Clemens and His Buddy Mike: Zzzzzzzzzz…

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Clemens way back then…

Well, that proved nothing. There were so many quick edits and snippy denials during Roger Clemens’ much-touted “60 Minutes” interview with Mike Wallace I don’t really know what he said.

He used the word “false” to describe former trainer Brian McNamee’s assertions in the Mitchell Report that he injected the multi-Cy Young winner with steroids and HGH.

After that, there was a lot of bluster and huffing.

He asked if he’d taken steroids and they were so good why didn’t he keep taking them? Uh, maybe because they were illegal?

Clemens never said he’d take a lie detector test. When Wallace asked him whether passing one would exonerate him, Clemens said: “I don’t know, would it?”

He also said he’d tell Congress more about taking Vioxx (a pain killer that has since been said to potentially cause heart problems) that he told Wallace he’d once taken. Why the once-venerable journalists didn’t follow-up on that remark, I don’t know.

He didn’t say whether or not he’d take legal action against McNamee either, only noting that he’s now in the position of having to spend money to clear his name. Clemens earned $28 million in 2007 for pitching 18games.

All told, the interview was a letdown. The producers could have dedicated the entire hour to the interview, or at lest two segments. I came and went and left me with little more than I knew before. From the folks at “60,” I expected more .

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4 thoughts on “Clemens and His Buddy Mike: Zzzzzzzzzz…

  1. says:

    Roger Clemens is a MLB/Disney-ESPN:

    Charles Van Doren poser
    media tool

    Just like David Ortiz, Albert Pujols, Tiger Woods, Lance Pharmstrong, Marion Jones, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Curt Schilling, Tom Glavine, Cal Ripkin, Tomny Gywnn are are.

  2. i have a different purview of the issue clemen—-cy

  3. says:

    Yes, Tiger Woods is on roids now too. Tiger started much later than a Lance Phamrstrong, marion Jones, Reggie Bush or Tom Brady, but after age 26, he too went all anabolic booster with the Nike Pharmacy.

    John Daly ought to inject instead of drink his drugs.

  4. The Jake says:

    I too was left wondering about all the quick edits that preceded those snappy comebacks…which is why I would like to see the unedited tape. It reminded me of that Oprah interview with Michael Jackson albeit with more direct questions.

    Too be honest I made the mistake of assuming Roger -lets call him Truth Dodger – had a “prescription” for Vioxx. Maybe the same “prescription” he had for the HGH.

    I understand he only responded in an attempt to silence those who questioned his guilt because he had yet to respond. IMHO Truth Dodger took the injection but would rather be hit by one of his own fireballs than face up to this rabbit hole of a lie.

    MLB you are on the clock.

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