Golf Channel Announcer Says Tiger Should Be “Lynched”

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The one without the clue is on the right.

What is it about Duke? Okay, maybe that’s not fair. But it did make me scratch my head and wonder when I read what Kelly Tilghman, a former Blue Devil golfer, said on the Golf Channel last Friday during her gig as co-lead announcer for the network’s telecast of the Mercedes-Benz Championship, the PGA Tour’s inaugural event of the season.

It’s been widely reported that this is how it went down: As Kelly and her on-air partner Nick Faldo they wrapped up the telecast at the Plantation Course at Kapalua, they engaged in a discussion about young players who possibly could challenge Tiger. Faldo jokingly said perhaps those players should “gang up [on Woods] for a while.” They chuckled then Tilghman (and this is why comedy should be left to the professionals) added, “Lynch him in a back alley.”

The announcers chuckled awkwardly before moving on.

Watch the video:

Had Woods been white, to use one of the most heinous crimes committed in this nation to illustrate God-knows that point would have been egregious. But that he’s not makes the remark unconscionable. And punishable.

It would be a travesty if Tilghman is allowed to broadcast the next event for the Golf Channel. (It speaks volumes already that she was allowed to sit on the air all day Saturday, as if nothing happened. She then offered an on-air apology on Sunday but still did the entire telecast.)

At minimum, a suspension is in order. Some will surely call for a firing. If the network does nothing – just months after the Jena 6 dominated the nation’s airwaves – it would make a significant statement about the network’s tolerance of such actions. A statement that would hurt the sport of golf and rekindle memories of a racist history that Woods’ success has helped diminish.

Doing nothing would remind us of Fuzzy Zoeller.

Doing nothing would remind us of Shoal Creek.

Doing nothing would not be smart.

Okay, so it’s just the Golf Channel. And Kelly Tilghman is simply a hottie that was given an opportunity to anchor a telecast because can swing a golf club.

That is not the point. Tolerance of this sort of talk, at any level in our industry, simply cannot be tolerated.

Your move, GC.

Tilghman says she’s reached out to Woods to apologize. (Interestingly, they are friends.) Here’s hoping, at least for the moment – until the Golf Channel makes its statement – that he does not accept the call. Or the apology.

Roy’s Update: The Golf Channel issued this statement and has linked it on it’s homepage.

Tiger’s representative, Mark Steinberg says the matter is a “non-issue” with the golfer: “Tiger and Kelly are friends and Tiger has a great deal of respect for Kelly,” he said. “Regardless of the choice of words used we know unequivocally that there was no ill-intent in her comments. This story is a non-issue in our eyes.”


111 thoughts on “Golf Channel Announcer Says Tiger Should Be “Lynched”

  1. Eddie says:

    What Ms. Tilghman did was inexcuseable. Doesn’t she realize that statements like that hurt people. How would she feel if someone said that about one of her loved ones. I think the lady should be suspended at the least and maybe fired. I mean, if you are the President of this network, do you want this kind of person representing you. I would make an immediate change if it was my decision. Tiger, you are an awesome golfer and an even better person. Ciao.

  2. CDR Wyndell Patterson says:

    How long Oh Lord, how long? Martin said, “there is nothing more dangerous than sincere ignorance”.
    The TV media is by in large “out of control” and not just concerning insensitive, racist or dumb remarks. They have substituted geniune, helpful commentary, insightful news broadcasts and accurate reporting for sensationalism delivered by pretty legs, loud annoyances and provocative characters. How long, Oh Lord, how long?

    You my friend are among the dwindling few. Keep up the good work.

  3. Robert Moynahan says:

    This is way out of control and out of context for that matter. It is very obvious that she was NOT saying this as matter of fact that the young players should “lynch” Tiger Woods. Because this has been so blown out of proportion, it is a wonder that anyone even wants to comment on sports or world events. You can’t say anything without offending a certain race or religion and having your career put on the line. Please think what it would be like to get a blanket, standard report as to the world events or sporting events across the globe. Without colorful commentation, would we truely want to watch TV.

    Before you call for this women to be fired, I think it appropriate to look at the body of work that she has put togehter over the years. Was this an isloated incident and slip of the tongue that was in now way intended to be offensive, or was this a slanderous, racist remark ment to do damage to a race different from her own.

    It was a mistake and she apologized. Let it go.

  4. Sal says:

    Wow! Do you people actually believe that she meant that? I know, she knows, hell, we all know, Tiger is the best golfer, in the world. And the vast majority of us admire Tiger, for the person, and golfer, he is. Has nothing to do with skin color. Get over it.

    • chic says:

      Tiger is still at his sicko ways. Do you hear what happend i dubia. Lots of white women. Aynone that urnites on aotner human bieng is sick. He not thebest anymore, just a billionaire. I don;t want my grandson to be like him. he also useds the race card, which i am also sick of.

  5. Urla Hill says:

    Tiger is always so insistent about not being Black, so I wonder if what she said really bothered him? I remember when he noted he was “Caublanasian” for white, Black, Native American, and Asian . . . White is first!

  6. Kathy Meyer says:

    Why is it always about color or race?? I think you writers like keep things stirred up. Why would this comment be ok for a white man but not for a black?? These comments should not be thought of in that light. Get over it already.

  7. sofia poullada says:

    hello roy,

    true. kelly must be really really lacking in brain-power, common sense, and is a mean spirited dummy to phrase what she said the way she did. she’s ON TV for heavens sake! thousands would “kill” to have her job.

    okay, now what about YOUR phrasing? “MOST heinious crime of…etc, etc.” do you then place as “lesser” the historical context of the USA cavalry riding through native american villages and killing every woman, child and old person in sight? do you honestly think that only african americans were murdered for their ethnicity? does the term cultural genocide ring a bell? how about expanding YOUR historical horizons a bit.
    peace, shp

  8. you succeeded.. Roy says:

    Well Iguess this comment is racist if your a racist african american, I personally never even questioned it until I saw it on the front page of Yahoo news…Well you did it, you pissed off millions of american’s by taking something harmless and turning it into hate…Roy S. who??? well now everyone know’s congrats…

  9. you succeeded.. Roy says:

    Well I guess this comment is racist if your a racist african american, I personally never even questioned it until I saw it on the front page of Yahoo news…Well you did it, you pissed off millions of american’s by taking something harmless and turning it into hate…Roy S. who??? well now everyone know’s congrats…

  10. Chuck says:

    Are you suggesting Tiger is Black?

