One Taylor Done Right, One Wronged

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The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. A tale of two Taylors: Fred (above) and Sean.

Typically, the only people who truly care about Pro Bowl selections are players, their relatives, their agents and those NFL wonks who’ve somehow created a Fantasy League based on who did/didn’t make the NFL’s annual after-season Irrelevant Bowl. This year, though, the announcement of yesterday’s rosters stirred an unusual tone when it was learned that Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor was named to the team less than a month after he was killed in a robbery in his home.

Taylor was leading the league in INTs at the time of his death, and was one of the leading vote-getters at the time. Bravo.

Conversely, Fred Taylor got screwed. The Jacksonville Jag Running back is the NFL’s sixth-leading rusher be he’s earned more yards per-carry than all but one of the men ahead of him: Minnesota’s sensational rookie, Adrian Peterson. But this is the deal: Last month, Taylor becaome only the 21st rusher in league history to surpass 10,000 yards. Each of those men made the Pro Bowl at some juncture during their careers. Not Fred. He’s never earned a seat on the Honolulu boondoggle. Not once.

Too bad.

The NFL had a great opportunity to do the right things, but they got only halfway there.


2 thoughts on “One Taylor Done Right, One Wronged

  1. Jagfan says:

    He has about 2/3s the carries and 3/4s the yards compared to Willie Parker; he also has twice the TDs and 5.1 yards vs Parker’s 4.1 per carry. I call bullshit

  2. Zuri says:

    Let’s call it what it is. With fan voting everything is a popularity contest. If you were ever on the Fred Taylor bandwagon, you jumped off some time a couple of years ago because of all the injuries that hindered your time to root for the guy. He’s one ankle injury from being football’s Penny Hardaway. He’s a fantasy plague in that sense. Guys won’t draft him and if you do, you look like an idiot. So tell me, who is rooting for the guy (outside of Jacksonville) when he’s killed so many fantasy seasons due to injury? Today’s fandom is driven by the fantasy landscape. If you think otherwise, you’re not following the craze.

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