The Pats Vant Your Blood



The New England Patriots are vampires. That is all I can say after watching them survive two fourth-ands… during the final two minutes to defeat the game and able Baltimore Ravens 27-24 on Monday Night Football.



If I were Conspiracy Brother, I’d say NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has issued an edict declaring that the Pats, chasing history, will no lose – no matter what. How else to explain Brian Billick’s idiot calling of timeout out on a fourth down play when it looked like his defense (remember Ray Lewis is still playing) had stopped the Pats with 1:46 left? How else to explain a defensive holding call on the second fourth-and play just a few ticks later – with just :54 left?

Like I said, if I was Conspiracy Brother.

But I’m not. So I’ll just let it go.

For now.

In the meantime, Pats opponents would be advised to wear turtlenecks.


2 thoughts on “The Pats Vant Your Blood

  1. Bubba Shucks says:

    The Ravens were robbed with a ticky-tack foul call on the final fourth down play. You know it.

  2. blueollie says:

    That was one game worth staying up for. As far as the holding call: I thought it was justified. But as far as that last Patriot touchdown…well that one was close. The feet were there, but the ball sure looked as if it “bobbled” oh-so-slightly to me.

    But if the Ravens hadn’t have called time out, or if they hadn’t have thrown that dumb interception that kept them from going up by two scores…etc.

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