world.

    Unfortunately, I’m afraid, she is just the first of a few more high profile athletes that will soon have to face the music that they have illegally composed.

  3. Rob says:

    The father of her child I thought was the other lying track star Tim Montgomery. Very sad, once again taking a substance to get the edge. If she was not fast enough, she should have retired long time ago and saved us all the trouble of investing are cheers for this fraudulent career of hers.

  4. Joeffrey says:

    Sister Marion, you hate to see it happen. Though I can’t begin to imagine being put under a microscope because of a skill you were blessed with so society deems you worthy of the ” Frenzy “. The thin line these celebrities have to walk (ie wearing the right baseball cap at a home game) is incredible. All in all sometimes God has to bring you to a place where he can deal with you all alone. Confession is good for the soul, she’ll be fine.

    Peace & Love

  5. Mark says:

    Asterisks for everybody. Marketing rules, honesty drools in the new world of sports.

  6. Plan says:

    “But, the light at the end of the tunnel is she finally took off the diva cape, discarded the veil of deceit and embraced honesty.”

    She didn’t embrace honesty, she simply gave up on lying after the evidence became so overwhelming that she couldn’t deny it anymore. This was after years of pretending to be indignant whenever someone suggested she was doping.

    She’s just a dishonest, filthy, egotistical, lying beast who should have been locked up a lot longer than she was. A piece of shit like this woman represented the U.S. in the Olympics and disgraced the country by injecting steroids into her cunt self.

  7. d0ddy says:

    what a crock of sh!t. people need to stop attributing marion jones’ steroid use to anyone but marion jones. they’re just playing into her victim’s mentality and to think, somehow even in a very optimistic or speculative moment, that this could signal the end of lying in sports is comically naive.

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  9. Phoenix says:

    After reading her book, I definitely think the prison was the punishment. It seems though that she’s done a great job of moving on, Check out my review of her book at and lemme know what you think.

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