Talk, Talk, Talk….Clemens Speaks!


One at a time, confession by confession, the tainted ones are stepping forward to offer clarity on their use of steroids – so noted because their names were on The List, Mitchell’s List. But finally the Big One has spoken. Roger Clemens came forth today and, while most other “listers” are admitted use but noting that it was confined to just one or two occasions years ago, Clemens says he didn’t do squat.

This was the proverbial statement issued through the agent: “I want to state clearly and without qualification: I did not take steroids, human growth hormone or any other banned substances at any time in my baseball career or, in fact, my entire life. Those substances represent a dangerous and destructive shortcut that no athlete should ever take. I am disappointed that my 25 years in public life have apparently not earned me the benefit of the doubt, but I understand that Senator Mitchell’s report has raised many serious questions. I plan to publicly answer all of those questions at the appropriate time in the appropriate way. I only ask that in the meantime people not rush to judgment.”


Not sure what “benefit of the doubt” Clemens should get since he had ample opportunity to address the allegations in the report with Mitchell, but chose not to.

As for the “appropriate time in the appropriate way” for him to answer questions, how about “yesterday” and “truthfully?”


2 thoughts on “Talk, Talk, Talk….Clemens Speaks!

  1. Roy, don’t you know that the appropriate time is when has to place his hand on a Bible and tell the truth? Call my cynical, but in all of this madness, the best move of all was Sammy Sosa pretending to be the Barcelona waiter in Fawlty Towers at the congressional hearings. I kept waiting for him to go, “Que?”.

  2. Zuri Berry says:

    It’s a case of deny, deny, deny. Columnists and commentators are going ostrich hunting. I wrote about these denials yesterday,

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