  11. Nikki says:

    Only if Tiger Woods was black would that be offensive.

  12. David says:

    Mr. Johnson, you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this article without all the facts. As a journalist you are to report the facts in their entirety, not leave out a critical part of the conversation. For you to say “I have not seen the clip, nor do i know the context of the remarks” does not absolve you of being part of the problem here and not being part of the solution. Most people will read this article, not attempt to discover the whole truth, and condemn this women for making this comment. She was talking to Nick Faldo, Faldo joked saying perhaps the younger players on the tour “should gang up (on tiger) for a while”. Tilghman then made her comment saying maybe they should lynch him in a back alley. Are we so politically sensitive in this day and age where this off color and perhaps inappropriate comment could cost this lady her job? It was not meant to be degrading or offensive, there was no intent here. It was an unfortunate choice of words. Let us leave it at that and worry about bigger things.

    And next time you decide to write an article publish all the facts.

  13. Steve Marcocia says:

    Roy, Take a chill pill and in typical journalist fashion stop throwing fuel on a ridiculous fire. Take her words for what she meant, not for what you want to make people think that she meant. Her statement was a compliment and you know it!! The only way any of them can win is to get rid of him. Harmelessly spoken were her words, with zero bad intent. Leave it to a nit like you to start unneeded controversy! The only one that should quit is you Roy (why do you need the S) Johnson

  14. Mike McCraney says:

    “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.” And you are an “award winning journalist and editor-in-chief of Men’s Health Magazine?” Wow, I need to subscribe so I can read some more literary brilliance.

    How about this Roy “I heard somebody say that you wrote something stupid about tolerance. I think you should be fired!”
    You politically correct, race-baiting, liberal media puke.

  15. Bill says:

    Bravo Steve,
    The S stands for shithead. That you can take to the bank!

  16. Matt says:

    Mr Johnson states, “I have not seen the clip, nor do I know the context of the remarks. This is what I know — that Tilghman, who never played on the LPGA Tour, said golf’s young players should “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley.”

    Why doesn’t Mr Johnson simply state “I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I have an opinion about it anyway.”

    I know that somewhere along the lines, the media realized that by removing context from the equation, people’s remarks make much less sense. Figure out the context, find a recording, look on YouTube. DO YOUR JOB. Then come to us with a fair and honest report of the event. Then I might care about your opinion.

    And why is it that lynching is less acceptable for blacks than it is whites? Can’t it just be flat out unacceptable, without consideration for skin tone? I’d have to imagine that every and all lynches EVER involved plenty of prejudice.

    What does her having never played for the LPGA matter? Would it make a difference if Annika Sorenstam said it? Did you play for the PGA? Should I be listening to you?

  17. Mike McCraney says:

    “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.”
    Are you the Yogi Berra of journalism? Have a little respect for yourself. You may not lift a finger to research a subject before driveling about it, but I think it’s only fitting that you print a piece before reading it through yourself. Tell you what Roy, that’s going to be my motto from now on – you’ve given me inspiration! The great award-winning JOURNALIST, Roy S. Johnson has penned absolute genius and given me words to live by:


  18. Scott Bond says:

    I hardly doubt this woman runs around wearing a white hooded robe with a burning cross and spouting racial slurs in her free time.
    Chances are, Kelly Tilghman would have made the same stupid comment about a white pro golfer and you idiots wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

    For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.
    ~Matthew 7:2

  19. Mike McCraney says:

    “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.”

    Perhaps the golf channel should put Ms. Tighlman on “double secret probation” huh Dean Wormer?

    Award-winning JOURNALIST.

    Men’s Health Magazine? I thought that was a 30 minute special on the Bravo channel.

  20. Jeromy says:

    The comment was mindless, yes, but it’s also clearly not a racist comment when you hear it context. The only thing that this article means, Roy, is that you are one of the millions of black people that feel victimized by “white folks” about everything. Do you take every opportunity that you can to get the torches out and blast whitey? If you get cut off in traffic by a white guy do you think it’s a racist thing? Come on, it’s 2008, get over it. Before you spread more hate, think about what you write and get all of the facts.

  21. bill moody says:

    Your comments immediately disqualify your future opinions about anything. I hope this is the last article of yours that is give any attention. You are just as bad as those individuals who are bigots and racist. I quite likely believe that you are probably racist yourself.

    I feel sorry for you and your attitude. I can only hope that Tiger does not share your opinion.

    Next time, do your home work , watch the clip, and pay attention to the context so you can make more intelligent comments.

  22. Lincoln Alexander says:

    Please refrain from commenting on non issues such as this. There are numerous valid biases and racial degradations around us. Your self serving comments waters down the effect of valid concerns raised by informed people.

  23. Colby Williams says:

    Well, i don’t care who says that she should get fired, because the truth is that she shouldn’t…If Tiger Woods was offended, he should seek his appology and get on with it…Most of the time these little comments are not meant to be racist, but for some reason everyone, including the media, decided to blow the whole thing way out of proportion and label the person as a racist…I don’t care what people say, everytime this comes up, including with Imus, the announcer is not a racist…In fact times have changed, and now white men are the most oppressed people in the nation today…yeah a 180 degree flip from what most people believe, but it is white men and women who are having their freedom of speech silenced…For example, if someone outside of your race can not say certain things, then nobody ought to be able to…because this is segregation, even if you don’t want to believe it…So this woman’s remark was not racist, is not racist, and will never be racist…it is just people blowing things way out of proportion in their quest to be politically correct…

  24. melanie says:

    I thought you were making a great argument for some form of recognition and penalty from GC – I was right there with you, really, I was. Right up to the point you had to show your true colors as a sexist, chauvinistic pig by referring to her as ‘hottie’ who got the job just ‘because she can swing a golf club’. Your case would have been so much stronger without the remarks – totally unnecessary and unfortunately, completely discredits you as a professional. No one, including you it would seem, likes to be put into a stereo-typed category. While ‘hottie’ may well be viewed as a positive term – it in no way diminishes the intention to dismiss her credibility. She may have said something stupid, very much requiring an apology and possible punishment of some sort – but you can’t really hold yourself in a much higher position than her now. Too bad, really.

