The Clemens Tape

Roger Clemens listens to his lawyer speak during a news conference about alleged steroid use Monday, Jan. 7, 2008 in Houston. Clemens has filed a defamation suit against his former trainer, Brian McNamee, who claimed to have injected him with performance-enhancing drugs.

What a mess. That’s all I can say. After listening to (and watching) every second of the Roger Clemens pres conference today, there are no other words. Well, except maybe one: sad.

Frankly, I don’t know who to believe any more. Clemens is so vehement in his denial, it actually seems plausible that he actually didn’t take steroids and HGH. Conversely, why would Brian McNamee lie to the feds? These were two very good friends – at least by all accounts – who’ve now been reduced to a pitiful, 17-minute, surreptitiously taped telephone conversation that can only be described as painful and sad. Listen for yourself: Here 

McNamee said he was hole up in a hotel room in New York because reporters stalked his house. He said his son, also named Brian, is ghastly sick. Clemens said his wife is “not well,” not are his kids.

What a mess.

Even worse: Where does it end?

So Clemens files a lawsuit that who knows when will go to court. And now he can plead the fifth before Congress because he doesn’t want to compromise the lawsuit.

“So what do you want me to do?” That’s what McNamee asked repeatedly. But Clemens, no doubt being coached by his attorney, never said: “Just tell the truth.”

Conversely, McNamee never said he was pressured by the feds to nail, Clemens, something we were led to believe he said prior to the press conference. Later, Clemens’ attorney said, “I have no problemwith the government.”

Where does it all end? So Bonds goes on trial. Clemens stews. And Mcnamee sits alone in a hotel room.

What a mess.


6 thoughts on “The Clemens Tape

  1. says:

    Do not know who to believe???? really?

    Do Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny ring your bell?

    THEY ALL DOPE!!!!!!!!!! 100%

    1,000,000 USA teens use steroids today.

    From Martina Hingis to Marion Jones to Kobe Bryant, Lance Pharmstrong to Curt Schilling to Tom Brady to USC’s Reggie Bush to Nike’s Tiger Woods—-they all use steroids and female hormones too.

    and do not forget the:
    testosterone gel
    Salbutamol (asthma steroids)
    Pot Belge (heroin, morphine, caffeiene and cocaine)

  2. Mark says:

    It seems like we’ll never know the truth unfortunately.

  3. Jack Billingham says:

    The phonecall raises more questions and provides few answers.The Rocket should be renamed The Nuclear Warhead

  4. says:

    We know everything now:

    MLB = WWE

    corked bats, gambling, alcohol sales and steroids.

    They all use illegal drugs

    Disney-ESPN makes BILLIONS in profit from this fraud.

  5. Henry Simpson says:

    Get your facts straight. Clemens made $28 million pro rated over the time he was an active player. Not $28 million for 18 games.
    I personally do not believe Clemens but if he or his accuser takes a lie detector test then we will know the truth. Anyways lets keep the facts straight.

  6. says:

    More facts:

    Disney owns MLB TV & radio rights and pays $2.9 BILLION per year to MLB Club owners.

    In exchange, Disney-ESPN resells that air time to advertisers for $5-6 BILLION and a tidy profit.

    Corked bats, steroids, ampohetmaines, illegal gambling, aging stars (Clemens, Bonds, Glavine, Ripken) are all part of that MLB-WWE sit-comedy.

    They all dope–and Disney insists on it.

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