(Never) One and Now Done

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I’m done. Finally, I’ve had enough of Stephon Marbury

Full disclosure: I’m a Knicks season-ticket holder. Been one so long that when I first got my tix I had better seats that Spike. Yeah, that long. so I’m not just speaking as an impartial member of the fourth estate and dispassionate observer of the Knicks’ sage. I’m speaking as someone who’s got skin in the game.

So hear me: I’m done.

I really don’t care why Marbury left his team in Phoenix earlier this week. I don’t care if it was because Isiah Thomas said his playing time was going to be cut, or he was going to be benched. Doesn’t matter. Marbury left his team. He left them to fend for themselves. With a contract worth $42 million in his drawer, he pouted and walked away.

If you ever harbored any thought that Marbury could be a team player rather than a “me” player, please bury them. Done.

Hard to believe, Marbury actually once served a positive purpose in New York. When he arrived in 2003, he was s sign of life. Despite the obvious send-offs he received as he left Minnesota, New Jersey and Phoenix, he was a sign of better things for a team that was not only bad but boring. In fact, other than perhaps Mark Jackson (who was not nearly as physically gifted but immeasurably smarter than Marbury ever dreamed of being), he may have been the Knicks best point guard since Walt Frazier. Yeah, I said that.

But slowly and obviously, it was clear that Marbury was never the Starbury he dreamed of being. Oh, he had his nights. And they were magical nights. But the body of work was pretty clear: Once a loser, always a loser.

Then there were the off-court moments: Like when he claimed he was the best guard in the New York-New jersey area. Like when he made stupid remarks about the Michael Vick case. Like when he popped the intern in the back of his SUV. Like when he, well, you get the idea.

The ’07-’08 start was promising. But the loss to Miami last week told me what I already knew. Marbury had to go. (He rejoined the team in Los Angeles today, but the damage is done.)

Who’ll take him? Logically, no one. But this is sports, not logic. One season-ticket holder’s garbage is a GM’s gem. Cleveland could sure use a PG. And with a clear leader like LeBron, perhaps the cavs could withstand the world according to Starbury. Sacramento? They’re bad but they need to get worse by shedding Mike Bibby and Ron Artest and rebuild around young star Kevin Martin. Marbury’s true value is that when his contract expires in two seasons it’ll give some team ample room to pursue free agents. Like I said, it ain’t logic, it’s sports.

Either way, I’m done. Marbury has to go – before another season (and more of my “skin”) is for naught.


3 thoughts on “(Never) One and Now Done

  1. mamasid says:

    Now you are feeling my pain…. how one person (Michael who???) can affect the entire team by just being stupid. Welcome to my world.

  2. Lee says:

    All I can say is…Amen!

  3. Mark says:

    I really would like the Knicks to keep Marbury and let his contract come of the books next year. Bench him, start him, but don’t trade him. The Knicks have a knack of adding useless pieces instead of letting a true leader emerge from the pack. It’s not like they can’t wait to be knocked out of the first round of the playoffs next season…

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