  25. Rick says:

    Hey Jackass,
    You readily admit that you don’t know the context of her statement then call for her firing? Are you an idiot? Kelly Tilghman has been a GC commentator for years and has done exemplary work. Coupled with Nick Faldo they make one of the great broadcast teams in golf. To say that she got the job because she’s a ‘hottie who can swing a club’ shows your complete ignorance and lack of knowledge about golf broasters and broadcasting.

    Hey Dumbass, whan you complain about someone making a racist comment, it would help not to reveal that your a sexist bigot. Go fuck yourself.

  26. TJ says:

    You don’t know the context of the comment, you haven’t seen the clip, so why write the story? This sounds like a case of someone trying to fan the flames of a dead story. Was the comment inappropriate and ill advised? Considering Woods’ race yes. Should she be forced to apologize? Possibly. But fired? C’mon. Aren’t there more legitimate things to be concerned with?

  27. Michael says:

    Roy S. Johnston,

    Never heard of you. I am sure that Tiger Woods appreceiates your WHITE ASS taking up for him. It was a “fiogure of speech” we are still allowed to do that in this PC country, aren’t we. Since Tiger claims to be ASIAN AMERICAN anyway, whats the problem? I figure someone like Ms. Tilghman is way out of your league anyhow, and if you did get “lucky” enough you wouldn’t “measure” up anyway. Tackel some real issues Rob.

  28. Joe M says:

    ” And Kelly Tilghman is simply a hottie that was given an opportunity to anchor a telecast because can swing a golf club.

    That is not the point. Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated.” (sic)

    Why do so many people feel that proof reading is no longer required since computers check our spelling? Apparently computers can’t tell when the wrong word is used or one is omitted. In three short sentences written by Mr. Johnson, I see four errors.

  29. Mike McCraney says:

    Joe, are you and I the only ones who still take the english language seriously? Then again, you and I aren’t “award-winning journalists” so I guess we don’t know what we’re talking about.

  30. Ben Parrish says:

    “I have not seen the clip, nor do I know the context of the remarks.”

    Well then, by all means, give us your conclusions about what should be done about this, based on admittedly not knowing anything about it!

  31. Chris B says:


    On this website you described yourself as a “man of faith who believes in fairness and forgiveness.” Not this time I guess?

    You not hearing the clip or knowing the context has resulted in a blatant overreaction to the situation. What happened on the GC was an innocent and miseducated comment. She CLEARLY had no mean intentions.

    This article would never appear in a respectable print publication – good thing for you bloggers and online writers like yourself can write whatever the hell they want with complete disregard for facts and common sense.

    You’re probably a good guy. As a black man, I’m sure hearing about this story struck a chord with you in a way I will never understand. But saying what you did, comparing it to what you did and calling for her job is a display of personal anger turned into ignorance.

    If anyone owes an apology – it’s you.

  32. Law Mom says:

    Mr. Johnson:

    One overeducated white girl’s opinion: You are absolutely right. The First Amendment might cover her. So what? She wasn’t on O’Reilly, she was on a sports channel. Maybe I missed something but hate speech isn’t sportsmanlike.

    This “gee, but Tiger isn’t black” excuse is pathetic. If Tiger goes on a cold streak for more than ten minutes, the haters are out in force; his Caublanasian country-club cred shrivels and browns up like “a raisin in the sun.” God help him if he’d lost two tournaments when that baby was born, bad enough he crapped out in one.

    Non carborundum illegitimi!

  33. CWB says:

    Ok, so here we go again. People do you really think this woman actually meant young golfers should put on their KKK hoods and kidnap Tiger in the night and go and hang him in the streets? I am a woman who really cannot stand most female sports commentators because they usually are only there because they are remotely attractive but I can even give this girl a break. All this article and others like it are going to do is get a lot of people up in arms and then they are going to call Rev. Jackson and then some poor soul will lose their job! From everything I have ever heard, Ms. Tilghman is a fan of Tiger, so rewind your videos and put the statement in context, then suck it up and forget travesties that occurred in the past and thank God it no longer happens and move on!!!! I mean I am part American Indian and you do not seeing me wanting to get my child’s teacher fired when she tells them to sit in “Indian Style” do you??? Get a life people.

  34. Paul says:

    Am I wrong to assume that Ms. Tilghman is an American who went to American schools to receive an American education? If my assumption is right, then is it plausible that Ms. Tilghman, like many Americans, does not know her nation’s racist history?

    Perhaps she is aware of slavery, the schools usually cover at least that much, but perhaps she does not know about the hundreds (or is it thousands?) of lynchings of black men that took place in our nation after slavery ended?

    Maybe she does not even truly understand what it means to be lynched. Surely, she did not mean that Tiger Woods should be tortured, mutilated, hanged until death, and then his corpse set on fire by the other golfers. I imagine she saw lynching as a metaphor for them having a good talking to Tiger, a verbal and intimidating “shake down,” and used the term lynch because it refers to a mob mentality.

    I did not learn about lynchings in my K-12 education and I would not have learned about them in college if I had not chosen to take ethnic studies and race relations courses to learn more of my American history that was hidden from us in high school. It was shocking and painful and immensely worthwhile to learn this fuller history.

    Perhaps Ms. Tilghman did not take any such courses at Duke, and perhaps like at my college when I was an undergrad, there is no requirement to take any such course which would expand knowledge of America’s racist history.

    Instead of crucifying her (hope no one finds that metaphor offensive), why not use this as an educational moment and instead of encouraging her firing or suspension, why not encourage her education and then for her to share that education with Golf Channel viewers? I wonder how many Golf Channel viewers also don’t know the full extent of their nation’s racist history, of which lynchings are but one part. If the Golf Channel and Ms. Tilghman are agreeable, there is a way to serve a higher purpose in this incident instead of just serving our anger.

  35. GC Lover says:

    A hottie who can swing a club is not nearly as exciting as 5 nappy headed hos running up and down a court dunking a big orange ball. After all, golf is still primarily a white man racist sport even if Tiger is clouding it up a bit. Good job Roy. You should stick to these pro black stories. I’m all for you mah nigga!! Wakka wakka wakka ….

  36. You lost me at “What is it about Duke”. Every sports journalist in the country ought to stand in line and let those lacrosse players slap their faces.

  37. dvh says:

    What a contradiction we are living. The number one democratic candidate is black,the number one golfer is black,ok multiethnic, and announcers are saying he should be lynched. Doesn’t surprise me,just last week by 10 year old was called the n word by two schoolmates in a liberal NY suburb.
    This must not be tolerated,that is the only way the message can be sent and reinforced. Given I know the head of the channel I will make my thoughts known.

  38. brian says:

    Fuck you. you’re an over sensitive piece of shit

  39. James Berry says:

    Mr. Johnson should be more concerned with his writing. I believe he meant “intolerance”, not “tolerance”. And he gets paid to write?

  40. Marc says:

    Dear Mr. Johnson,

    I did not hear the comment nor see the tape, just like you, but do not jump on the racist bandwagon so quickly. It is apparent that whatever the heck she was thinking that it came out insensitively and racial in tone. Fuzzy Zoeller’s comments were insensitive as well but based on unfortunate and stupid “time honored stereotypes”. He (a well-renowned jokster) apologized but Tiger Woods let him fly in the wind at great cost to Mr. Zoeller. That in spite of the fact that later on in time some unnamed sources stated that Tiger Woods in private loved that kind of (Zoeller’s) humor. As I recall, early on, Tiger Woods took great pains to say he was ethnically mixed and not only black, but as his history has shown us it was more convenient “politically” and possibly commercially to be more black. And as long as you have brought it up, is Will Smith anti-semitic for his Hitler comments? I guess Will Smith should not be given his $20 million dollar salary per film or maybe just not allowed to make any more movies. As a last add, what about Augusta National and their history of racism and their continued exclusivist practices? Should Tiger Woods continue to play in the Masters? Oh yeah, and what has Kelly Tilghman’s not playing on the LPGA tour have to do with this? As a Jew (whose fellow Jews walked right along with Dr. Martin Luther King), I too watch out for racism, but our collective “political correctness” sometimes finds things where there is nothing. Kelly Tilghman should be judged for who she is and has been not for one incredibly stupid moment in time.

    Thank you for your time.


  41. Tracy says:

    I guess Tiger Woods has heard it all by now, but that does not excuse what this woman said on the channel during the broadcast. This story has a life because the blogs. I understand what she was trying to make a joke, but watch what you say on live television and radio. The Golf Channel isn’t going to do anything to her. Now, if any of the sponsors decide to pull their ad’s because of her comments, then they make take some action. Money talks.

  42. Tim McLaughlin says:

    Roy, not only do you not have all your facts straight, but if you are so concerned with political correctness, perhaps you should take some of your own advice. A “hottie”, “Duke” and your suggestion that the only reason she has the job at GC is because she can swing a golf club is ludicrous and sexist. I am not a fan of Miss Tilghman and would rather have a dozen other commentators in her position, but I have watched her progress over the years and can appreciate her hard work and professionalism. Your opinions are not without prejudice and you know exactly what I’m talking about! So before you try destroying careers you may want to assess your viewpoints and your basis for these opinions and avoid falling into the media-frenzy trap of writing just to incite – theres enough of that going on in America already.

  43. Cliff says:

    You are an ass hole. Get a life.

  44. Grady says:

    And you’re an editor in chief of a major magazine? Your poorly written, ill-conceived, factually challenged Op-ed piece has just ensured I will never see a need to read your magazine.

  45. hawaiicy says:

    Hey Roy, just FYI, watch the telecast before you feed the public this bull. I’m sorry man, but I watched the whole tournament, heard every word her and Faldo said, and her statement was not racial, ignorant, or offensive. Pulled completely out of context and strewn about the internet like you’ve done, yeah, it’s absolutely grounds for her to be fired. But the reality of it is that she made a poor choice of visual embellishment that had some racial undertones, and now reckless journalism like this might cost a real person, with a life and family and friends and feelings, her job, just to appease the American Idiot.

  46. Hi Roy! Quick, non-related question. Your blog -“Ballers, Gamers and Scoundrels” – does it possibly contain a section on a little of that ole crowd favorite, browsacking? I haven’t read the blog subject lines or seen it in context so I am not completely sure. But if you could get back to me, like in the next, hooooooah, four of five minutes that’d be appreciated.

    No rush.

    OK, a little rush.

  47. Go Terps says:

    “I have not seen the clip, nor do I know the context of the remarks.”


    Come back when you have seen the clip. Otherwise, you’re irrelevant.

    As the gamers say, “qq more.”

  48. Lawrence Weisgerber says:

    C’mon people….. First of all, who is Roy S. Johnson? Is he my friend? Is he your friend? Or is he somebody who has the ability to crank off an armchair opinion because he earned a degree in journalism and happens to occupy an editorial section in one of the hundreds of newspapers in this great nation? His words are inflammatory and meant to incite those who bear a guilty conscience because of the sins of earlier Americans (whom, by the way, were ALL descendants of immigrant settlers that settled here from other countries.)

    Roy…… Buddy…… Journalism is an honorable profession. Word association, on the other hand, is child’s play and better left to grade school children aspiring to become journalists some day.

    So she said the “L” word….. And you associated it with the Jena 6 event?!!

    Shame on you. Can’t you do better than that? Let me get to the point. Every United States citizen can say whatever he or she wants because our founding fathers made it so. These insightful men saw past men like you. They knew there would be men like you who might attempt to censure others. Men who twist facts so they can portray others as criminals for their own gain. Our forefathers fled their country because of men like you.

    We should reject you and all your work based on your decision to incite others so you could sell a few more papers. What’s wrong with you son? I am sure you called her to confirm exactly what she meant, right? I am sure you would give her a chance to explain herself in your editorial, right? (Yes, these are rhetorical questions Roy. I already know the answers.)

    Stand up on your soap box Roy. But you need to apologize when you do.

    1st. Apologize to that kind woman because of your slanderous attitude.
    2nd. Apologize to your readers because there is no excuse for your kind of journalism. Just look at the comments some readers posted because of your article. You make me sick, you mindless bastard.

    Finally, you need to apologize to America you racist bastard. Apologize for perpetuating the very thing you “say” you stand against. Then, when you are done apologizing, take two steps back from your soap box Roy S. Johnson. Don’t come back to it until you take a hard look in the mirror and admit to yourself that you help perpetuate racism more than most of us. You have taken advantage of a privilege granted to you in our glorious Constitution and you have exploited your privilege based on your position as a “professional journalist”.

    I guess all the time and money in college could never equate to character. Character is a redeeming quality possessed by those who understand that with great power comes great responsibility. But hey, what do I know? I only have a high school diploma.

    So how much power do you yield in your pen, my friend?

  49. docman says:

    I like how Roy denigrates women with the term hottie (inferring that women are only chosen for their looks) while he chastises her for using the term lynch (probably innocently). Roy should get the same punishment she gets. And a punch in the gut.

  50. Mike LaPierre says:

    Listen, you dumb bastard, its people like you that perpetuate hatred, racism, and loathing within this country. Do we really need another charlatan sports writer telling people how to think and feel? I don’t think so. You ought to be ashamed of yourself. The last time I looked, the great country you and I live in enjoyed the “Right of Free Speech”. Whatever happened to that notion? If it were up to me, you would be the one getting fired.

  51. M.M. Lee says:

    (This was sent to Golf Channel) This is my first e-mail complaint to any organization or company. I’m almost 46 years, continue to work with doctors, prosecutors & law enforcement, and forced an infamous surgeon out of practice regarding his medical license in Oregon so that he resorted to lying about his background to get a job in Australia (look up Dr. Jayant Patel with articles on front page of New York Times in addition to scores of stories worldwide in papers, magazines & TV news). Not only do the remarks about Tiger Woods from YOUR Kelly Tilghman are heinous, but your tepid response to her lack of professionalism indicates what type of programmers you really are. A white male could not get away with such a comment and would be fired. Do we suggest that her superiors take her out to the woodshed and gang rape her? Or torch her at the stake like accused witches or Joan of Arc? Duke is a Southern school with Dixie roots, and she shows what a trailer park upbringing she had. I dare anyone in your organization respond to this e-mail, and I would provide you with my full name, mailing address, work e-mail address, and direct work number in downtown Portland, but I suspect that you and your minions would spam me with much unwanted junk mail and/or viruses. Your double standard is reprehensible for what Kelly should receive as a broadcaster vs. what a male, especially white male, be punished with — likely being fired. Your channel will never be seen at my home again, and I will post on multiple websites this very exact note. Again, this will be the first time that I have responded to anything on the worldwide web. For the record, I am neither white nor male. I am also not African-American.

  52. bebemaster says:

    I came here to write how I object to this piece of writing I found on the yahoo front page. I can say I am pleased that things are well in hand and everything I wanted to point out and more has been said in these comments. I hope that you do at least read a couple of these comments and take them to heart.

  53. Dan Donofrio says:

    This message is directed specifically at ROY! You sir disgust me. It is people like you that cause such nasty controversary. Do you really think that Kelly made that remark in a racist fashion, of course not. Now put your thinking cap on and give it a moment to start working ahhh!! there we go, is it coming to you yet……that’s right she made that comment in the spirit of competition, that the golfing youth should lynch Tiger because as long as he is playing the sport of golf they don’t have a prayer. Roy I am a father of 2 boys and I would feel blessed if my children have a ounce of the golfing talent that Tiger has, he is an inspiration to watch. Oh by the way I’m white. I’m sick and tired of people like you causing such a media frenzy because of something that someone said. Now if she had said, the golfing youth need to lynch Tiger because he’s a black guy in a white sport then by all means take offense, but that’s not what she said. The remark was made with the competitive spirit in mind you and I both know it. You sir should apologize not only to Kelly but the GC and the people aroung the world who unfortuneatly had to read the crap you write. Oh and most of all to Tiger Woods who I am sure is smart enough and gentleman enough to understand the context in which it was put. In the future maybe you’ll exercise some caution before you decide to crucify someone just to get your name in the news. Good day to you sir. I use that term loosely.

  54. Swifty Lazaar says:

    Golf Channel and the PGA – hire this women right now. Give her a fat raise and get her some major media exposure – NOW. She could be this week’s new ‘big thing’. PGA needs any publicity it can get – good, bad or indifferent. The people above me are too busy playing ‘save the world’. There is no good or bad anymore – only 10 second sound bites and getting noticed in video media. The girl looks good, so someone get her ‘out-front’ and make a buck or two.

  55. Swifty Lazaar says:

    Has anyone guessed that ROY is full of it?

  56. Roy S. Johnston says:

    Yo people, this is Roy. Before you stop reading, let me say I am an angry black male. A product of the 60’s. A true thug dawg. Before affirmative action and the Black Colleges, I was breaking into your home stealing your couch and fine china. Now I am college edumucated and writing this piece of trough lining because some Zionist Jew felt sympathy on my lazy ass and hired me. I now spew my hatred toward all White people, the entire reason for which why my life is so jizzzacked!!! Tiger Woods is also my enemy, because hard work and immense talent got him so far, while I sludge through my day fetching coffee for my New World masters. But when Tiger is the target of a derogatory statement, I go into All Blacks Must Unify mode and immediately think about writing articles like this one. I am so smart. Blacks have no problems if not for comments like this woman who are bringing us down. I hope the 5 million colored members of the Golf Channel cancel their subscriptions immediately!! Please hold, I have Jesse Jackson calling on the other line. He is asking me to join him at the corner rally in LA where a Korean shot a black boy for stealing M&M’s. Now that is even MORE racist than this. I’ll be back in an hour. Stay tuned!!

    ~Angry Black Male

  57. David says:

    I suppose miss Tilghman was trying to be humerous with her brainless remark regarding Tiger.
    I think a class act like Tiger will just consider the source and shine it on.
    The Golf Channel needs to take a serious look at their employees if they want to to rise to the level of major networks.
    If the Golf Channel does not hand out punitive measures regarding this incident I will drop my subscrition to the Golf Channel on Direct TV.

  58. courtgolf says:

    Well done Mr Johnson – you have just proven that your own ignorance is more dangerous than a slip of the tongue. By your own admission, you didn’t hear the conversation OR the entire quote – but you’re damn sure ready to fly into action – ready to race bate and destroy another person’s life to satisfy your own overactive imagination.

    Perhaps someone should start a campaign against you and your politics. You can’t seem to remember that the Duke Lacrosse team was exhonerated from their charges when it was found that the two hookers were lying – and the DA was riding a tide of ignorance and race hatred in order to get re-elected. Should your name be included in their law suit now ?

    Maybe you’ve forgotten the political race whores – Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton – who stood in front of cameras to condemn the lacrosse team and offer to give the hookers scholarships because they had been so wronged. Oooops. But that’s ok – they’re not white – it’s ok to overlook the corruption of Jackson and Sharpton – as long as it suits your purpose – to sell magazines.

    Shame on you Mr Johnson. You would think that a long time “journalist” would know better. Then again – if you are more concerned with selling copies than getting the story right – you wouldn’t know shame or decency if it smacked you in the face.

    Try being a decent human being for a day – you might like it. Selling garbage like this only promotes more hatred between races – and that’s not good…unless, of course, that’s what you secretly want.

    Don’t think for a second that Tiger Woods cares what Tilghman said. Don’t think for a second that he would stoop to scream racism like you phonies will no doubt do. If he had been standing next to her in the booth – I believe he would have given her a glance, followed by his famous smile and maybe a little nudge with the elbow to needle her a little bit – but he would not believe for a second that Kelly Tilghman is a racist.

    You, on the other hand – I’m pretty sure that you are a race bater – depending on division between people to line your pockets.

  59. Dirk says:

    Saying a black golfer “should be lynched,” is the same offensive as saying a jewish golfer “should be gassed.” I think announcers should be accountable for certain limits and if this was said then a line was crossed.

  60. Claude says:

    If this was said then it doesn’t really matter what color or ethnicity Tiger is … let’s just substitute words for the sake of illustration … saying that a golfer should be “beat up” or “pummeled” or “threatened” or “wacked” in a back alley on a golf broadcast (???!!!) … I mean that right there is grounds for dismissal (unless you’re announcing American Gladiators) even if you say it with a big smile.

    Let us know when you find the YouTube clip.

  61. Nicky C says:

    Stupid comment and she should have known better, but I don’t think some of you idiots posting, including Roy S. Johnson, even watch the Golf Channel, watch golf or know who Kelly Tilghman is for that matter. If you have ever seen a Golf Channel broadcast, you’d then know that she fawns all over Tiger Woods constantly. She would marry Tiger if she could (almost kidding). I watch most of the tournaments of the Golf Channel and those of you that do also, know she has never uttered anything slightly negative or derogatory about Tiger Woods. So stop trying to equate her to a scumbag like Don Imus, who is a racist in his heart and in his brain. Her remarks where that basically Tiger is so good that most of the young guys don’t have a chance against him. If this was someone woman like Marge Schotz saying this, I’d agree that it was racist, but Kelly Tilghman is not a racist in any way. A bad choice of words, yes. But not meant in a mean-spirited way.

  62. Eddie says:

    I am sure Ms. Tilghman regrets her stupid comment. Sometimes people say the dumbest things for no apparent reason. She should of realized that you just do not go around saying things like that. We, as a society in whole, have to be more sensitive in what we say, not just for minorities, but for all. I know this country has made progress, but there is still a lot of racial discrimination in the U.S. Maybe one day race will not be an issue, but it might be a few hundred years before it happens, if ever.

  63. ncjournalist says:

    Hey Roy… what’s your beef with Duke? Arnold Palmer went to Wake Forest University. How about we check our facts before we say something without thinking. In my opinion you’re just as bad as the person you’re writing about

  64. Mark W says:

    I don’t get the Duke reference. You mean the case where a bunch of white lacrosse players were almost railroaded by black wannabe politicians? THAT Duke case?

    Tiger has already said (through his agent) case closed..move on to your next firefight Roy.

  65. Eric says:

    The ‘ol race card. Works every time. Not! It was said in jest. Obviously. I would be shocked if Tiger actually took real offense to it. It was a joke made on how incredibly good Tiger is and how difficult it is for ANY player, let alone the younger ones, to win golf tournaments when he is entered. Why does everything have to be about race! Btw, what race is the writer? Shocker! I am so oppressed… Cry me a river.

  66. Michael says:

    This was an ignorant and insensitive comment – no different than if she remarked that a person of Jewish descent should be “baked”. No one of reasonable intelligence or awareness should think her comments are acceptable. We must hold writers and editors and bloggers and broadcasters to a different standard than the rest of us – those of us not in the position to touch great swaths of readers/listeners/viewers. She should be sent the message that her comments were absolutely out-of-line. Is this a firing offense – probably not – but to try to dismiss this as something to “get over” is in, itself, ignorant of the rich differences, and sensitivities, of our great society.

  67. John Patrick says:

    As usual, you blow the comment completely out of context. What she was saying was totally in jest, but leave it to you to make it “racially inflammatory!” She just wants other golfers to get a fire lit under their you-know-what and start being more competitive against him. Last week, throughout the Kansas City media, an African-American community leader, opposed to a new soccer stadium for the Kansas City Wizards in an area that’s predominately black– opposed to a plan that has been approved through the City Council and endorsed by several African-American city leaders— said “We don’t want that, Soccer’s a White Sport.” Where the hell are you when remarks like that are made, huh!!! Keep crying oppression, stupidity, or whatever, but until ALL comments–especially that one, that is totally racial– draw your ire, your arguement falls on deaf ears! Leave Kelly alone and go fight a true racially-related injustice!

  68. Angelo says:

    Enough is enough, it has gotten so that no one can say anything about anyone. You ,call her a hottie and make a stupid cartoon about her. I suppose you think that is inteligent!Get a life, have you nothing else to write about?What gives you the right to make remarks about her ,if she cannot make remarks about anyone she wants to.Do some real journalism ,I could write a story like that myself.

  69. John H. says:

    “Tolerance at any level cannot be tolerated”
    No Roy, it is you that should be fired. You lost any credibility you ever had with this inciting piece of shit article. Editor in Chief?? Not for long I think.

  70. Martin says:

    Watch the video of racist comment, it’s on youtube.

    The Golf Channel should fire her as soon as possible.

  71. Will says:

    I watched the remarks… I cannot believe people are defending Kelly Tilghman. Disgusting.

  72. Dale says:

    I don’t think she made the right decision to say what she did, but be careful of the stones you throw:

    “Okay, so it’s just the Golf Channel. And Kelly Tilghman is simply a hottie that was given an opportunity to anchor a telecast because can swing a golf club.” ->It’s not ok for her to make a comment that she probably regrets, but it’s ok for you to degrade her, especially as an editor of a Men’s Magazine.

    “That is not the point. Tolerance of this sort of talk, at any level in our industry, simply cannot be tolerated.” ->Well put, look at yourself and your degrading comment towards Kelly and what it tells other men on how to talk about women,especially as an editor of a Men’s Magazine.

    Check out the definition of Tolerance:
    1. a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward those whose opinions, practices, race, religion, nationality, etc., differ from one’s own; freedom from bigotry.

    I think if we all could learn to think before we speak that would be a wonderful thing. Even myself, I had to speak up on this one.

  73. Swifty Lazaar says:

    Come on people. Do you thing Roy Johnson gives one piece of crap about what YOU think? The guys poorly written article get posted on Yahoo and Roy is busy trying to figure out how to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame. Roy is a journalistic hack who (for this generation of so-called writers) has hit the motherload. Bow down to Roy today people, because next week he’ll be back to the nobody he was before. Way to go Roy, you old race-batting hack, you pulled it off.

  74. christopher says:

    Will Roy please provide the following comprehensive lists?

    1. Words that cannot be used by white sports announcers when referring to black athletes.

    2. Words that cannot be used by black sports announcers when referring to white athletes.

    Thank you

  75. Michael S says:

    I love how Roy S. Johnson, that stupid rutgers coach and Al Sharpton think they are modern day Fredercik Douglas or something. Speaking for all of us! As a black man, everytime one of you media whores overeacts to a off hand comment you make things worse. So she said “Lynch” big deal. You really thought she meant the players should don hoods and hang Tiger? If she had said “Tiger Woods is a nigger and shouldn’t be allowed to play golf” then yeah I have a problem. As a black man, thats the line. For 99% of African Americans that is the line. For the media elite the line starts at Fried Chicken and any attempt to blow things out of proportion to avoid lifes and socities real problems. African Americans have gained so much over the years yet our supposed representation makes us seem like a bunch of angry bitter sheep.

  76. Jack sim says:

    So here is a guy complaining about a stupid ill-conceived remark, and in the process he makes an ignorant comment about white lynching that took place at Duke, and the sham known as Jena 6.. Looks like his memory is as poor as kelli’s.. but now we know what he believes..

  77. Lance Deaton says:

    Since when did we become so sensative to the mindless utterings of TV talking heads? It is painfully obvious that this woman’s talent, or lack thereof, will take her only as far as regional TV or worse, the Golf Channel. Boycotting the cable network for inaction, or even paying attention to this story actually hurts race relations by calling attention to the words used, when no one would have noticed. My advice to Roy and others; get over it. Move on and thicken your skins a little bit. You don’t see people up in arms about Chris Rock do you?

  78. JC says:

    Your a pathetic idiot with your comments concerning Tilghman. All your trying to do if make a name for yourself by digging at whatever you can. You should never be allowed to write an artice again. You sound like a pathetic racist cry baby biggot. Your a loser and I hope I never hear or see anything you have written again.

  79. JC says:

    Go Kelly! Roy is an idiot!

  80. Richard says:

    I noticed you stopped commenting on the comments on this story. Does that mean you know you’re wrong for your sexist (hottie) or racist (“Duke”) comments or are you too busy living off the attention you received from this? Either way, it’s sad. I mean, if you care SOOO muck about your culture, why oh why are you editor of Men’s Fitness instead of working for a signicant periodical, such as Jet??

  81. Edddi says:

    Well, she was suspended for two weeks. Tiger has forgiven her. So lets leave it at that.

  82. babbaboey says:

    Sorry folks but Roy is meeting with Rev. Al and is not available for comments. Rev. Al will be demanding that the Golf Channel provide scholarships to all black golfers to make up for Tighman’s comments. They must also hire more black announcers (fill in Roy S. Johnson here). Hopefully Roy will find a racist connection between the game of golf and the use of white golf balls.

  83. S. Wells says:

    This is in regards to the comment the journalist said against Tiger. In your article you sure are giving her the benefit of the doubt. This is a paid professional, and there is no legitimate excuse for her to make such a comment as this one “lynch him in a back alley” and the way the article read she said it at least twice. Have these supposed professionals have not learned from past so-called professional anchors that have said these inappropriate, unprofessional smug and offensive comments in the past. Jena Six, Fuzzy Zoeller, the anchor from NBC years ago that made that statement about “all blacks naturally have the ability to jump higher and run faster”, Imus. Must I say any more, itis time out for making excuses for adults. By the way paid professionals that should no better. After that situation with the anchor at NBC years ago, all the networks should have called meetings with all of their anchors and explained the do’s and don’ts. Then put on the table anyone who violates the expectations of the network will be fired, end of story. Stop holding these adult hands and make these professionals accountable.

  84. LPC says:

    I remember when Ali had this much attention. They came out of the woods to see him loose. They went back to the woods disappointed. Which brings us to Tiger. He is all that the racist people hate! Asian, African American, American Indian. And if that was’nt enough, he married a white woman. And he just keeps beating the field and getting closer to beating Jack’s record. And you can’t do nothing about it. I just love this great country! As for what Kelley said, Tiger and her have made peace. Now you have to deal with Al Sharpton and the rest of the African American Culture and deal with it! It was wrong and offensive. They have a right to speak out and let them know it hurts and its not right. If you have guilt inside you because your a racist go to church and ask for some help. And by the way you really need to look up the word Racist. Only one who has the power to dominate over another race such as the Germans did to the Jews or Eygptians over the Jews and of course your southern whites over blacks that believe they are better than and can control are true racist. Read a little bit educate yourself.

  85. CWB says:

    oh my gosh I love the comment about white golf balls! I have been following this closely and left a previous comment but so true!! When will it all end???? Golfers worldwide: BRACE YOURSELVES!!! It will soon be new law only black golf balls may be used on courses as the use of white ones have been banned. Teeheeteeeheee!!!!!!!!!!

  86. CWB says:

    Oh and by the way all you racist, hypocritical African Americans out there, where is Rev. Sharpton when all these mulit-millionaire rappers are using the racial slur nigger,etc. in all their songs??? They are certainly not losing their jobs and I guess Rev. Sharpton is at home eating his fatback and chitlins listening to the music!!!!

  87. babbaboey says:

    Careful there CWB. We don’t want Rev. Sharpton to make and sudden or quick turns. With Roy’s nose so close to the Rev.’s ass….any sharp turn might break Roy’s nose.

  88. Eldon says:

    Women in media are grasping for position and power. And in doing so they perhaps feel like they have to mimic male counterparts in exuding confidence and capability. Especially anchoring on a station like The Golf Channel. But in doing so they go too far reaching for something “clever” or masculine to say so they can show all who are watching how “capable” they are. “I can talk tough, like a man, and say something about taking someone down…” like beating them up in an alley. Or a lynching. Of ALL the things she could’ve said, why that particular phrase? And in reference to a black athlete? And when you watch how she said it and how funny and cute and sexy she thinks she is… it’s just disgusting. It’s grossly unprofessional and a reflection of her mind and her mind alone. it’s not a mind that deserves the position it’s been given on television. Also, it doesn’t matter what Tiger and Sharpton think or feel about what she said. Tiger has taken the high road and that doesn’t surprise me, he always does as far as I can see. After all he has had to hear from people his whole career, including death threats, he knows how to handle these things by now and clearly won’t be deterred by the stupidity of others. Even if he does “like” them. A bigger picture is here, can anyone see it? Do you care to?

  89. Jay Columbo says:

    Get a life – the Black/White issues are NOT the most important issues in life – doesn’t even make the top 10.

    Stop trying to find a reason to be pissed off. All other minority groups – such as us Italians have all gotten over the charged words that are either maliciously, inadvertently or stupidly used by others – when will this be true for you?

  90. Carlos Parter says:

    Jay’s comments are exactly why we can not move on. As long as people think it is ok to use such language the flame will never be extinguished. It does not make it right when the so called hip hop generation use it in their lyrics to sell a record (after all the real African-American community consider them commercialized sell outs) or to jive with one another. Calling one another the n word, calling ladies the b word or ho(s) is not an indication of who we are so do not think you can go there and it be an acceptable truth. The truth is that respect is missing in our society as a whole and it shows in the many comments made on this blog and Mr. Johnson or Sharpton are not excluded.

  91. Bob Medlen says:

    Will someone please stand up and give me what an
    African=American really is.I thought we were either
    African or American. Please explain. I think a
    lot of the problem is Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton
    always looking for something to speak up about.

  92. Thomas Jay says:

    So we have moved to a society where everything said is to be punished as if she was the person who hung people for their color? How about the idiots in other countries who blow up women and children to prove God loves them more? Grow up America if the person who the comments were made about doesn’t care then you don’t have the right to either. Get a life, get a sense of humor and most of all quit living your lives waiting for someone to screw up just so you can say, Uh oh, I’m better than that person because they are a racist or insensitive. 99.99% of you have made a racist or stupid comment before and if you lost your job for it would you still have the same opinion. Get out of your glass houses.

  93. The fact is that when you’re in the business of talking you are held to a higher standard than the rest of us when it comes to saying something stupid. Sorry, she’s got to go.

  94. barb says:


  95. Cigarest says:

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  97. Farace says:

    The Tiger Woods scandal (if you could call it that) has brought on the debate yet again regarding black men dating white women

  98. That is a bad thing to say, that ain’t right. People are not perfect we all know that.

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  99. HandsomeOlderLustyBlackLad says:

    Well,Ms. Tilghman’s unfortunate remark re. Woods’ “being lynched” seem more about Americans’ being history challenged-though at a relatively young 57,I remmber such murderously racist crimes as the Edmund Pettus Bridge situation-or “Bloody Sunday”,
    Mar. 7,1965,when coverage of the ABC movie “A Trial At-or ‘Of’- Nuremberg” was pre-
    empted toshow the clubbing,water-cannoning and police dog-biting loosed upon peace-
    ful Civil Rights marchers attempting to cross Montgomery,Ala’s Edmund Pettus Bridge to culminate their 250-mile march from Selma,Ala.,by local constabulary,
    Yankees seem to have forgotten that horror and other slayings and atrocities com-
    mitted by dedicated white supremacists-than Ms. Tilghman’s allged bigotry.However,
    as of this writing-Feb.24,2011,the U.S. has had since Jan. 20,2009,its first black President,Barack H. Obama,Jr.,plentyof other wealthy and important African Americans and-important to me,a black Canadian lad who prefers buxom blonde and
    Hispanic babes-a wide-sread acceptance of black man-white and Latin women couples.

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